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What is ITIL Certification? Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Duration

30th Jan, 2024
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    What is ITIL Certification? Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Duration

    What is ITIL Certification?

    If you are a part of the IT support in the organization, one of the most beneficial things for you is the ITIL certification. It will pave your way towards a better job, a much-awaited promotion, or advancement in the career (especially if the goal is to become the CIO or CTO). This article will help you understand ITIL certification - what is it, the importance of ITIL Certification, and what is ITIL certification used for. You can prepare with the best ITIL Foundation training course and learn about its basics to improve your career/business graph. 

    So, before beginning, let us understand the ITIL framework and its principles.

    What is ITIL?

    In this competitive scenario, businesses and technology are interlinked to each other. So, to remain on top of the market, every organization needs to consider the importance of IT and bring changes accordingly. It can be an overwhelming process for organizations, which is why ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is formulated. The key concepts of ITIL framework assist in selecting, planning, maintaining, and delivering standardized IT services within the organization.  

    Principles of ITIL

    Principles of ITIL

    ITIL is a framework that helps in the seamless delivery of IT services within the organization. In its latest update (ITIL V4), 7 guiding principles are laid out to induce an effective change in the organization, its communication, measurement, and metrics. These principles are:

    • Focus on Value

    ITIL creates a set of practices that encourages an IT professional to define the service output in such a way that it targets the need of the customers.  

    • Start Where You Are

    This principle guides you to collect all the information, understand the customer’s pattern of consumption, and learn how the ITIL service lifecycle will support it.

    • Think and Work Holistically

    ITIL makes sure that the services offered contribute to the customer’s value chain rather than disrupting it.  

    • Progress Iteratively with Feedback

    Instead of implementing the entire idea in one go, the smart move is, to begin with minimally viable steps, understand the customer’s needs and expectations, and progress from there.  

    • Optimize and automate

    Optimize and automate refer to making efficient use of human recourses and applying automation. It is crucial to use technology to ensure that employees spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus more on tasks that require human intervention.

    • Collaborate and promote visibility

    ITIL requires the active involvement of the users, customers, suppliers, and shareholders.  

    • Keep it Simple and Practical

    Every communication should be clear and concise. When it comes to the implementation of ITIL, there is no room for ambiguity. 

    When the ITIL modules and principles are followed meticulously and systematically, the mitigated risks and emerging competition can be managed efficiently. 

    Now that there’s a clear understanding of what is ITIL, it is time to learn all about the ITIL Certification – 

    What is the Use of ITIL certification?

    Over the years, organizations have understood the importance of ITIL for their overall growth and transformation. That’s why the demand for ITIL-certified professionals has multiplied and every industry, whether healthcare, education, or products and services have started looking for IT professionals that are testament to ITIL’s growth.  

    Key Benefits of ITIL Certification

    The benefits of ITIL certification are indispensable. It can – 

    • Improve the productivity 
    • Earn a solid foundation for product knowledge 
    • Increase the earning potential 
    • Increase the credibility 
    • Accelerate the professional development 
    • Turn into a solutions-oriented professional 

    The advantages of ITIL certification aren’t restricted to a professional. The organizations that adopt ITIL benefit through – 

    • Providing quality services that meet the demands of the customers 
    • Aligning the IT sector to the business 
    • Improving the quality of IT services 
    • Increasing the customer satisfaction 
    • Boosting the staff confidence 

    Once the ITIL practices are adopted by the organization, it can observe – 

    • Flexible yet stable development environment 
    • Improved productivity 
    • A better understanding of the needs and expectations of the customers 
    • Risk management to prevent/minimize service interruptions 

    Who Can Pursue ITIL Certification?

