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This decision to embrace the DevOps method is not based merely on a trend or fad, but rather on the real-world results that the implementing businesses have observed. The pressures placed on IT teams to enhance productivity and deliver more products faster in order to keep up with the tough competition are the primary drivers of this strategy.


16 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Training

Earn 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs

Course Material from the DevOps Institute

Real-World Experiential Learning

Case Studies and Activities

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Why should you take the DevOps Training in Dubai?

DevOps Foundation® Certification

“The DevOps industry is expected to grow six times by the year 2022" according to Gartner. Additionally, “DevOps and Cloud jobs are going to be among the highest-paying jobs in the coming years” according to Forbes. The current demand in the job market for DevOps professionals is increasing rapidly and will continue to increase in the near future as well.


Average salary given of a DevOps Engineer is around AED 180,000 per annum in Dubai. The importance of DevOps cannot be overstated. According to the 2020 DevOps Trends Survey, virtually every respondent (99%) stated DevOps had had a positive influence on their company. 

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Experiential Workshops

Engaging activities, exercises, practical case studies: High energy workshops with hands-on learning.

DevOps Resources and Community

Access additional resources from DevOps Institute and join one of the largest active DevOps communities.

Elite Panel of Experienced Trainers

Get trained by an elite panel of DevOps trainers who have successfully managed enterprise software development.

Mentorship by Industry Experts

One-to-one mentorship, real-world tips and time-tested techniques from experienced industry experts.

Continual Learning Support

Webinars, e-books, tutorials, articles, and interview questions - we're right by you in your learning journey!

Exclusive Post-Training Sessions

Six months of post-training mentor guidance to overcome challenges in your DevOps career.

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