Introduction to Data Science Training
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Introduction to Data Science Training

Get ready to fulfill the industry demands of data scientists with KnowledgeHut’s training!

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Our classroom training provides you the opportunity to interact with instructors face-to-face.

Online Classroom

Collaborative, enriching virtual sessions, led by world class instructors at time slots to suit your convenience.


This foundational course provides a high-level overview of essential Data Science areas. A basic understanding of Data Science from business and technology perspectives is provided, along with an overview of common benefits, challenges, and adoption issues. The course content is divided into a series of modular sections, each of which is accompanied by one or more hands-on exercises.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from KnowledgeHut with Credits (1 credit per hour of training).

What you will learn
  • Get advanced knowledge of data science and how it is used for business intelligence
  • Understand the statistics and probability of Data science
  • Get an understanding of data collection, data mining and machine learning
  • Understand about big data technologies
  • Learn about testing and debugging tools
You will also get:
  • Intensive instructor led classroom training
  • Downloadable, meticulous courseware
  • Hands on exercises for practice
  • Workshop split into easily understandable modules
  • Course completion certificate

Key Features

2 days intensive instructor-led training
Learn from experienced and certified instructors
Hands on exercises for better retention
Downloadable courseware
Get a course completion certificate
Amplify your career opportunities with Data Science


  • Introduction to Data Science Practice
  • Working with Enthought Canopy and Python
  • Overview of course exercises
  • Types of Data
  • Mean, Median, Mode, etc
  • PDF’s, PMF’s, and Distributions
  • Percentiles and Moments
  • Plotting Data
  • Covariance and Correlation
  • Conditional probability and Bayes’ Theorem

BREAK (15 min)

  • Linear Regression
  • Polynomial Regression
  • Multivariate Regression
  • Multi-level models

LUNCH (60 min)

  • Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning, and Train/Test
  • Bayesian Methods: Concepts and Applications
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Measuring Entropy
  • Decision Trees: Concepts and Applications
  • Ensemble Learning
  • SVM – Support Vector Machines Overview
  • Neural Networks: Concepts and Applications

BREAK (15 min)

  • User-based Collaborative Filtering
  • Item-based Collaborative Filtering
  • Implementing a movie recommendation system

Q & A (10 min)

  • K-nearest neighbors: Concepts and Applications
  • Using KNN to make predictions
  • Dimensionality Reduction; Principal Component Analysis
  • Data Warehousing Overview: ETL and ELT
  • Reinforcement Learning/Deep Learning

BREAK (15 min)

  • Bias/Variance Tradeoff
  • K-Fold Cross-Validation and Overfitting of data
  • Data Cleansing and Normalization
  • Normalizing numerical data and Detection of outliers

LUNCH (60 min)

  • Setting up Spark and Introduction
  • Introducing real-time analytics and RDD
  • Introducing MLib
  • Decision Trees in Spark
  • K-means clustering in Spark
  • TF/IDF
  • Spark exercises

BREAK (15 min)

  • A/B Testing Concepts
  • T-Tests and P-Values
  • Determining how long to run an experiment
  • A/B Test Results and interpretation

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In a single line I would say, Leading SAFe sessions were very well arranged with very knowledgeable faculty who is highly experienced in Agile. Great experience overall.

Attended workshop in December 2017

Recently Attended the professional scrum course in Pune and it was very nicely organised. Content was well presented with good examples . The overall session was interactive and trainer was very good and responded to our queries Good place to learn !

Attended workshop in December 2017

The training met the objectives very well. It was interactive, knowledge packed & engaging!

Attended workshop in December 2017

Alex is a fantastic trainer. I did not have much expectation from the training but I have learned a lot in the training. Not only I got to know more about Scrum and its tools but also where to use it and where not to. Alex has immense knowledge in scrum having spent more than a decade as a Scrum Professional. I would recommend everyone to register for this course who wants to know about Scrum processes & practises.

Attended workshop in November 2017
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Yogita Sabnis

Senior Consultant at Dell from Mumbai, India
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Prajakta Narkar

Senior Consultant at Capgemini from Pune, India
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Vinaya Daware

Lead QA at BMC Software India Pvt. Ltd. from Pune, India
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Soumojit Roy

DevOps Engineer at Shell from Bangalore, India

Frequently Asked Questions

That big data has truly arrived is common knowledge but the question that is plaguing most organizations is how to manage and effectively make use of this data. Data scientists who can mine this data and provide useful insights that will help in the growth of business and organizations are therefore much in demand. This course effectively combines theory and hands on exercises to help you learn about data science and effectively embark on a career as a data scientist. Join now and become one among the several elite bunch of data scientists who command high salaries and respect all over the world.

Basic familiarity with any programming or scripting language, such as Java, PHP, JavaScript, or Python and basic familiarity with data science is expected of participants who wish to attend the workshop.

No, this is a classroom course the location of which is determined weeks ahead of the training schedule and you will be kept informed by email. You can also call our support staff or send us an email at Besides, you can use our chat option for more information.

On successful completion of the course you will receive a course completion certificate issued by KnowledgeHut.

You will receive 1 credit per hour of learning.

The trainers are highly qualified and certified instructors with years of relevant industry and coaching experience who will hand hold you through the workshop and ensure your success.

It is easy to enroll for classroom training online. There are several options to pay either through your debit/credit card that includes Visa Card, MasterCard; American Express or - via PayPal. Payment receipt will be issued to the candidate automatically by email.

Any registration cancelled within 48 hours of the initial registration will be refunded in FULL (please note that all cancellations will incur a 5% deduction in the refunded amount due to transactional costs applicable while refunding). Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of written request for refund. Kindly go through our Refund Policy for more details:

Please send in an email to, and we will answer any queries you may have!

Professionals or students who aspire to become data scientists would benefit from this course.

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