Top 7 benefits of Having ITIL Skill

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09th Nov, 2022
06th Nov, 2017
Top 7 benefits of Having ITIL Skill

The challenges in digital data management are getting more complex because of the increasing amount of data required by the businesses. IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification delivers the much-needed perfection to IT professionals to structure and implement the tailor-made IT service management strategy with a deep understanding of particular requirements. ITIL management allows collecting, analyzing, and distributing the data by following the time-tested methodology. As more businesses are realizing the benefits of ITIL management, the requirement for ITIL certified professionals is increasing fast in almost all the business sectors including education, e-commerce and healthcare etc.

ITIL Certification – A Qualification by Choice: 

The tiered structured ITIL certification allows the candidates to choose the certification type and level according to personal career objective. ITIL certification, one among the top IT certifications, is provided at five levels to help the IT professionals boost their career in a progressive manner. 

The ITIL intermediate certification modules are designed to produce the competent ITIL experts in specific areas like- 

  • OSA (operational support & analysis)
  • PPO (planning, protection and optimization)
  • RCV (release, control and validation)
  • SOA (service offerings and agreements) 
  • ITIL service operation
  • ITIL service transition
  • ITIL managing across the lifecycle … 

7 Key Benefits of Having ITIL Skill:  

ITIL is a globally recognized set of the best in class management practices. ITIL certification helps you know the widely used concepts, terms, and processes to improve the organization’s growth. More numbers of organizations in almost all the business sectors are accepting ITIL implementation as a necessity to survive in the competitive marketing environment. Before joining any particular ITIL training course, you need to know the benefits for performance and career boost. The key benefits experienced by the most of ITIL certified experts, irrespective of their role in services management, are:

1. Worldwide Recognized Qualification:
ITIL certification sets an international benchmark for your qualification and service management skill. Leading international service providers recognize ITIL certification as a prerequisite for services management experts; therefore, it helps to boost your career even at international level.    

2. Acquaintance with Standard Language:
Many service managers use advanced service management processes but without knowing the standard terminology or processes. ITIL certification helps you learn the standard language and processes widely used globally. 

3. Smart Approach to Improve the Initiatives:
Smart professionals work in smarter ways to demonstrate their skills and values. ITIL courses & workshops provide a smart skill to help you identify the potential to improve the initiatives. 

4. Helps to Introduce Proactive Culture: 
ITIL training builds the confidence to innovate new ways to improve customer satisfaction. ITIL training helps you focus better on the customers’ expectations and users’ experience. The gained expertise in using ITIL framework and tools helps you improve service delivery quality by developing a new proactive culture. 

5. Instills Confidence & Refines Capabilities: 
The quality of service delivery depends on the capabilities of the involved personnel; the organizations need confident and capable Services Management Experts to compete with rivals. ITIL certification courses are designed to produce confident service managers with improved capabilities to address the challenges in specific areas.   

6. Makes You A Key Contributor To Organization’s Growth:
ITIL certification course improves your competence, productivity and capability to build better relationships with customers and within the organization. ITIL expertise helps you make the processes more cost-efficient by optimizing the use of available resources. The holistic approach to getting better ROI with an eye upon risk factors helps the organization to achieve sustainable growth.    

7. Career Boost: 
The successful completion of ITIL course gives you a globally recognized qualification and expertise; therefore, you are paid better. Numbers of project experts accept that they got 15% salary hike after getting ITIL certification. Besides the salary aspect, you get wider landscape with more opportunities to progress. 

ITIL Certification Course: Is It For You? 

More and more organizations worldwide are adopting time-tested ITIL framework; so, the job trends make ITIL training a smart choice for IT services professionals. ITIL certification courses are designed to benefit - 

  • Professionals engaged in a business sector but planning to move a company providing IT services. 
  • IT service management professionals willing to update their skills  
  • Mid-level & senior-level IT professionals
  • IT consultants

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