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ITIL Certification Cost in 2024 [Exam Fee & Other Expenses]

26th Jun, 2024
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    ITIL Certification Cost in 2024 [Exam Fee & Other Expenses]

    In today’s global scenario, business and technology have overlapped each other and are linked inextricably. To remain competitive, companies need to focus on adapting to the latest IT services and platforms. However, the process of migration for a company and its IT capabilities can be taxing. To ease this migration and ensure that the selection, planning, delivery and maintenance of IT are of a certain standard within the organisation, a standardised framework called the ITIL was designed. 

    This framework of ITIL® ensures that the implementation of IT services for an organisation focuses on efficiency and predictable service deliverability. It ensures that the IT services department in any organisation can become an active business partner. This article will help you to know the detailed info about ITIL certification cost in 2024 based on levels, course providers and country-wise. Let's start!

    What is ITIL?

    ITIL® is gaining importance in the world of business such that without it, the resources spent on designing and developing an IT service management (ITSM) process seem like a loss. This makes businesses less competitive and in the end, alienates customers.

    ITIL Certification Cost Structure

    ITIL certificates demonstrate knowledge of best practices in IT service management. Each certification level has specific criteria, and the ITIL certification cost typically ranges from $150 to $500. 

    ITIL Certification: Average Cost & Cost Structure

    On average, the ITIL online certification may cost around $275. The ITIL 4 Foundation entry-level certification is awarded through a single 60-minute multiple-choice test, with the associated ITIL v4 foundation certification cost ranging from $150 to $300.

    Intermediate ITIL certificates, such as ITIL 4 Strategist Direct, Plan and Improve, Drive Stakeholder Value, High-Velocity IT, and Managing Professional, require candidates to pass two tests. The ITIL certification cost between $250 and $350 each, resulting in an overall intermediate ITIL certification price ranging from $500 to $700.

    To achieve the highest certification, ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Module, candidates are required to pass three examinations, each costing between $250 and $350. Therefore, the overall ITIL certification cost in this category ranges from $700 to $1050. Most advanced ITIL certification cost can exceed $1000, while the minimum fee for fundamental certification is $150. Despite these costs, ITIL-certified experts often enjoy higher salaries and expanded job opportunities.

    ITIL Certification Cost: Based on Levels

    At each competency level, ITIL certifications necessitate passing one or more exams, and the associated price varies based on the certification level.

    1. Foundation Level - The foundational qualification in ITIL is the ITIL 4 Foundation. It involves a test consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions to be completed within 60 minutes. Typically priced at $150–$300, ITIL 4 Foundation exam costs are considered the most affordable. The exam fees, along with study materials for two attempts, are included.
    2. Intermediate Level - ITIL certifications, including Managing Professionals and Strategists, make up the next tier. Intermediate certification requires passing two examinations, each priced between $250 and $350. The ITIL certification cost for intermediate typically falls in the range of $500 to $700.
    3. Advanced Level - The ITIL Managing Professional Transition Module represents the highest level of certification. To attain this advanced certification, candidates must pass three exams, each valued between $250 and $350. The total ITIL 4 exam price for this advanced certification ranges from $750 to $1,050. 

    The examination fees for ITIL certification vary widely, exceeding $1000 for advanced certification and starting at $150 for the Foundation level. The premium fee associated with certification often empowers professionals to request and receive higher remuneration.

    While performing a cost-benefit analysis, it is essential to understand the benefits of ITIL V4 foundation certification. 

    1. ITIL Foundation Certification Cost

    A. Exam Fee: $314 to $383.90

    B. ITIL® Foundation Certification Course/Training Cost

    The ITIL Foundation certification imparts entry-level knowledge of ITSM best practices, and training is a prerequisite for the certification exam. The ITIL Foundation exam cost and course cost varies by country and training provider, typically ranging from $200 to $1000, and usually includes exam fees. Here are some examples of leading ITIL course fee in various countries:

    C. Country-Wise ITIL 4 Certification Cost:










    US $314.00


    US $314


    AU $395










    US $314

    D. Course Provider:

    • Technical Institute of America - $699
    • KnowledgeHut - Rs. 26,999

    E. ITIL® Foundation Certification Renewal Cost: $289

    2. ITIL Practitioner Certification Cost

    A. Exam Fee: $115

    B. ITIL® Practitioner Certification Course/Training Cost 

    The ITIL Practitioner certification validates ITIL proficiency and requires candidates to complete a real-world case study test. The ITIL certification cost of the training course varies by country and provider. Here are some average ITIL Practitioner course costs in different countries:

