Professional Scrum Product Owner™ Certification- Learning Objectives

This is all about the learning objectives covered in the PSPO™ training

Get familiar with all the advanced learning objectives of PSPO™ training. This document describes all the Learning Objectives (LOs) covered in a Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO™) workshop.


The PSPO™ learning objectives are covered in the PSPO™ training. These learning objectives will help you build a strong foundation of Scrum and prepare you for the assessment. Have a look at the following learning objectives during the PSPO™ training.

  1. Understanding the role of the Product Owner
  2. Values of agile, responsibilities of Product Owner, leadership quality of the Product Owner.
  3. Managing Products with Agility
  4. Forecasting and release planning, product vision, product value, product backlog management, business strategy, stakeholders, and customers.
  5. Developing and Delivering Products Professionally
  6. Emergent software development, managing technical risks
  7. Metrics to track successful delivery
  8. Understanding of business values including KPIs and measuring business value
  9. Successful handling of a Scrum project
  10. Product build up, relevance of user stories, estimating and prioritizing requirements, forecasting capability with Scrum

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John Coleman


john-coleman Is A Professional Kanban trainer (PKT), Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), LeSS Friendly Scrum Trainer (LSFT) who practices most of the time. Co-creates a sustainable environment for agility, including executive agility for the 2030s.




Executive & leadership coach with over 10 years’ experience working with IT and business leaders to accelerate the adoption of agile ways of working in support of digital transformation.  Highly experienced in maximizing the business value delivered through collaborative teams working in a lean flow environment. Develops and delivers train the trainer programs to facilitate learning & development of talent to achieve high performance within an agile operating model.


Ryan Brook



reviews on our popular courses

Review image

Good Trainer. We went through various examples and scenarios. Good training material was provided. All these helped pass the assessment. We could have had a little more time in course training. 

NIlesh Mohite

Attended Professional Scrum Product Owner™(PSPO) workshop in October 2021
Review image

It was good. Trainer was good. Worth a recommendation. I would say that it was an amazing session. In the end, the concepts were clear to me. 

Rohan Vyavaharkar

Attended Professional Scrum Product Owner™(PSPO) workshop in June 2021
Review image

Very interactive session with facilities to collaborate even during the virtual session. Insightful as it also dealt with what are and aren't the responsibilities of a product owner and promoted PO-like thinking.

Hema Malini

Product Owner
Attended Professional Scrum Product Owner™(PSPO) workshop in April 2021
Review image

Good learning with effective training method even though it was in an online classroom. Mural is a good tool for timeboxing as well.

Tushar Jain

Associate Consultant
Attended Professional Scrum Product Owner™(PSPO) workshop in March 2021
Review image

The material was spread nicely between the two days of training. There were helpful discussions. Mr. Hardt was very open to communication.

Andrey Kyurkchiev

Attended Professional Scrum Product Owner™(PSPO) workshop in February 2021
Review image

Awesome instructor, enjoyed every minute! Got lots of useful insights and tons of motivation. Thank you, Alex!

Kseniia Berezhna

Attended Professional Scrum Product Owner™(PSPO) workshop in October 2020
Review image

The Training was well paced and the trainer was kind enough to explain when asked. It was fun and the time spent was worth it.

Sebastian Junghans

IT Manager
Attended Professional Scrum Product Owner™(PSPO) workshop in July 2020
Review image

The PSPO training was organized very well and our instructor Sanjay Saini helped us understand the concepts pretty good during the 2 days workshop. It was engaging and interactive. I recommend Knowledge Hut for PSPO training.

Miduthuru Aditya

Senior Engineer
Attended Professional Scrum Product Owner™(PSPO) workshop in February 2020

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