PRINCE2® Foundation Certification - Learning Objectives

Get an idea of the learning objectives included in the PRINCE2® Foundation workshop.

Understand the PRINCE2® Foundation learning objectives during the PRINCE2® training. The PRINCE2® Foundation content outline learning objectives are aligned with the standards of AXELOS and familiarize you with all the techniques to deliver projects successfully. 

Learning Options

Online Self Learning (OSL)

  • Self- Paced Learning with Lifetime Access
  • Learn at your own pace with 37 hours of live sessions
  • 11 hours of assessments for in-depth learning
  • 3 mock tests of 3 hours to test your learning and knowledge

Blended Learning (OSL + Live Interactive Online Training)

  • Experience 16 hours of live sessions
  • 37 hours of Online Self Learning
  • 11 hours of assessments for in-depth learning
  • 3 mock tests of 3 hours to test your learning and knowledge

Corporate Solutions

Learning @ Scale

  • Level up your team's skills to meet demands
  • Future-proof your resources to changing market needs
  • Customized learning solutions for teams
  • Customized learning plans for effective outcomes

One to One Training

  • Get a dedicated trainer
  • High quality interaction sessions
  • Get your questions answered for deeper understanding
  • Get personalized instructor support

PRINCE2® Foundation Certification LEARNING OBJECTIVES

The PRINCE2® Foundation learning objectives will help participants gain an overall understanding of the PRINCE2® project management methodology, within the 6 performance targets of time, cost, quality, scope, benefits, and risk. 

What do you learn in the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification course? 

  • The key learning objectives of the workshop include: 
  • Core concepts of the PRINCE2® project management method 
  • Delivering projects on time at low cost without compromising on the quality 
  • Integrating the PRINCE2® 7 Principles with 7 themes in a project 
  • Applying planning processes to ensure project alignment  
  • Managing the project process with PRINCE2 control mechanisms 
  • Guiding the teams on all the aspects from the inception phase to the completion phase 
  • Helping the candidates clear the PRINCE2® foundation exam at one go 

The PRINCE2® Foundation course focuses on defining the organizational structure for the team, business justification, and implementing a product-based approach. The major emphasis is given to splitting the project into small, manageable, and controllable stages for working effectively. Moreover, in PRINCE2, project resources are utilized carefully with managing the business and the project risks more efficiently.  

PRINCE2 certifications are among the most popular Project Management certifications across the world, and with good reason. Today, companies are looking for project management methods that will help them plan, initiate, monitor, manage and deliver projects successfully. Companies that fail to implement project management best practices find that there could be budget or schedule overruns or lack of quality in the finished products. 

The PRINCE2 method is easy to understand, helps in proper project administration, and lays out an extensive set of responsibilities. By following the framework stringently and learning to tailor the projects to suit your needs, you will find that you can closely manage your projects to ensure success. 

These attributes make PRINCE2 the best project management methodology there is. So, it is worth taking the PRINCE2® certification if you want to pursue a career in project management. This certification will increase your chances of landing in-demand project management roles as the PRINCE2 method has become the de facto project management methodology for many organizations.


Our PRINCE2® Foundation certification is aimed at training individuals to clear the PRINCE2® Foundation exam. With a blended learning experience, learn the de facto standard of project management and establish consistency among your projects. Our 58 hours of online self-learning and /or 16 hours of instructor-led sessions are designed to help you understand the theoretical and practical aspects of PRINCE2®.


Aligned to the 2017 PRINCE2® updates, our courseware progresses in modules. The initial modules cover PRINCE2® introduction, overview, and the four integrated components of PRINCE®2 i.e. the principles, themes, processes, and project environment. As you progress, in-depth concepts about each component, how they relate to one another, and how you can implement them in a project are covered. Learn how to deliver your project in a coordinated, consistent, and transparent manner in the final modules.

Concluding with a focus on the exam, get access to 10 hours of assessments, 3 mock tests, and various other simulated learning experiences.

  • Get a dedicated trainer for all your questions and concerns
  • High-quality interaction sessions that will help you breakdown projects into manageable chunks
  • Increase your earning potential with the PRINCE2® Foundation credential
  • Learn how to have controlled start and closure of a project by applying PRINCE2® principles
  • Get personalized instructor support for your teams to master the concepts of PRINCE2®
  • Better assessment guidance to ensure the overall improvement of team output
  • Establish effective communication between management and stakeholders
  • Maintain regular reviews and monitor the progress of Project Plan and Business Case
  • Simulated learning modules replicating real-life projects, focusing on team-collaboration

What you will learn

  • Competence in the fundamental aspects of the PRINCE2® project management method.