    Who can pursue ITIL Certification

    Although any IT person can go for the ITIL certification, some professionals who can benefit from it the most are – 

    1. IT professionals who want to make a positive impact and bring about a change in the organization, including cost efficiency and productivity. 
    2. Professionals who belong to the IT sector and want to gain expertise in ITIL, refine their skills, achieve a better designation/higher salary package. 
    3. Professionals who have the fundamental knowledge about the ITIL framework and want to utilize it further for the business’ development. 

    Professionals include – 

    • IT technical support 
    • Operation managers 
    • Quality analysts 
    • IT service managers and executives 
    • IT managers and directors 
    • Database administrators 
    • Business process owners 
    • Service support engineers 

    ITIL Certification Examination

    ITIL adopts a credit system for certification. Every ITIL qualification is given specific credit values and a candidate advances to the next stage as the credits are allotted at every level. A total of 22 points has to be achieved for the “ITIL expert certification”.  

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    What are the Levels of ITIL Certification?

    ITIL Certification Levels

    There are 4 levels of ITIL certification and every qualification level focuses on different aspects of ITIL.  

    • Foundation Level 

    The Foundation Level of the ITIL certification focuses on introducing learners to “an end-to-end model of creation, delivery, and continual improvement of technology-enabled products and services.” It is mandatory to take the foundation course and clear the foundation exam to be eligible for taking higher level exams.  

    • Managing Professional 

    IT professionals from the technology or Digital industries  

    1. ITIL4 Specialist – Create, Deliver, and Support 
    2. ITL4 Specialist – Drive Stakeholder Value 
    3. ITIL4 Specialist – High Velocity IT 
    4. ITIL4 Specialist – Direct, Plan, and Improve 
    • Strategic Leader  

    1. ITIL4 Stretegist – Direct, Plan, and Improve 
    2. ITIL4 Leader – Digital and IT Strategy 
    • Extension Modules 
    1. ITIL4 Specialist – Sustainability in Digital & IT 
    2. ITIL4 Specialist – Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services 
    • Master Level 

    An ITIL master candidate has to demonstrate successful ITIL implementation plans in the organization. As stated by the Axelos website (ITIL framework makers), “you must ensure you have extensive practical 'hands-on' ITIL experience and can demonstrate active involvement in the implementation of the practices”. 

    What is ITIL Certification Cost?

    You have understood what are the levels of ITIL certification, now let’s discuss its cost. ITIL certification cost depends on the geographical location (a location where the examination takes place). 

    The registration fees can range between $150 and $500. But this cost is only for taking the examination. If a candidate wants to prepare for the ITIL certification, the cost for that is separate and depends upon the institute of training. 

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    The Verdict

    ITIL Certification has become one of the most powerful tools for an IT professional. Whether you are seeking individual growth or a company’s benefit, gaining in-depth knowledge about the ITIL framework can go a long way. It is important to understand that ITIL is one of the best sets of practices for IT support. It is a way to an end and not the end itself.  

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What is ITIL certification good for?

    ITIL Certification is beneficial to both an individual and the company as a whole. For employees, ITIL certification acts as a way to increase productivity, salary, and recognition. It helps in learning the common technologies and generating competitive ideas to stay relevant in the business world. For a business, it helps in improving productivity, communication, service quality, and flexibility.  

    2What is meant by ITIL certification?

    ITIL Certification illustrates that the individual has extensive knowledge about utilizing processes, service management best practices, terminology, and methods that are prevalent in today’s IT sector.  

    3What is the ITIL certification salary?

    The demand for ITIL-certified professionals has increased and their salary packages are more than the regular IT sector professionals. The salary of an ITIL certified professional depends on the geographical location. 

    • USA – USD 98,388 
    • India – INR 1,010,838 
    • UK – GBP 40,807 
    • Australia – AUD 99,738 
    • Canada – CAD 84,189 
    4Is the ITIL Certification hard?

    Many examinees state that the ITIL certification exams are not hard. The level of difficulty depends on the method of study, research, and practice of an individual. If proper research is conducted and relevant resources are gathered, the exam turns out to be easier than anticipated. 


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