Keys To Building Brand Trust Through Your Company Website

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08th Jun, 2022
05th Jul, 2017
Keys To Building Brand Trust Through Your Company Website

You must have seen this quote several times by now. Everybody seems to have an issue to trust. It is either too difficult to attain or too easily lost.

Particularly in the virtual environment, where brands don’t have an opportunity to greet and meet customers face to face, building brand trust is a walk on fire.

Without your customer’s trust, your business cannot run long. It is the most important thing to any business, Jack Ma, the Founder of Alibaba.

So where to begin building trust using your website?

We chart out the map to begin and grow your brand’s trust factor through your company website. You can be a business, an individual, an online store, a hobbyist blogger or anyone; this is going to help people trust you with all their might.

1.   Say it with security features

There is no beating the first impression. There are few things which a user looks for when they first enter your website. While a naive one will look and awe at the design, the more shrewd customers will look for SSL certificate, domain ownership, and the likes.

Be informed that one and all know the green address bar and the padlock symbol as the ultimate proof of security. So there is no escaping the need to configure your website for HTTPS encryption, But, don’t worry it is not going to cost a bomb. You can buy cheap EV “Extended Validation” SSL Certificate starting from few dollars per annum. If you purchase for a couple of years together, you will get it for an even subsidized cost.

So that settles the trouble of winning the first impression.

2. Your website and its tidiness

Next, fix how your home page looks like. How your website looks and how the content in it is presented goes a long way in establishing trust. When we say how your website and content looks, we mean the clean appeal of the design, the language used in the content and the overall message that it drives to a first time visitor.

A scrupulous website owner would not go the extra mile to create a neat and appealing website design. So, zero in on a website design and enrich it with great content that reads fine and has flawless grammar.

Once this part is taken care of, head on to splash the space with some high-quality images of your product, your team or even yourself if you are the founder. These real images can do much more to establishing trust for your brand.

3. Share customer success stories

Otherwise known as testimonials, customer success stories are a proven way to win the trust of potential customers. Testimonials prove that your product has an established user base and that they work as promised. Moreover, testimonials also help in clearing any doubtful doubts that prospective customers might have about your products/services.

You can add a personal touch to such customer testimonials by adding their photo besides the text or even by inserting a video of them delivering the testimony. Something like shown in the images below:

In eCommerce websites, they take the form of customer reviews and ratings. They serve the dual purpose of ranking the page higher up search engine results, thanks to generic keywords that customer use as a habit.

4. Show it with numbers and facts

From the above headline, it can be understood that to use actual number and facts for high-profile users who will not compromise quality for lower price. That is the power of putting in real figures and facts.

Have an online store? Put up the number of products you have for sale. Or how about the number of design templates or patterns that your premium membership will offer customers.

This can be considered a way of influencing your customer’s mind using social proof. The fact that so many people or high-profile users are using it can convince the customer to trust your brand to transact business.

5. Money-back guarantees and Warranty Periods

There is no beating this age old technique of establishing trust. A money-back guarantee can make your customer feel at peace if they are buying your product/service with a skeptical mindset. It gives them the confidence to give it a try and then return if they are not satisfied with the quality.

On the other hand, they might decide to give it a miss altogether thus reducing your chances of growing business. Same is the case with warranty periods. A simple assurance that the product will work fine for a definite period of time makes the customer feel more convinced and trustful about a brand.

Final Thoughts

It took more than two decades for Warren Buffett to become a trustworthy figure in the stock business. Almost the same time for Windows, Apple, Disney or any other brand to gain trust.

For an online business, building trust is not going to happen overnight. You have to toil and fine tune stuff in the virtual world so that you customers would at least consider trusting you with their hard-earned money.

We have mentioned some proven ways to win the trust of your customers above. They work fine with any kind of website as long as you implement them correctly. Win their trust, sell them better and run your business like a pro.

Got any more ideas to make a website more trustworthy? We are all ears to hear from you.



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