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Grow your Angular skills 

The powerful cross-platform capability of Angular allows developers to create both progressive web apps and native mobile apps. This session will cover the fundamentals of web application development, including MVC architecture, Angular, and the differences between single and multi-page apps. You'll also discover how to set up Angular and use NPM packages.


24 Hours:  Live Instructor-Led Sessions

Learn by Doing with Hands-On Exercises

Practice with Assignments and MCQs

Build real-world skills with Live Projects

Go from Fundamentals to Advanced

Code Reviews by Professionals

Why should you take the Angular 12 training course in Hong Kong?


The Angular 12 training in Hong Kong offered by KnowledgeHut is crafted to take you from a beginner to a skilled master of the framework. The framework has been embraced by corporations such as YouTube, Lego, and Walmart. The course is available in Immersive Learning format. In Hong Kong, the average salary of an Angular Developer is HK$382,500 per year.


The Angular Training course offered by KnowledgeHut in Hong Kong is based on the Learn-by-Doing technique and will assist you in creating responsive and interactive apps. It will also help you save time and money by reducing the amount of code you write.

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Our immersive learning approach lets you learn by doing and acquiring hands-on skills.

Real-World Focus

Learn theory with real-world practical case studies. Learn productively from the get-go.

Industry Experts

Get trained by leading practitioners, learn their best practices with interactive sessions.

Curriculum Designed by the Best

Hand-picked best practices to emphasize real-world relevance and meet industry demands.

Exclusive Post-Training Sessions

One-to-one guidance from mentors: evaluation, guidance on topics, and challenges at work.

Continual Learning Support

Overall support on your web development journey with webinars, e-books, tutorials, and more.

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