SAFe® 5.1 for Teams Training in Sofia, Bulgaria

Become a valued SAFe practitioner and high-performing team member of an ART

  • Acquire the skills to establish team agility for Agile Release Trains (ARTs)
  • Learn to leverage Scrum, Kanban and XP to collaborate effectively with other teams
  • Experiential learning with real-world simulations, engaging activities
  • 400,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month
  • 100 + Countries and counting

Grow your SAFe® team skills

Equip yourself with the skills to collaborate effectively with other teams and become a high-performing team member of an Agile Release Train (ART). In this two-day introductory course in its latest release (version 5, update 5.1), you will gain an in-depth understanding of the ART and how it delivers value. You will gain the skills to leverage Scrum, Kanban and XP to effectively perform your role as a SAFe® practitioner.

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  • 2-Day Live Instructor-led Online Training

  • 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs

  • Free 1-Year SAFe Community Membership

  • Comprehensive Exam Support

  • Exam Fee included in Course Fee

  • Gateway to SA Community of Practice

Accredited by

Why Certified SAFe® for Teams?


Seventy percent of Fortune 100 companies actively employ the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) and a large number of the Global 2000 have certified SAFe professionals and on-site consultants. According to Scaled Agile, over 700,000 practitioners have been trained to date.

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Steps to get the SAFe 5.1 Practitioner certification

Not sure where to get started with your SAFe 5.1 Practitioner certification? Just follow these simple steps and validate your expertise as a Certified SAFe Practitioner.

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path to SAFe® 5.1 for Teams

Prerequisites for the SAFe for Teams course

  • There are no prerequisites to attend the course.
  • Familiarity with Agile concepts and principles, awareness of Scrum, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming (XP) and working knowledge of software and hardware development processes are beneficial, though not mandatory.

Who should attend

Program or Project Managers

Scrum Masters

Team Leads

Release Train Engineers

Business Analysts

Agile Coaches






Quality Managers

Product Managers

Product Owners

Program Managers

Change Agents

Operations Professionals



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Learning Objectives

Get introduced to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and learn how to apply SAFe to scale Lean and Agile development in the enterprise. 

  • Introducing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Building an Agile Team

Learning Objectives

Learn about the Agile Release Train and how to work with other teams on the ART. Understand the roles and interdependencies between other teams and how to execute the Program Increment.

  • Planning the Iteration
  • Executing the Iteration
  • Executing the Program Increment
  • Practicing SAFe

FAQs on the SAFe 5 for Teams Course

SAFe 5 for Teams Course

The SAFe for Teams course has been thoughtfully designed to help you prepare for the Certified SAFe® Practitioner exam.  By the end of the course, you will be equipped with all the tools and techniques to:

  • Apply SAFe® Agile principles at the enterprise level
  • Be an effective team member on the Agile Release Train (ART)
  • Collaborate with other teams on the ART
  • Plan and execute iterations
  • Plan and execute program increments, and demonstrate value
  • Integrate and work with other teams on the train
  • Continually improve the team’s and ART processes

Our Certified SAFe® Practitioner training aims to equip you with all the skills to be an effective SAFe® Practitioner. In this engaging and interactive two-day program, you will develop the practical skills employers look for in a SAFe® Practitioner:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Conflict management
  • Facilitation
  • Planning and execution of PIs
  • Planning and executing iterations
  • Continually improving processes on the Agile Release Train
  • Leading and facilitating change

The SAFe® Practitioner Certification is designed to equip you with software engineering practices that are needed to achieve the quality necessary for scaling Scrum, Lean, and XP-inspired practices to your enterprise. The course helps you understand Scrum principles and goes beyond fundamental learning to include Lean thinking tools, roles, and processes. Successful completion of this training course satisfies the requirement for the SAFe® Practitioner certification and prepares you to pass the exam.

