Applying Professional Scrum™ Training Training in Munich, Germany

Strengthen your knowledge of Scrum principles and how it adds value

  • Learn about Agility and how Scrum differs from traditional plan-driven work models
  • Learn the fundamentals of Scrum and how to apply them correctly
  • Prepare for and pass the Professional Scum Master exam on your first try
  • 400,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month
  • 100 + Countries and counting

Work Effectively with Scrum

KnowledgeHut brings you a two-day comprehensive and interactive workshop, Applying Professional Scrum™ (previously known as Professional Scrum Foundations). This will help participants gain the practical knowledge needed to work every day with Scrum and will make you eligible for the globally recognized Professional Scrum Master credential examination.

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  • 2-Day Live, Instructor-Led Online Training 

  • Earn 14 PDUs and 14 SEUs  

  • Real-World Simulations, Case Studies 

  • Access a Digital Library of Learning Resources  

  • Training by Certified Agile Practitioners 

  • Course Completion Certificate 

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The KnowledgeHut Edge

Solid Track Record

KnowledgeHut has empowered over 350,000 professionals with certifications in Agile.

Learn from Industry Experts

Interact and engage with certified instructors who are also industry experts.

Learn from an Advanced Curriculum

Get the latest skills and master all concepts with the latest and the most updated curriculum.

Hands-On Training

Learn with the help of practical case studies, hands-on exercises, and guided coding practice.

Build From the Basics

Learn concepts from scratch by learning through step-by-step guidance and detailed feedback.  

Reviews by Professionals

Get a detailed review and feedback from professional developers 



There are no prerequisites for this course or the certification exam. 

Who should attend the Applying Professional Scrum Course

Software Engineers

Product Managers

Project Managers

Team Leaders

Business Analysts

Development team members


Anyone who would like to build a career as a Scrum Master

Applying Professional Scrum Training Schedules

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What you will learn

The Scrum Approach

Understand Scrum differs from traditional plan-driven work models 

Agile Mindset

Understand how to develop an Agile mindset and what to focus on  

Scrum Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Scrum and how to correctly apply them  

Using Scrum

Understand what it means to use Scrum in teams and see if it’s right for your organization 

Misconceptions about Scrum

Identify common misconceptions and how to watch out for them 

Scrum Tools

Get the tools required to first apply Scrum to your team 

Transform Your Workforce

Power Up Teams with Scrum

Equip your team members with the skills to understand and implement the Scrum framework to projects. This training program will help them use Scrum methods and support each other.

  • Custom Training Solutions
  • Immersive Learning
  • Learn by doing approach
  • Immediately applicable skills

500+ Clients

Applying Professional Scrum Curriculum

  • Agility as a new way of working
  • Fundamentals of Scrum
  • Exploring the Scrum Framework
  • Planning and forecasting with Scrum
  • Getting started with Scrum 


Scrum Training

During this two-day course, a variety of topics will be covered in the context of Agile and Scrum. The following are the practical skills you’ll gain on course completion:

  • Describing problems, breaking them down generating valuable evidence and executing in an empirical way.   
  • Applying Scrum Values - Focus, Respect, Openness, Commitment, and Courage in your organization.   
  • Forming a Scrum team (one Product Owner, one Scrum Master, and Developers) and sharing accountability to take on work in the context of their Product Goal.   
  • Understanding the five events of the Scrum framework: The Sprint, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and the Sprint Retrospective.   
  • Understanding the artifacts of the Scrum framework: The Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, and Increment.   
  • Understanding the definition of Done (DoD), and how to describe and apply it.    
  • Creating cross-functional, self-managing and empowered teams.

These skills are useful for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of using Scrum. 

Scrum professionals who want to re-visit Scrum fundamentals or freshers who have just started out in Scrum projects will find this course useful. Typical candidate profiles include:

  • Software Engineers 
  • Product Managers 
  • Project Managers 
  • Team Leaders 
  • Business Analysts 
  • Development team members 
  • Testers 
  • Anyone who would like to build a career as a Scrum Master

There are no prerequisites for this course or for taking the PSM-I exam. 

Workshop Experience

Currently, all our courses are offered online as live, interactive, trainer-led sessions where you will get to learn directly from the trainer with opportunities to discuss and clear doubts. 

Our instructors are top Agile practitioners with several years of industry experience. They also have hands-on experience and will be able to tell you the practical aspects of what you are learning.  

Our courses are delivered through live interactive virtual classrooms and can be structured over four days or more.

Our training focuses on interactive learning. Most class time is dedicated to hands-on exercises, lively discussions, and team collaboration, all facilitated by the trainer who is an experienced Microsoft Power Platforms consultant. The focus is on finding practical solutions to real-world scenarios in various projects environments, both big and small. 

No, you do not need to record the sessions, the sessions will be auto recorded on our LMS, you will be able to refer to them. 

Applying Professional Scrum™ Training Course in Munich

A magnificent city that offers a unique blend of the old and the new is Munich, for in this city you are exposed not just to the by-gone era but its modern inclinations also give you a glimpse of future technology. A chance to experience this incredible city is a great incentive to study here. Rich in arts and culture that have been passed down through generations, it also houses some of the world?s best universities of technology, medicine, engineering, science, and economics. Munich is emerging as the technology capital of Germany and there are plenty of opportunities to live and work here. Among the prominent business houses that call this city home are BMW and several national and international financial organizations. The city with its incredible sights and sounds ensures that you have never a dull moment. Professionals who wish to thrive in their career would find that they can do well here, with certifications such as PRINCE2, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CEH and others. Note: Please note that the actual venue may change according to convenience, and will be communicated after the registration.

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