5 reasons Why ITIL Is Popular

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21st Apr, 2023
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5 reasons Why ITIL Is Popular

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification is a globally accepted certificate bearing promising results for its seekers. Created for IT Service Industry, the course offers enhanced knowledge of frameworks that can help deliver better results and approaches that are accepted industry-wide. These courses establish the important stages of the service lifecycle that have proved time and again to benefit organisations that have ITIL certified professionals and individuals who opt for the course. The five top reasons why ITIL course has gained popularity among the likes of professionals and organisations are–

Job Opportunities

An ITIL certified professional does gather more attention from a recruiter which a non-certified candidate could miss. The certificate indicates to the recruiter that you are keen on a role in the IT Service Industry and aware of career path it offers. Moreover, for some roles this certificate gets the job seeker on to a preferred candidate list. Some job descriptions moreover, specifically expect certification as part of their job requirements. So the popularity stems from the fact that having the certificate clearly opens doors to more jobs and the higher remuneration that comes with it.

Organisation Benefit

Large Organisations have realised the benefits of certifying their resources with ITIL certification and using ITIL framework for their delivery processes. Processes laid down by ITIL produce better service quality delivered with lesser effort, time and money invested. Organisations can choose which aspects of the framework benefit them the most and leave out the remaining which also makes it a widely used framework.

Global Acceptance

Owing to global acceptance of ITIL, a professional with this certificate is likely to be accepted in any IT Service Industry across the world. Also, since a lot of firms use the ITIL framework, their chances of willing to recruit an ITIL certified candidate would be higher any day. Basically, it’s a win-win for both, as the organisation saves on training a new hire on the ITIL framework, and the candidate gets a good role and growth opportunities with the organisation.

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Enhanced Skills

An ITIL certified professional feeds the framework as an enabler to achieve and drive better results by committing to the process. This learned methodology and its sub learnings help the professionals deliver results which are aligned to the skill-set contributing to self-growth. Such employees perform better, become an asset to the organisation and are able to chart the career ladder in the IT service industry. Also, as all professionals in a team have the understanding of the framework and common terminologies, they are able to speak the same words and there is less margin of miscommunication among the team and with clients.

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Career Growth

ITIL opens the gateway to several career paths such as service strategy and design, service transition, service operations and project management. So people looking for experience across various frameworks of the Information Technology industry can benefit because the certificate makes them eligible for such roles. It is also recommended for professionals like IT Managers, analysts, project manager, business analysts and consultants. The course gives a good big picture of how the IT Services are delivered and so all professionals can benefit from it.
Hence ITIL aspirants are mostly people looking for a career in Information Service Industry or hikes because it allows them to be globally accepted. Additionally, aspirants seeking to work with other ITIL frameworks also benefit because organisations look for candidates with the certificate and experience in the ITIL approach.



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