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Gain Mastery Over Docker Concepts

Thanks to Docker, organizations and their development teams now can build, deploy, and manage applications from anywhere as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container. This greatly increases an organization's operational efficiency and their developer team's productivity. Docker technology allows applications to be run seamlessly across one server or deployed across multiple servers, helping companies achieve high loads and performance.

Through this Docker certification, you will gain a string understanding of how applications are containerized and how it facilitates continuous integration.


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Gain Proficiency in Docker Concepts

Docker is a Top Development Platform


Docker has the most used container runtime among organizations and represents 21% of all containers in use. Containers enable a developer to package an application with all of its dependencies and ship it out as one single package. So, the container works on your machine in the same way it does in a Development, Staging, and Production environment.


KnowledgeHut’s Docker training will take you from the rudiments of installation and architecture to a detailed review of the use cases and advanced features of Docker. Gain mastery over the key concepts of Docker and understand how data can be containerized into a single or multiple containers. Learn to perform various operations using tools that simplify application deployment and facilitate continuous integration and learn to work with Docker networks. By the end of the Docker course, you will be able to deploy and manage container-based Applications on the Cloud.

Learn to deploy several container-based applications to the Cloud

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