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Career Opportunities for PMP® Certified Professionals

19th Feb, 2024
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    Career Opportunities for PMP® Certified Professionals

    Are you a Project Manager with a PMP® certification? According to the talent gap analysis of Anderson Economic Group (AEG), the demand for Project Managers is growing faster than demand for workers in other occupations over the next 10 years. Further, the gap analysis points out that the project management-oriented labour force in seven project-oriented sectors is expected to grow by 33%.

    A PMP career will surely take you to new heights. While working towards earning your PMP® certification, you need to attend webinars and conferences in order to earn certain PDUs to meet the requirements to maintain your certification credentials. These webinars and conferences is a great way to gain a lot of valuable information. The PMP® certification is not just a mere certification, but it is acknowledged as one of the best certifications to get across the board. It is common for professionals to pursue PMP certification online classes to earn a high salary.

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    How does a PMP® certification help you bag an amazing job?

    Having a PMP® certification under your belt surely opens the doors to new career opportunities. If you are managing large and complex projects, a PMP® certification helps you to learn how to plan, manage, and monitor progress leading towards meeting your goals with optimized utilization of time and resources. The role of PMP® certification in helping you to grow in your career can be explained as follows:

    1. PMP® adds more value to your resume

    Recruiters tend to give preference to the profiles having a PMP® certification over their non-certified counterparts. If you are a beginner in the field of Project Management, you will add tremendous value to your resume by adding a PMP® certification to your collar. As a veteran, you can take your career to the next level with a PMP® certification.

    2. Networking opportunities

    Get introduced to the world of certified project managers by becoming a member of your local PMI® chapter. You get an opportunity to learn more about the Project Management industry and create a network with the existing Project Management Professionals (PMP)® by participating in professional meetings organized by PMI® in almost all the major metropolitan cities. These meetings help you to learn about various job opportunities available in the current market.

    3. Get equipped with the knowledge of a common global language

    Acquire proficiency in the global standard language of Project Management by equipping yourself with a PMP® certification in addition to improving your job prospect. PMP® training provides you with a solid and time-tested framework which helps the promotion of effective communication. Adding the proven ability to identify and overcoming the problems within an organization automatically makes you more preferable to an employer over your non-certified counterpart.

    4. Certified Project Managers are always in demand

    Companies continuously try to identify professionals with the skills and knowledge to handle the projects in the current time, when the methods to handle projects constantly keep changing. It is for this reason that companies look for PMP® certified professionals, and this exactly leads to a high demand for this credential.

    5. PMP® certification validates your experience

    The employers hold high esteem for the prerequisites that you need to fulfill in order to sit for your PMP® certification exam. The candidates are required to meet a certain level of education and work experience.

    When a recruiter sees a PMP® certification in your resume, he gets to know that you have worked hard to attain this certification and you possess a substantial amount of quality work experience under your belt to validate your skill.

    Role of PMP® certification in your job

    There are numerous jobs which require managing large pieces of work as a project management professional who manages projects. Being a PMP® certified professional with the right set of knowledge and skills, you can plan, manage, and monitor the progress of the projects which results in meeting your goals at the right time.

    You can surely hit your deadlines at the right time by equipping yourself with the project management skills. Apart from it, you can prove to be a resource for an organization by being a good fit for the team with your technical expertise and qualification.

    Career opportunities for a Project Management Professional

    Career opportunities for a Project Management Professional

    A Project Manager is responsible for the overall delivery of the project right from the execution to the end. He or she is responsible for planning, organizing, securing, leading, and controlling the resources in order to achieve specific goals in a particular industry or organization’s project.

    Project Managers usually work in the following industries:

    • Engineering
    • Construction
    • Architecture
    • Telecommunications
    • Computing.

    PMP® certification opens your doors to many different careers. Here are a few of the career choices made by PMP® certified professionals:

    • Associate Project Manager: It is an entry-level position in which you work with other project managers in order to oversee a project.
    • Assistant Project Manager: This is another entry-level position where you get the opportunity to work side-by-side with experienced project managers to help accomplish the tasks and learn the ropes of project management.
    • Contract Project Manager: You would not have the same responsibilities as a full-time project manager when you work as a contract project manager. As a contract project manager, you are expected to apply your skills to new situations and work well with strangers.
    • Business Project Manager: This is a corporate position which allows you to work with clients, consult with other business projects, or work with company infrastructure.
    • Information Technology (IT) Project Manager: This position allows you to work with servers, computer, and entire networks, including maintaining and building computer systems.
    • Construction Project Manager: While working as a Project Manager in the construction industry, you are expected to supervise the construction projects.
    • Project Coordinator: This entry-level position focuses on doing lighter tasks like planning and organization in order to assist the main project managers.
    • Product Manager: This position focuses on a specific product including manufacturing, promotion, and pricing.
    • Software Project Manager: This is a similar position to the IT project manager, but it deals specifically with updating software. You would need to oversee the development and improvement of existing and new software in this position.

