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Agile and Scrum Training in Mumbai, India

  • 1 day or 8 hours workshop conducted by certified instructors
  • 8 PDUs and 8 SEUs
  • 100 days free access to our e-learning modules
  • Course completion certificate will be provided
  • Real-world simulations for learning reinforcement
  • KnowledgeHut is a Global Registered Education Provider (REP) of Scrum Alliance
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  • 5.00% for 4 people
  • 10.00% for 5-9 people
  • 15.00% for 10 and above people
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Agile and Scrum Course in Mumbai

The  city  that needs no  introduction,  Mumbai  is  the financial  capital  of  India and  the centre of commerce and business activities. This coastal city with its fast paced life, traditional  architecture,  diverse  cultural  landscape  and  delicious  eateries  offers exciting   lifestyle.   Plus,   the   heavy   concentration   of   several   business   houses, corporate  giants,  real  estate  companies,  banking  firms, IT  sector  and  consultancy companies    provide    extensive    and    enriching    career    prospects for    skilled professionals. KnowledgeHut  through  its  various certification courses  and  training  programs  helps professionals  in  landing  their  dream  job  in  Mumbai  and  climbing up  the  corporate ladder. The Agile and Scrum training in  Mumbai from KnowledgeHut is designed for professionals who are working in the IT sector.  Important Details of the Course During training, individuals will be taught how different Agile methodologies are when compared  with  other  conventional  techniques  and  strategies  and  why  the  former works  for  the  better  when  organizations  need  better  productivity  and  efficiency. Learners  are  taught  the  intricacies  of  the  4-phase  approach  i.e.  Concept-Initiate-Deliver-Deploy.  Also,  real  world  simulation  exercises  have  been  included  in  the training regime  to  elevate  the  overall  learning  levels  of  those  involved.  The course which lasts over 8 workshop hours or a full day, will be taken by world class trainers who have garnered substantial expertise in the domain. Benefits of This Course The Agile  and  Scrum  training  online  in  Mumbai from  KnowledgeHut  comes  with ample  practice  sessions  so  that  learners  have  exposure  to  real  life  problems  and challenges.  Hence,  learners  gain  confidence  as  well  as  the  credibility  to  work  on complex  targets  and  achieve  desirable  goals  within  stipulated  time  frame.  Plus,  the knowledge  gained  in  the Agile  and  Scrum  certification  in  Mumbai  comes  in  handy while preparing for an exam based on this work domain.  Upon  successful  completion,  trainees  will  be  given  a course completion  certificate along with 8 SEUs and 8 PDUs.  Why KnowledgeHut' The Agile and Scrum training in Mumbai from KnowledgeHut comes with features of online classes and online training that helps professionals who are battling with time constraints.  The  reasonable price is  another  benefit  of  choosing  KnowledgeHut  for pursuing Agile and Scrum certification in Mumbai.