    C. ITIL Certification Country-wise Cost:























    D. ITIL Practitioner Course Provider:

    • Learning Tree: $750
    • KnowledgeHut

    E. ITIL® Practitioner Certification Renewal Cost: $280

    3. ITIL Intermediate Certification Cost (Service Lifecycle and Service Capability categories)

    A. Exam Fee: $150-500

    B. ITIL® Intermediate Certification Course/Training Cost

    The ITIL Intermediate certifications enhance in-depth capabilities for managing ITSM lifecycle phases such as service design, planning, operations, etc. Achieving each intermediate certification necessitates passing two exams.

    C. Course Provider:

    • AXELOS:
      • KnowledgeHut: 

    D. ITIL® Intermediate Certification Renewal Cost: £550-1050

    4. ITIL Expert Certification Cost

    A. Exam Fee: $280 to $865

    B. ITIL® Expert Certification Course/Training Cost

    The highest level certification, ITIL Expert, attests to substantial ITSM knowledge and can significantly enhance service delivery. To obtain this certification, candidates must first earn 17 credits from earlier ITIL examinations and then pass a capstone exam. While obtaining the ITIL Expert certification demands more effort and success in numerous past ITIL tests, advanced ITSM workers may find it rewarding in terms of career advancements.

    C. Course Provider:

    • ITSM Academy: $2450
    • KnowledgeHut: Rs. 2879

    D. ITIL® Expert Certification Renewal Cost: $150 to $500

    5. ITIL Master Certification Cost

    A. Exam Fee: $4000

    B. ITIL® Master Certification Course/Training Cost

    The ITIL Master is the most advanced certification for professionals leading business transformation through ITIL. Achieving this certification involves submitting extensive evidence of ITSM experience and successfully passing a challenging exam. The ITIL course prices are higher due to the certification's requirement of demonstrating ITSM excellence through papers and case studies. However, it offers a significant boost in credibility and opens doors for career advancement.

    C. Course Provider:

    • ITSM Academy
    • Skillsoft's Global Knowledge
    • KnowledgeHut

    D. ITIL® Master Certification Renewal Cost: $50 to $800.

    Other Costs for ITIL Certification

    A. Study Material

    Acquiring official study guides and resources is crucial for preparing for certification exams. These study tools, such as books, eBooks, audio guides, and practice tests, allow applicants to study at their own pace and assess their exam preparedness. The cost of study materials can range from $50 to $150, depending on the certification level and the chosen format (print vs. digital, for example). Comprehensive study materials are available for all ITIL certification levels from reputable publishers and training providers like ITpreneurs and BookRags.

    All in all set up an additional $100 to $200 for study materials and mock exams.

    If opting for in-person instruction, potential additional expenses may include lodging and travel charges. While not mandatory, qualified professionals may also choose to join professional associations or meetup groups in their area, both of which may have additional membership dues. Depending on their chosen certification level, preferred training style, study materials, and other associated fees, applicants should budget between $500 to over $5000, factoring in all direct and indirect expenditures, to obtain ITIL certification. Another option for exam preparation is an ITIL training course, which includes both study materials and instruction.

    B. Practice Exams

    Acquiring authentic practice materials, including practice questions and mock exams, is crucial for preparing for certification exams. These resources help candidates review examinable subjects and familiarize themselves with the test structure through practical assessments.

    Practice materials typically cost anywhere from $30 to $100, depending on the certification level. Reputable companies like BookRags and Trainers offer full-length practice tests for all ITIL certification levels. Adding the cost of practice materials to the overall certification expenditures provides a more complete picture.

    Additional ITIL certification costs associated with in-person classroom instruction may include airfare and lodging. While not mandatory, certified professionals may choose to become members of professional associations or user groups in their area, both of which may involve additional dues.

    ITIL certification applicants should budget between $500 and over $5000 for direct and indirect costs, depending on factors such as certification level, training type, study materials, practice materials, and other associated expenses. Planning and careful budgeting can help avoid unexpected certification costs.

    C. Other Resources

    Resources like virtual study groups and online video courses can further aid exam preparation. Relevant ITIL-related supplemental courses on Coursera or Udemy usually run between $10 and $30. Peer learning is made possible by membership in virtual study groups and online discussion forums, which cost $50 to $100 annually. When estimating the overall cost of ITIL training and certification, take these additional resource costs into account.