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    Tips to become a Project Manager

    Tips to become a Project Manager

    Project managers are acknowledged as great leaders to prefer diversity and an active lifestyle. Project Management as a career is a vast field of work and you will never get bored being a part of it. Here are a few tips for you to begin your career in Project Management:

    1. Know your skills

    You can pave the way for your professional growth as a Project Manager by developing the right set of skills. You need to develop your knowledge of project management techniques, processes, tools, frameworks, and get the right soft skills in order to complete a project successfully. You need to be more than a good communicator and leader in order to handle daily challenges in this field. You need to be decisive, accountable, risk taker, and a great multitasker in order to deal with the complex and unpredictable challenges in this field.

    2. Get certified

    A project management certification equips you with the knowledge in this area in order to explore the various parameters of career opportunities as well as increase your earnings. PMP® certification is acknowledged as the gold standard of all the project management certifications and is acknowledged across all the industries around the world.

    3. Talk to an expert

    Get a mentor to guide your career. You need to find a skilled project manager who has patience and time to teach you some tips and tricks to climb the ladder of your project management career.

    You will surely be able to master project management methods and processes from real-life situations by observing the work of the professional. You can also get the opportunity to work in real projects and get feedback on your contribution in order to improve yourself.

    4. Be prepared for anything

    You will be in charge of different tasks starting from developing project plans and schedules to conducting training and communicating with stakeholders depending on the project that you are assigned to. You might find yourself shifting from one industry to the other as a Project Manager. However, you can specialize in one field in order to avoid shifting fields.

    How much can you earn as a Project Manager?

    As we have already discussed the common career choices made by Project Managers around the world, let’s see how much they earn while working in these designations:

    Average income in USD (per annum)
    Associate Project Manager
    Assistant Project Manager
    Contract Project Manager
    Business Project Manager
    IT Project Manager
    Construction Project Manager
    Project Coordinator
    Product Manager
    Software Project Manager

    If you are a Project Manager in Informational Technology (IT) who is based in India, you can expect to earn an average annual salary of INR 13,42,427. The average salary of a project management professional might differ according to experience. You will get more clarity on the experience-wise salary of an IT Project Manager in India from the following chart:

    Salary in INR (per annum)
    INR 5,78,112
    INR 11,52,937
    INR 15,10,039
    INR 20,29,286

    Project Manager skill-wise salary

    PMP certified salary as a Project Manager also might vary based on the skills possessed by you. Having a certification won’t suffice to make an employer hire you. You further need to possess a few skills in order to get recruited by your desired employer. The following chart will provide you with a clear idea about the salary which you earn according to your skills:

    Skills possessed by Project Managers
    Salary in USD (per annum)
    Project Management Skills
    Project Coordinating Skills
    Oral/Verbal Communication Skills
    Client Interaction Skills
    Microsoft Office Skills
    Budget Management Skills
    Strategic Project Management Skills
    Process Improvement Skills
    Microsoft Project Skills
    Quality Assurance/Quality Control Skills

    Project Manager - Company-wise salary

    Companies prefer to hire PMP® certified professionals over non-certified professionals. Also, certification helps you to earn more salary across various organizations across the globe. Here are a few of the highest-paying companies around the globe:

    Salary in USD (per annum)
    HCL Technologies
    Cisco Systems
    Mahindra Satyam

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    To wrap it up

    In the present market scenario, the demand for Project Management Professionals is still high in comparison to the other professions. In the US, it is predicted that the demand for Project Management Professionals will grow to nearly 700,000 jobs by the year 2020. So, it is good for you to equip yourself with a PMP® certification to be a part of the most demanded professional group.

    PMP® certification is acknowledged as the gold standard of all the project management certifications across various industries around the globe. Professionals take up this certification in order to add more value to their profiles leading to improvements in their earnings.


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