Program Management Professional (PgMP)®Certification Training in Chandigarh, India
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Program Management Professional (PgMP)®Certification Training in Chandigarh, India

Push the boundaries of your project management career, reach the next level of Program Management!

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The Program Management Professional (PgMP)® credential from Project Management Institute (PMI)® is the next step after Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification, and addresses the community of professionals who are responsible for the coordinated management of multiple projects that are in alignment with organizational objectives. They are required to direct and manage complex activities that may span functions, organizations, cultures and geographies.

Our comprehensive workshop covers the Project Management process from beginning to end, honing your skills in the six prime focus areas: Governance, Prioritization, Escalation, Resource Management, Benefits Realization, and Stakeholder Management. As a PgMP® credential holder, you will be able to promote better integration and coordination of multiple projects for the overall benefit of the program.

What you will learn

  • Get in-depth knowledge of tools and techniques to handle complex multiple related projects
  • Understand Program Lifecycle and its 54 processes, competencies, tools and techniques with practical sample templates
  • Learn to implement large-scale programs to align with business strategy
  • Get a thorough understanding of project management concepts such as resource and budget allocations, schedules and risks
  • Learn through practical examples, the issues faced in large scale project implementations
  • Learn how to communicate, motivate, and hone your leadership skills
  • Get overall project management knowledge that will help fulfil organizational vision

You will also get:

  • 21 PDUs
  • Comprehensive downloadable courseware
  • In-depth case studies for better retention
  • Quiz to test your knowledge.

Key Features

KnowledgeHut is a Global REP for Project Management Institute, Inc. (REP ID 3757)
3 days or 24 hours interactive instructor-led training
21 PDUs
End-to-end exam prep help and support
Quiz to test your knowledge
PMI® approved courseware



To apply for the Program Management Professional (PgMP)®, candidates need to have either:

  • A Four-year Degree (Bachelor's or Global equivalent), with at least four years of Project Management experience and four years of Program Management experience.
  • A Secondary Diploma (High school or Global equivalent), with at least four years of Project Management experience and seven years of Program Management experience.

Note: If the above requirements are not met, candidates can also consider the Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential.


Candidates need to register and log in to PMI's Online System to get started.
A printable PgMP application form is also available.
Please refer the PgMP Handbook for further information.
As part of PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements program, a PgMP® credential holder will need to earn 60 PDUs per three-year cycle

For more information, you may refer to PMI® handbook by using the link given below:

The Exam

There are two evaluations for the Program Management Professional (PgMP)® credential. The first evaluation is a Panel Review, and the panel review process begins once the certification payment is received and the audit is completed (if your application is selected). A panel of volunteer PgMP® -certified program managers will assess your professional experience based on your responses to the Program Management Experience Summaries on the PgMP® application. Once you pass the panel review, you will be eligible to take the examination

The PgMP® examination consists of 170 multiple-choice questions. Of the 170 questions, 20 are considered pretest questions which are not scored. The allotted time to complete the computer-based examination is four hours.

  • Program Management Professional (PgMP)®certification process overview
  • Program Management Foundation Information
  • Program Management framework and Life cycle
  • Program Definition phase
  • Program Strategic alignment
  • Program Benefits Management
  • Program governance
  • Program Stakeholder Engagement
  • Program Management Supporting process – Overview
  • Definition phase activities of Supporting process
  • Program Benefit delivery phase activities of Supporting process
  • Program Closure phase activities of Supporting process
  • Program Management Applications
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Sample Exam Questions

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A well-structured training program. This training gave me the direction on how to prepare for my certification exam.

Attended Program Management Professional (PgMP)®Certification workshop in October 2019

Overall, the experience was good. The trainer used real-life scenarios in project management which enhanced my understanding.

Attended Program Management Professional (PgMP)®Certification workshop in October 2019

Sourabh did an excellent job teaching the PgMP course! Not only was he very detailed in his explanations and specific with real-life examples, but he was also very flexible and accommodating to the attendees' schedules. Moreover, he made the concepts very easy to understand and to remember.

Attended Program Management Professional (PgMP)®Certification workshop in October 2019

The training is very good for even those who were coming back into IT Mainstream, even after a career gap of 5+ years. The instructor was knowledgeable about the strategic concepts of Program Management. Overall, it was good!

Attended Program Management Professional (PgMP)®Certification workshop in July 2019

The training was very comprehensive. It gave us a good introduction to Program Management before getting started with the process of certification.

Attended Program Management Professional (PgMP)®Certification workshop in July 2019
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Anand Yadav

Functional Lead
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Georgen Greem

Sr Program Manager
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Barbara Johnson

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Sunil K

Own business
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Mahesh Pachhapurkar

Project Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no prerequisites if one wishes to attend the workshop but in order to appear for the Program Management Professional (PgMP)® certification, candidates must have a Four-year Degree (Bachelor's or Global equivalent), with at least four years of Project Management experience and four years of Program Management experience or a Secondary Diploma (High school or Global equivalent), with at least four years of Project Management experience and seven years of Program Management experience.