    Additional costs associated with in-person classroom instruction might include airfare and lodging. Although not required, credentialed professionals could also choose to become members of professional associations or user groups in their area, both of which charge extra dues.

    ITIL certification applicants should spend $500 to over $5000 for direct and indirect costs, depending on their certification level, training type, study materials, practice materials, and other expenses. Preventing certification surprises requires careful budgeting.

    ITIL® Certification Cost Saving Strategies + Tips

    1. Choose Training Provider Wisely

    Choosing the right training provider is crucial for ITIL certification success. Conduct a thorough investigation and compare the tuition costs offered by various reputable ITIL training providers. However, don't solely focus on cost; consider factors such as the quality and depth of study materials, the experience of the trainers, the availability of exam preparation assistance, and overall value for money.

    Consider Simplilearn, Dion Training, KnowledgeHut, and other respected training companies that have taught thousands of ITIL-certified professionals globally. Ask whether they provide online courses, practice examinations, and query help. Combining two or more ITIL certificates into a training package may also save money or offer early bird discounts. Selecting the right institution may save you money without compromising test practice.

    2. Leverage E-learning Options

    Modern e-learning solutions can often be more cost-effective than traditional ITIL classroom training. Self-paced e-learning, video courses, and online training programs allow you to learn ITIL topics at your own pace and often come with a significant ITIL certification exam cost reduction compared to traditional classroom programs.

    This provides greater flexibility for balancing employment and school commitments. Additionally, many leading providers of ITIL courses offer blended learning, a combination of online and offline instruction, at a lower ITIL certification cost than traditional classroom workshops. To save on expenses, consider sharing the cost of an excellent e-learning or video course account when studying with others.

    3. Take Advantage of Exam Retakes

    If you unfortunately fail on your initial attempt, many ITIL tests allow one or two retakes. The ITIL certification costs associated with retaking exams are often lower than the original exam fees. Utilize this option to reduce the expenses of reattempting the exam if you narrowly miss meeting the test requirements on your first try. Use your first attempt to understand the actual format of the test and the criteria for success. The insights gained can then inform your study plan, helping you pass the retake exam and save money.

    ITIL® Certification Re-attempt Cost 

    The ITIL® Foundation, as mentioned earlier, is the first one in a series and is fairly easy to clear. If the candidate has taken the time to prepare, they would definitely pass the ITIL® examinations.

    In the rare scenario that the candidate does fail, it is possible for them to buy a new exam voucher and give the exam again, or the candidate can appeal to the ATO for a re-evaluation of their answers for a nominal fee. The current re-evaluation fee stands at around US $100 - US $150  and the candidate is refunded the price if the outcome is favorable. However, if the outcome is not favorable, the candidate will lose the appeal fee and they will have to buy a new exam voucher.

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    By carefully projecting the ITIL certification cost and making informed decisions, you will be able to profit from this widely recognized IT service management certification.

    In conclusion, based on my personal experience, I encourage fellow professionals to explore cost-effective options and take a strategic approach to ITIL certification. It can be a pivotal step in advancing our careers in the IT service management field.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What is the cost of ITIL certification?

    Different Level-based ITIL certification costs $150–$1000. The $150–$300 ITIL 4 Foundation exam fee. Intermediate certification exam fees range from $500 to $700. Higher-level ITIL certification exams can cost over $1000. 

    2Is the ITIL exam difficult?

    ITIL exams are moderately difficult, requiring thorough conceptual clarity and understanding of processes. With diligent preparation using official resources and mock tests, the exams are very achievable for IT professionals. 

    3Is ITIL 4 in demand?

    Yes, ITIL 4 skills are highly in demand globally. With the scale of digital transformation, organizations seek ITIL 4 professionals to strengthen IT service management using a best practices framework. 

    4What is the salary of ITIL 4 certified?

    ITIL-certified professionals can expect to earn $80,000-$100,000 annually on average globally. With experience, ITIL consultants and managers can earn $100,000+ salaries. 

    5Which certification is best for ITIL?

    The ideal sequence is to start with ITIL 4 Foundation, followed by intermediate certifications in either the ITIL Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support pathway or the ITIL Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve pathway. This progression leads to becoming an ITIL 4 Managing Professional. 


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