Not at all. Professionals in IT industries or non-IT industries who want to work in a SAFe® environment can take up this course. This includes:

  • Program or Project Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Team Lead
  • Release Train Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Agile Coach
  • Consultant
  • Architect
  • Engineer
  • Developer
  • Director
  • Quality Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Program Manager
  • Change Agent
  • Operations
  • Programmer

All interested individuals who are eager to work in a SAFe® environment are free to attend this course. However, these skills and knowledge are highly recommended to successfully pass the exam:

  • Familiarity with Scrum, Kanban, and XP
  • Familiarity with Agile concepts and principles
  • Working knowledge of hardware or software development processes

Once you have completed the SAFe for Teams certification, the certified candidate can take up a Certified SAFe® Practitioner’s role in a SAFe® environment. Further enhance your SAFe® skills by pursuing the following certifications:

  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Advanced
  •  Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Agile Product Manager
  • SAFe® Product Manager
  • SAFe® Release Train Engineer
  • Certified SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager
  • Certified SAFe® DevOps Practitioner
  • SAFe® Agilist (SA)
  • SAFe® DevOps Practitioner
  • SAFe® Agile Software Engineer

PDUs and SEUs

You can get 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs by participating in our two-day training program.

You will need 10 continuing education or outreach hours (PDUs) to maintain your SAFe® POPM certification.

PDUs are Professional Development Units issued by the Project Management Institute®. They can be earned by completing educational training or learning opportunities, which serve to validate your participation and continued proficiency in the principles and practices of project management.

PDUs are the measuring unit used to quantify your project management professional development as part of the PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. 1 PDU = 1 hour of learning/activity.

A Scrum Education Unit® (SEU®) is a credit issued by Scrum Alliance®, validating your participation and continued proficiency in the fundamental principles of Scrum. SEUs demonstrate that you are furthering your proficiency as a Scrum practitioner. SEUs follow a 1:1 ratio, where one hour of participation or preparation towards increasing your proficiency in Scrum is equal to one SEU.

You can earn PDUs by attending training programs offered by PMI R.E.P.s or by organizations or universities. Whenever you attend a PMI congress, webinar, conference or any other event or indulge in self-directed learning, you can earn PDUs.

You can find out more about PDUs in PMI’s FAQs.

Our blog will help you learn more about how to earn a Scrum Education Unit® (SEU®) from Scrum Alliance®. Get all the information you need to take advantage of SEUs for your professional growth, namely:

  • What are SEUs and why you need them
  • How to earn SEUs
  • Types of continuing education opportunities that qualify for SEUs
  • How to calculate the value of an SEU® for Scrum Alliance certifications
  • How to log SEUs for Scrum Alliance® certifications
  • How recent SEUs need to be
  • How to determine whether a previously accumulated SEU® can be used for Scrum Alliance® certifications
  • List of SEU resources put together by Scrum Alliance 
  • Where you can utilize SEUs you have accumulated

For further information about SEUs and PDUs, please reach us at

SAFe® Practitioner Certification

Scaled Agile, Inc. is the provider of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), the most popular method for scaling agile at the enterprise level. SAFe® was initially released in 2011 by Dean Leffingwell as a knowledgebase for enterprises to adopt Agile. The SAFe® 5 Practitioner certification is given to those who have successfully undertaken the SAFe® Practitioner Exam.

You cannot get certified without taking the course. Scaled Agile, Inc. believes in true learning which can be only be gained through in-person training and hands-on experience given by a SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC). So, if you want to get certified as a SAFe® Practitioner, you need to attend the 16-hours of SAFe for Teams training.

The SAFe® Practitioner certification includes the following:

  • Certified SAFe® Practitioner Certificate (PDF format)
  • Certified SAFe® Practitioner Digital Badge
  • One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform
  • Access to SAFe events and Meetup groups
  • Various SAFe learning resources

Here are the steps to get SAFe® Practitioner certified:

  1. Get trained by an authorized training partner of Scaled Agile, Inc.(Scaled Agile). Attend the two-day training delivered by a SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) who’s also an expert practitioner.
  2. On successful completion of the two-day training, you will receive information on the exam along with your log in credentials, directly from Scaled Agile.
  3. Log in using your credentials and take the 90-minute, 45-MCQ online closed-book exam.
  4. Clear the exam and get 34 out of 45 questions right to pass the SAFe®️ 5 exam and 33 out of 45 questions right to pass the SAFe®️ 4 exam.
  5. On passing the exam, you become a Certified SAFe® 5 Practitioner. You will receive your SAFe®️ 5 Practitioner PDF Certificate and Digital Badge within 5-7 working days.