PDUs are credits awarded by the Project Management Institute . They recognize your dedication to the Project Management world through the award of credits for every educational effort you make throughout your career. Every PMI® certification, except the CAPM®, requires you to earn a specific number of PDUs per three-year certification cycle.

To manage and assume leadership positions, overseeing multiple projects that span geographies and technologies, organizations need dedicated individuals who have the qualification along with the experience to see these through. PgMP® certified professionals bring in the commitment and expertise needed to pull off these high pressure roles and hence it is a widely recognized credential world over. Also, PgMP® is far more rigorous than PMP® and hence there are fewer PgMP® qualified professionals out there. Given the exposure that this credential can bring in, pursuing it is a sure shot way to take a giant leap in one’s career.

The certifications are provided by the Project Management Institute, PMI®.

Any registration cancelled within 48 hours of the initial registration will be refunded in FULL (please note that all cancellations will incur a 5% deduction in the refunded amount due to transactional costs applicable while refunding). Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of written request for refund. Kindly go through our Refund Policy for more details:

The PMI® suite of credentials reflects a professional’s passion for continuous excellence. The PgMP® is especially useful for professionals who are ready to assume leadership roles in companies. So once you are PgMP® certified, you can be sure to rise up the ranks of the corporate ladder. While the PMP® teaches you about Project Management, the PgMP® is all about Program Management and you will know how to start and close programs of any scale. Once you get this certification, there would be no looking back for you!

Please send in an email to, and we will answer any queries you may have!

Team Leads, Sponsors, Project Directors, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, or Project Management Office (PMO) Heads wishing to know more about the processes/benefits of the Program Management approach in supporting organizational strategy can attend this course.

Program Management Professional (PgMP)®Certification Course in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is India’s best planned city and was designed by the famous architect Le Corbusier.  The  joint  capital  for  the  states  of  Punjab and  Haryana,  Chandigarh  is  a prosperous   and   cosmopolitan   city.   Chandigarh   was   envisioned   to   have   wide boulevards,  lush  gardens  and  majestic  civic  buildings  that still  retain  its  place  even today

One  of  the  wealthiest  towns  in  India,  Chandigarh  is  a  big  center  for  trade  and commerce.  Chandigarh’s  focus  on  IT  over  the  last  few  years  has  attracted  several companies to  set  up  there.  This  is  because  it has  close  proximity  to not only  Delhi, but it also connects Punjab and Haryana. Besides that, it has a strong infrastructure and  attracts  a  skilled  workforce.  Today,  several  options are  available  through e-learning platforms and individuals can take up PgMP training in Chandigarh. PgMP is very much in demand within the project management community and  individuals will greatly benefit if they pursue a PgMP certification in Chandigarh with KnowledgeHut. The online  modules are  designed  to  enable them  to  enhance their  capability  in  this space. 

The  PgMP  framework  allows  companies  to  co-ordinate  multiple  projects  across functions,  cultures and geographies.  Hence,  more  and  more  companies  rely on  this methodology to effectively manage their projects. This will not happen unless trained professionals take charge. Professionals interested in enrolling for PgMP certification training  in  Chandigarh  will  be  able  to  take  a  lead  in  their  organizations, as  this certification will allow them to make significant contributions to their projects. 

Chandigarh   is   witnessing   rapid   growth   and   this   is   a   city   to   watch   out   for economically. Companies   undertake   large-scale   projects   and   to   manage  their ongoing  or  new  projects,  they  need  professionals   with Program  Management Professional certification in Chandigarh. The online classes for PgMP online training in  Chandigarh  will  provide  detailed exposure  to the  finer  aspects of  the  subject  and help them gain a thorough understanding of the same.

A New Alternative

Professionals in charge of leading the PgMP functions in companies are typically mid or senior level managers with previous experience in project management. PgMP is at the forefront of assisting the practitioners in advancing the organizations’ strategic and business goals. This framework can be used to manage multiple related projects in  a  synchronized  way.  This  is  very  critical  because  this  method  of  tackling  projects ensures  that  companies  experience  benefits  that  would otherwise  not  have  been possible if the projects were handled individually.

Keeping Ahead of the Curve

The Certified Program Management Professional will stay ahead of the curve as the online  program  management  professional  training  in  Chandigarh is  a  much  sought after credential that will present a plethora of opportunities for deserving candidates.  By  enrolling  for  a certification,  individuals  can  amplify  their  learning  and  become highly   capable   in   this   field.   KnowledgeHut’s online   training   delivers   excellent coaching  led  by  a  team  of  experts  that  ensure  all  resources  are  available  to  the students.

 KnowledgeHut Empowers You


The PgMP certification cost in Chandigarh is affordable and KnowledgeHut believes in offering a competitive price to encourage interested individuals. With this training, individuals will be skilled in the use of PgMP principles and can appear for any exam with full confidence.

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