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Learn the ITIL Ways To Accelerate Digital Transformation In Your Organization

29th Jan, 2024
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    Learn the ITIL Ways To Accelerate Digital Transformation In Your Organization

    Digital transformation is omnipresent, and every organization is gearing up for a change. Today the relationship between the physical and virtual world is confined and blurred, so every business needs to go digital. An effectual digital business transformation can leverage technology used in an enterprise and improve the user experience.

    While transforming traditional ways to digital, many of the organizations recognized that ITIL service management (ITSM) always implements the change programmes. This change plays a fundamental role in the IT world. ITIL is not only a facilitator but also a business in itself as it is leaping up in every industry. Expanding a digital business is not only a one-time investment but also it needs the continuous involvement of digitization and revolution of the business processes and the software which are used to implement the business.

    The top organizations are recently encouraging their employees to opt for the popular ITIL certification programs in order to be a part of the globewide digital transformation. 

    Two high-profile companie -Uber and Airbnb have a turnover of billions of dollars after implementing digital transformation in their companies. Neither Uber has its own taxis nor Airbnb any hotels.

    This marks a transition from traditional business ways to digital approaches without having any company assets. Things like technology, processes and intellectual property are the more important facets of the digitized business if the systems are reliable, responsive, and fast. 

    Many organizations have moved towards implementing the methodologies like DevOps, Agile and Scrum and this is the first step to go digital. But simply executing these methodologies and frameworks needs a complete guidance on the terminologies about how to integrate with all the processes involved in the company’s working environment. ITIL might not be a solution for everything, still, your organization needs to hook up with ITIL services and processes, as it provides a proper process framework.

    ITIL is a open jar, from where you can select the methods, procedures, and best practices that suit your project requirements. 


    To fully understand the role of ITIL in an organization-level digitization, you first need to know the main reasons why ITIL is popular. 

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    How can ITIL help transform businesses to digital?

    Here are the 5 ways you can use to accelerate digital transformation using ITIL in your organizations. Businesses should adopt these approaches while sourcing their IT services.  

    1. Contextualised ITSM:

    This framework in ITIL was launched especially to meet the requirements of an individual business and user context. The ITIL technical management system can configure resources automatically so that the employees can get a special access to use standard user levels. Contextualised ITSM modifies different roles and operations to form the contextual framework for the individual business, as a result, businesses can pick the best way to automate their operations to be more efficient.   

    2.Infrastructure Service Management:

    ITSM framework provides the infrastructure of the technology distributors that allows for the planning of the organizational IT services. The Infrastructure service management helps to not only carry out the discussions between the service providers but also coordinate among the organizational data governance activities. The conversation improves the bond between the suppliers, service desk, user services, applications and the consultants. This helps in better service orchestration as the fundamental principles of ITIL are the universally accepted principles that encompass the entire organizational operations.
    3. Integrated Performance Management:

    Integrated performance management leverages companies to measure how the suppliers are compliant with each service request. This gives you an in-depth business-aligned performance metrics. If a business is failing to process a bill, you can check the entire internal and external business processes and act accordingly.

    4. User Experience Engineering:

    User experience engineering is a new concept which addresses the gap between the employees and the customers about the system access (such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the larger organizations. Companies expose the customers to their internal systems. So even a delay of 3 seconds can affect the customer service. User experience engineering leverages the smoothly running internal system processes, improving user experience.

    5. Business Value Articulation:

    ITIL provides the business value articulation to understand the business and financial value of the system which has to be implemented. Also, it gives the clarity to the ITSM practitioners on the service provider based on whether it is external or in-house service. 

    Several organizations are currently dismissing ITIL as an operations-only framework and are missing out on the opportunities to digitize themselves.  

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    Transforming your old organization into a digitized equivalent can be a complex process. But the ITIL framework will help your organization to transit from expired services to the highly sophisticated IT services. The framework is flexible and more adaptable in nature which can help you follow a digital maturity roadmap.   


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