Ready to get started with your Certified SAFe® Practitioner certification? Click here.

Yes, on completing the course, you will receive a course completion certificate from KnowledgeHut.

To get certified you will have to attend two days of training by a SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) followed by SP exam to demonstrate your SAFe® knowledge. Once you pass the exam you will be certified as a SAFe® Practitioner.

No, your certificate will not mention the mode in which you have attended the course. It will look the same as the in-person certificates.

The Scaled Agile framework is evolving, all thanks to the engagements and contributions of those who share their ideas as well as practical experiences in the workplace. Renewal of your certification validates your interest in keeping up with the latest best practices in SAFe® and your commitment to professional excellence.

Certifications from Scaled Agile, Inc. have a validity of one year. To renew your SAFe certification you will need to purchase the bundled product which includes Membership and Certification. This comes at a price of $295 ($100 for renewal and $195 for membership).

If you possess more than one certification from Scaled Agile, you can renew all of them together at this cost. For example, if you have a Leading SAFe certification expiring on 6 Mar 2022 and a SAFe for Teams certification expiring on 10 October 2022, when you pay $295, both certifications will get renewed and will have the same expiry of 10 October 2023 or whichever is the later date.

Here are the steps to renew your certification:

- Log in to the SAFe Community platform using your credentials.

- Click on the "Renew" button next to your certification (located at the top of the homepage)

- You will then be presented with the payment Screen (Shopping Cart), allowing you to complete the renewal process.

In that case, you will only need to pay $195 and continue to benefit from all the valuable content and interactions at the SAFe Community Platform.

The latest release of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is version 5, update 5.1. KnowledgeHut's Leading SAFe 5 Certification course is aligned with the latest version of SAFe.

No. The version of SAFe remains SAFe 5. The change from SAFe 5 to 5.1 is simply a set of updates to SAFe 5. One of these updates includes a new SAFe 5.1 Big Picture, but this and the other updates, are all in support of SAFe 5 for Lean Enterprises.

An upgrade is when a significantly changed version of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is released; this is recognized typically by an increase in the major version number (e.g. 4 to 5).

Updates are when incremental changes are made to the existing version of the Framework and no upgrade is required.  Updates do not require a retest if you already have the most up-to-date certification available, and no upgrade is required.

The change from SAFe 5 to 5.1 is an update, not an upgrade. 

With a commitment to supporting and evolving SAFe practices, Scaled Agile is on a mission to meet the ever-changing needs of SAFe Enterprises and Partner communities. Towards this end, Scaled Agile will continually update their existing articles and keep adding new ones to reflect the updated understanding from the SAFe community and practitioners on best practices in Lean Agile at scale.

The latest update 5.1 was rolled out to the latest version, SAFe 5 on February 10, 2021. The key updates are as follows: 

  • An updated Big Picture (now at version 5.1) 
  • New guidance for operational and development value streams to support organizing around value, the #1 request from our customers 
  • ART and Team Topologies, patterns for organizing teams and ARTs to improve flow. 
  • New guidance around DevSecOps technical skills and tools that power the Continuous Delivery Pipeline. 
  • Integrated Participatory Budgeting, a dynamic and collaborative process of allocating funding to value streams. 
  • Specific guidance for applying Lean-Agile practices to business and technology domains, including a new SAFe for Hardware article. 

More information can be found on Scaled Agile.

SAFe® Practitioner Digital Badge

A digital badge is an online image of your SAFe® Certification that enables you to verify, share, post, and manage your SAFe expertise real-time, via any platform. The Digital Badge, issued by Acclaim, the exclusive certifying entity for Scaled Agile, Inc. Your digital badge authenticates your certification and demonstrates your expertise in SAFe® and commitment to professional excellence.

