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Become a Skilled Java Developer

Create advanced applications by understanding object-oriented programming concepts such as classes, methods, inheritance, packages, and interfaces. You will then learn advanced topics to improve your Java applications like exception handling, multi-threading, generics, lambda expressions, string handling, data structures, stream API etc. You will also learn how to work with files and data. Understand topics like input and output streams, networking, the maven build tool, XML, JSON, and JDBC.


14 Hours of Live, Interactive, Trainer-Led Sessions

72 Quizzes and 147 Questions to Practice With

90+ Hours of Hand-on Training with Java

2 Projects that Replicate Work-like Environments

Get Mentored by Experts with Industry Experience

Gain the Skills to Become an Expert Java Developer

Java Developers are in Demand

Mastering Java

Learn Java programming to write code that is platform independent. Develop modern apps using advanced Java features. Java is one of the most popular programming languages and it is widely used across the world. Hence there is a continuous demand for qualified Java developers. Get trained by expert Java developers with experience in developing apps.


Mastering Java programming language can open many career avenues for a skilled developer. All organizations are increasingly depending on applications to interact with their customers and other stakeholders. High performing apps translate to high performing organizations. Skilled developers are a key component of enabling the customer interactions.

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Immersive Learning
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