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ITIL Certification - Top 10 Reasons for Acquiring

29th Jan, 2024
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    ITIL Certification - Top 10 Reasons for Acquiring

    ITIL is the acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is often regarded as a collection of practices that emphasizes the correct alignment of Information Technology services with the requirements of a business. Moreover, according to industry experts, ITIL provides a practical framework for planning and identifying the necessary practices which would further support the core business functions of an organization.

    On the other hand, it is also a widely accepted fact that the amount of data that is required to operate and support business is growing exponentially. This has created unprecedented levels of managing this problem. This is where ITIL practices play a vital role in maintaining this massive data. This method allows data to be analyzed and distributed by following a reliable methodology.

    As per a recent Gartner Study, after the process of implementing ITIL, the clients have recognized improved satisfaction of the customers. They have also witnessed the better flow of information and communication between customers and the IT staff. The companies on hiring ITIL trained professionals have also observed a drastic reduction in the development of procedures. Moreover, another study conducted by Forrester have depicted that 85% of the businesses have faith in ITIL as it has inculcated significance to the way they serve their target audiences. Here is a list of top 10 reasons for professionals to opt for ITIL Certification.

    1. ITIL is a valuable skill set

    The framework of ITIL has proved to be hugely successful. Being certified in ITIL practices, the professionals can achieve their goal faster in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, they are also seen as a definite asset to a plethora of IT companies.

    It is so because professionals who are ITIL certified can manage IT practices in a better manner.

    2. Professionals get higher wages

    Professionals who have certificate in ITIL can have access to higher pay opportunities. An ITIL certified professional is indeed an advantage to the industry and is entitled to getting rewards and perks. ITIL certification has been listed as one of the highest-paying jobs in recent times.

    3. Professionals have the ability to communicate in ITSM’s common language

    Another advantage for organizations hiring a professional certified in ITIL certification is that they can speak the same language as the other ITIL professionals. They would have the ability to network with a more elite group of professionals who belong to various disciplines of Information Technology.

    4. As an employer, you would get better return on Investment (ROI)

    It is a widely accepted fact that professionals who are trained in ITIL Certification can fine tune the IT operations of your company. In this manner, it would provide your organization with maximum value and lower costs. It can bring efficiency to the processes of Information Technology.

    5. ITIL professionals have the strength to empower individual companies

    The professionals who have trained themselves in ITIL course possess the power to enable the different companies by the accurate measurement of IT service performance. Moreover, they can significantly streamline data management services that are helpful in improving the overall efficiency and communication structure of an organization.  

    In the case of an IT company, the data that come through various channels are growing substantially.

    6. You would have access to a lot of flexibility

    One of the unusual aspects in getting trained in ITIL lies in the fact that it would help you to have a better understanding of the inner workings of the processes that usually takes place in an IT company. You have the privilege to function in various ways, thus making yourself a valuable asset to your organization. On the other hand, the higher your ITIL certification level, the better qualified you become for more roles. Hence, it is evident that there are a vast ranges of job roles once you are certified in ITIL.

    7. You would learn to implement various types of tools in your organizational operation

    You would learn to apply the various devices that are associated with the course of ITIL. In this manner, you would learn to improve efficiency and effectiveness in business changes so that you can optimize the business operations. In other words, you would help your organization to sustain in this world of increasing cut-throat competition. Thus, by undertaking a training course in ITIL, you would be able to streamline the IT services by the flow of data. Moreover, as this course is more appropriate for professionals who belong to mid and senior-levels in an organization, it helps those professionals to develop their resume in a better manner.

    8. You would be knowledgeable of the best practices of ITIL

    The certified professionals can train by accessing practical procedures of IT handling. Hence, when they are finally given their job role in an IT company, they stand as an advantage for their parent company.

    9. An ITIL trained professional can enhance customer relationships

    The training procedures are designed in such a manner that it would provide support to the service providers so that they can seamlessly take into account the interests of the target audiences. Moreover, with the help of ITIL trained professionals, the businesses can drastically minimize the interruption time and can provide faster service to the customers. In this manner, they build a positive reputation in the minds of their target audiences.

    10. ITIL is omnipresent

    ITIL practices are ubiquitous and are used everywhere. Moreover, it is globally recognized, and hence as an ITIL trained professional, you stand the chance of securing top position in many reputed organizations. The demand of the ITIL framework is on a steady rise, and more than 10,000 organisations across the globe have adopted it.

    It is quite evident that the popularity of ITIL is here to stay and there exist many advantages of completing a certification course in it. Besides that, ITIL Certification helps a professional to leverage on enterprise architecture which further assists in the development of the organization as well as the professional.


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