To receive the Digital Badge go to the Privacy Preference Settings within the SAFe Community Platform and opt for it. Availing a Digital Badge is completely your decision; it is not mandatory.

You will receive an e-mail from with the instructions to claim your badge. The mail will also have information on setting-up your account for certification management and sharing. To know more, please visit

A Digital Badge comes with the following benefits:

  • You can share your expertise in a simple, secure, and easily verifiable format.
  • Employers have a better insight about your experience-level and capabilities.
  • You can search as well as apply for job opportunities via the Acclaim platform.

You can share your Digital Badge directly from the Acclaim Platform:

  • To social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Over email
  • Website embedded
  • In email signature

No. Digital Badge is included as part of your SAFe Community subscription benefits. The Badge will remain valid as long as you are a member of SAFe Community Platform. In case your membership expires, or you don’t renew it, the badge page will display the message “Expired”.

Though badges are simply digital image files, they are linked to unique verified data, making them more secure and reliable than any other form of certificate. Therefore, it eliminates the possibility of anyone copying your certification as well as your associated identity.

Visit for issues related to:

  • Acclaim platform/account
  • Badge sharing/display

Write to if you haven’t received any badge notifications even after earning a SAFe4 or later certification or if you want to retrieve a badge that you rejected or deleted in Acclaim.

SAFe® Practitioner Exam

  • The SAFe® Practitioner certification exam is a closed-book test taken online.
  • The test comes with 45 multiple-choice questions which you are required to answer within 90-minutes (exam duration).
  • You need to get 33 out of 45 questions right to pass the SAFe Practitioner exam.

The SAFe® Practitioner (SP) exam is a closed-book exam and is not difficult to pass, provided you have received the required training. Our intensive coaching and exam preparation activities are all geared towards helping you pass the exam on the first attempt.

Once you complete your 2-day course, you will receive a welcome email from Scaled Agile, Inc. This email will contain the link that will redirect you to the exam page.

No, you will have a time limit of 90 minutes and will not be able to pause the test. In case you accidentally close the window, you will be able to reopen it immediately. If you lose the internet connection or access to the test for an extended period, you will have to reach out to

There is no re-evaluation for the exam. However, if you fail you can retake the exam.

Yes, the first exam attempt is included as a part of the course registration fee if, the exam is taken within 30 days of course completion.

  • Each subsequent retake attempt costs $50.
  • The second exam attempt (first retake) can be done immediately after the first attempt.
  • The third attempt requires a 10-day waiting period and the fourth attempt requires a 30-day waiting period.

For more details read Exam Retake Policy.

No, you are not allowed to retake the exam if you have already passed the test and scored poorly. Your test score is only available to you. Nobody else will be able to see your score of the test.

You will get your results immediately after you attempt the exam and click on the submit button.

There are no limits to the number of times you can attempt the exam, if you pay for it. The Scaled Agile, Inc. allows you to take the first attempt at no cost, within 30 days of the course completion. Thereafter, each retake attempt costs $50.

SAFe for Teams Workshop Experience

The SAFe® Practitioner workshop at KnowledgeHut is delivered through our immersive learning experience platform, via live and interactive instructor-led training sessions.

Get your all doubts cleared from the SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC), who is an experienced practitioner.

The conventional in-person SAFe for Teams training from Scaled Agile, Inc. (SAI) will be delivered for 2-days. The online course is divided into several classes of shorter hours, unlike the in-person class that consists of 2 classes with 7 to 8 hours-long sessions. The size of the class is capped at 30 so that students gain a better learning experience. The participants and our trainers will be able to virtually collaborate with one another with the help of webcam tool.

Our SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs) are:

  • Professionals licensed by Scaled Agile, Inc. to teach the official curriculum
  • Masters in SAFe® who have immense experience in leading, applying, coaching, and implementing the SAFe
  • Skilled in SAFe® framework and Agile software development
  • Subject matter experts and experienced practitioners who are active in software development and local Agile communities, along with the broader global SAFe and Agile movements.

