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Learn to Get the Best Out of Containers

Orchestrating a few containers and applications at once is not too challenging. When the numbers reach hundreds or thousands you need powerful tools for orchestration. Kubernetes provides a key service here by helping in management, automation, and scaling of applications that are containerized. Docker and Kubernetes training is designed to help professionals understand this.

Docker and Kubernetes are used together, and they can sound inseparable, but they operate at different layers and complement each other. They have distinct roles that can be performed separately. When used together Docker and Kubernetes can produce even better results. This is the aim of the Docker and Kubernetes certification course.


32 Hours of Live, Interactive, Trainer-Led Sessions

50+ Hours of MCQs and Assignments

28 Hours of Hand-on Training with Docker and Kubernetes

3 Projects that Replicate Work-like Environments

Get Mentored by Experts with Industry Experience

Gain the Skills to Become a Docker and Kubernetes Expert

Docker and Kubernetes Professionals are in Demand

Docker and Kubernetes

Docker and Kubernetes are the newest trends in DevOps and are being embraced by all organizations that want to go agile and ensure hyper-productivity. Mastering the containerization technologies with Docker and Kubernetes certification will help you kick start your career in the DevOps space. Docker and Kubernetes are not an either-or choice.


Learning Docker and Kubernetes together has numerous benefits. They are tools that work well together. Docker has continued to be at the forefront of Container technology, and it has helped Kubernetes establish itself as a go-to container orchestration engine. The growth of Kubernetes has been fuelled with Docker helping make containers easier to use. Docker and Kubernetes certification course is aimed at helping professionals get the best out of both tools.

The KnowledgeHut Edge

Instructor-Led Training

Interact and engage with Docker and Kubernetes instructors with industry experience in live sessions.

Updated Curriculum

Empower yourself and stay relevant with courseware updated according to Docker and Kubernetes practices.

Case Studies

Get practical case studies based on real-world experiences. Understand concepts through examples.

Industry Experts

Learn from the best in the industry. Work with coaches who are experienced professionals in their fields.

Applicable Skills

Learn concepts and practices in a hands-on manner that can be readily applied in real-world situations.

Detailed Feedback

Get detailed reviews and feedback on your learning and understanding from experts in the Kubernetes.

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