Our SAFe® Practitioner course focuses on engaging interactions. Most of the class time is dedicated to fun exercises, lively discussions, and team collaboration, all facilitated by the SAFe® trainer who is an experienced Scrum practitioner. The workshop focuses on practical solutions to real-world challenges drawn from decades of experience as SAFe® practitioners, Agile coaches, and Product Owners in Agile environments.

Software Requirements

  • Internet browser
  • MS Word or Notepad

System Requirements

  • Windows or equivalent environment with Internet browser and high-speed Internet connectivity

Yes, your course material will be provided in advance. You will receive an email with a link to set your password a few days in advance of the scheduled course. Once you log in to PRISM, you will have access to the study plan and all the course material.

The course material comprises of the course schedule or study plan, workbooks, relevant assignments, assessments, and case studies.

No, live sessions must not be recorded as there are strict guidelines from Scaled Agile, Inc. Neither trainers nor students are permitted to record the live sessions.

No, you will not yet be able to join the training through phone or tab. Please be prepared to join the training on your laptop or desktop.

If you get disconnected during the training, you will have the option re-joining within half-an-hour, subject to accreditation body guidelines and the instructor’s preference.

Our workshops are currently held online. Anyone with a stable internet, from anywhere across the world, can access the SAFe® workshop and benefit from it.

You can check out upcoming schedules here.

KnowledgeHut will send a registration link to you via e-mail. You will have to set your password, log in to our platform, and start your learning journey.

If you miss a class, you can access the class recordings at any time. At the beginning of every session, there will also be a 10-12-minute recapitulation of the previous class.

This is a live instructor-led training where you will be coached by SAFe® Program Consultants.

We currently use the Zoom platform for video conferencing and will soon be adding more integrations with Webex and Microsoft Teams. However, all the sessions and recordings will be available right from within our learning platform. Learners will not need to wait for any notifications or links or install any additional software.

Yes, there are other participants who actively participate in the class. They remotely attend the online sessions from office, home, or any place of their choosing.

In case of any queries, our support team is available to you 24/7 via the Help and Support section. You can also reach out to your workshop manager via the workshop group messenger.

If you have any more questions, please email us at and we will be happy to get back to you.

The KnowledgeHut Edge

Experiential Workshops

Agile activities, team-based exercises, practical case studies: High energy workshops with hands-on learning.

Elite panel of SAFe Program Consultants

Get trained by accredited SAFe Program Consultants with over a decade of experience across industries.

Mentorship by Industry Experts

Get real-world tips and time-tested techniques from highly qualified mentors.

Join the largest SAFe network

1-year free SAFe Community Platform membership - your gateway to the largest Scaled Agile communities.

Continual Learning Support

Webinars, e-books, tutorials, articles, and interview questions - we're right by you in your learning journey!

Post-Class Career Support

Six months of post-training mentor guidance to overcome challenges in your Agile career.

What you'll learn in the Certified SAFe Practitioner course

Roles in SAFe®

The team and its role on the Agile Release Train (ART)

Working with teams

Understanding roles of the other teams on the ART and the dependencies between them


Plan and executing iterations and demonstrating value

Program increments

Planning program increments, integrating and working with other teams on the ART

SAFe® Agile principles

A firm understanding of the SAFe® Agile principles and how to apply them in the real world

Effective Agile team member

Learn more about operating as a member of an Agile team on an Agile Release Train

Continual improvement

Mastering the concept of continual improvement within the team and the Agile Release Train

Skills you'll gain with the Certified SAFe Practitioner course

Mastery of SAFe Agile Principles

Lean-Agile management

Planning and executing iterations

Planning and executing Program Increments

Integrating and working with other teams on the ART

Demonstrating value at team and program levels

Continual improvement of Agile Release Train (ART) processes

Leadership skills

Motivation skills

Conflict management

Facilitation skills


Build the skills to scale Agile

A trusted skills transformation partner to over 500 organizations across 70 countries, KnowledgeHut is the skills solutions provider that organizations and individuals count on to innovate faster and create progress. We'll help you navigate the complexities of business agility to deliver fast and responsively, adapt your organizational structure and culture, and innovate and disrupt markets.

  • 500+ Enterprise clients globally
  • 250,000+ professionals skilled
  • Customized training solutions for business-critical skill development
  • Agile coaching and consulting for organizational transformation 

500+ Clients

What Learners Are Saying

Mohammad Ayaz Embedded Software Developer
The SAFe for Teams (5.1) is a must have skill and knowledge to understand the agile principles in the industry. The course content from Knowledge Hut is extremely well designed to understand for any beginner. The two day workshop covers all content required and helps build understanding about the Scaled Agile Framework. 

Attended SAFe® 5.1 for Teams workshop in March 2021

Madeline R Front-End Developer

I know from first-hand experience that you can go from zero and just get a grasp on everything as you go and start building right away. 

Attended Full-Stack Development Bootcamp workshop in July 2022

Eden Knight Data Analyst

I successfully transitioned my career I am a SDE who was unhappy with my job. I took a giant leap of faith and transitioned to a Data Science career after completing KnowledgeHut’s Data Science bootcamp. I love the challenges and the paycheck! Thank you Knowledgehut for giving me the confidence that I could do it. All of you who are not too happy with your present role- there's a whole world of opportunity out there. Take the first step.

Attended Data Science Bootcamp workshop in July 2021

Neil Radia Enterprise Sales Executive

5 stars, What a totally awesome Data Science bootcamp! I tried learning on my own through text books and online material, but it was such a struggle as I had no one to clear my doubts. Knowledgehut has brought out a totally different and interactive, comprehensive, logical systematic approach to the subject that made it super fun to learn. Love all your courses(This is my fifth!).

Attended Data Science Bootcamp workshop in July 2021

Rubetta Pai Front End Developer

I am glad to have attended KnowledgeHut's training program. Really I should thank my friend for referring me here. I was impressed with the trainer who explained advanced concepts thoroughly and with relevant examples. Everything was well organized. I would definitely refer some of their courses to my peers as well.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2020

Lauritz Behan Computer Network Architect.

Overall, the training session at KnowledgeHut was a great experience. I learnt many things. I especially appreciate the fact that KnowledgeHut offers so many modes of learning and I was able to choose what suited me best. My trainer covered all the topics with live examples. I'm glad that I invested in this training.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2020

Ike Cabilio Web Developer.

I would like to extend my appreciation for the support given throughout the training. My trainer was very knowledgeable and I liked his practical way of teaching. The hands-on sessions helped us understand the concepts thoroughly. Thanks to Knowledgehut.

Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in June 2020

Ellsworth Bock Senior System Architect

It is always great to talk about Knowledgehut. I liked the way they supported me until I got certified. I would like to extend my appreciation for the support given throughout the training. My trainer was very knowledgeable and I liked the way of teaching. My special thanks to the trainer for his dedication and patience.

Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in February 2020

Career Accelerator Bootcamps

Data Science Bootcamp
  • 140 hours of live and interactive sessions by industry experts
  • Immersive Learning with Guided Hands-on Exercises (Cloud Labs)
  • 140 Hrs
  • 4
Full-Stack Development Bootcamp
  • 80 Hours of Live and Interactive Sessions by Industry Experts
  • Immersive Learning with Guided Hands-On Exercises (Cloud Labs)
  • 132 Hrs
  • 4.5

SAFe® 5.1 for Teams Course in Sofia

Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria. Founded thousands of years ago, today the city continues to develop as the country?s cultural and economic center. Sofia is the?15th largest city?in the?European Union. It has been ranked by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network?as a?Beta city.?Many of the major?universities, cultural?institutions?and commercial companies of Bulgaria are concentrated in Sofia. Three freeways start from Sofia: Trakia, Lyulin, and Hemus. The Sofia Airport offers travellers with convenient connections to all major European cities, and from the central train station and bus station passengers can reach every destination in the country. Software professionals with aspirations to reach new heights can find immense scope in Project Management and Agile Methodologies in this city, and can undertake courses such as PMP, PgMP, and PMI-ACP, among others. Note: Please note that the actual venue may change according to convenience, and will be communicated after the registration.

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