  • Demonstrate, understand, and recall various components of the PRINCE2® methodology.

  • How to monitor a project within the boundaries of the project plan.

  • Understand the purpose of the seven PRINCE2 themes.

  • Describe each step of the PRINCE2 journey, listing the activities required to guide a project throughout its lifecycle.

  • Identify the recommended PRINCE2 management products which include baselines, records, and reports.

  • Learn how to improve your participation in a project, managed in line with the PRINCE2® project management method.

Prince2 Foundation Certification

PRINCE2 Foundation

The PRINCE2® Foundation certification is the first of the two PRINCE2® 2017 qualifications and teaches you the PRINCE2® methods along with the PRINCE2® principles and terminology. Additionally, the certification lets you work as an informed member of a project management team and implement the PRINCE2® methodology within a project environment supporting PRINCE®. 

The PRINCE2® Foundation certification will help you to: 

  • Explain the main content and purpose of all roles, the seven principles, the seven themes, as well as the seven processes. 
  • Classify the management products that are input to or output from the seven processes. 
  • Mention the key contents and the principal goal of the primary management products. 
  • Distinguish the connections between deliverables, processes, roles, as well as the management dimensions of a project. 

PRINCE2® stands for Projects In a Controlled Environment and is a project management methodology that was at first created for IT-related projects. PRINCE2® is a de facto process-based method for effective project management and was later recognized as the same methodology that could be applied over any line of work and career; assuring proper management of project tasks and resources and streamlining and optimizing processes for project success. 

PRINCE2® describes the management of the projects throughout its methodology. It began in 1989 and its methodology has been widely used both in the private and public sectors in the UK and across the world. PRINCE2® certification has been a major proven key player in the growth of both individuals and organizations. 

PRINCE2® is the acronym for Projects In Controlled Environments. This methodology began and is generally accepted in the UK, but it is a globally recognized certificate preferred above the Project Management Institute's PMP® by some industries. It offers one of the best guides to project management. 

Some of the important features of PRINCE2® pay attention to the justification of a business, well-structured organization for team members performing a project, dividing projects into manageable units and flexibility, among others. As it is a methodology, many favor it over other related project management certificates that often are inclined more towards theory. Project managers chose this certification to get detailed processes that are more practical in approach. 

The year 1989 saw the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA )in the UK  adopt a method called PROMPT II as a UK Government standard for information systems (IT) project management. It was named 'PRINCE', an acronym that originally symbolized PROMPT II IN the CCTA Environment. Later on, the acronym PRINCE was assigned to PRojects IN Controlled Environments and was applied outside the IT environment both in the UK and around the world.

Released in 1996 as a generic project management method, PRINCE2® contains several themes and processes that project managers and some industries have preferred above others out of its practicality and methodology. Although it’s more popular in the UK and some countries of the world, it is a widely accepted management system that has been successful for users and project managers. 

The professionals who can attend PRINCE2® Foundation Training are: 

  1. New or qualified project managers or professionals who manage projects 
  2. Consultants/contract staff operating in a PRINCE2® environment 
  3. Chief personnel involved in the design, development, and delivery of projects 
  4. Project Board Members, e.g, Senior Responsible Owners 
  5. Program Managers 
  6. Team Managers, e.g, Product Delivery Managers 
  7. Project Assurance, e.g, Business Change Analysts 
  8. Operational line managers or staff 
  9. Project support, e.g, Project and Program Office Personnel 
  10. Officers who have a defined role within a project team operating in a PRINCE2® environment.

Do you intend to take up a PRINCE2® Foundation Training? It is easy to prepare when you have experts to guide you with the knowledge and skills needed to crack the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam at one go. 

You can either enroll for the classroom training with an Accredited Training Organization like KnowledgeHut and appear for your exams directly after the training ends. The classroom training usually lasts for two and a half days. You can also take up the training in distance learning mode. However, the prices might change depending on the ATO you choose. 

Learning Mode Duration 
Classroom 2 days (18 hours) 
Online Classroom 18 hours total duration 

There are no prerequisites to take the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification exam. However, it is better if you have some prior understanding of Project Management. 

Get sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE2® method in order to work with or as a member of a project management team running within a PRINCE2® supporting environment by clearing the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam. This one-hour long exam has 60 multiple-choice questions out of which you need to score 55% or more to pass the exam.

This Prince2® Foundation certification confirms that you understand the PRINCE2®   method and how its elements work. There are three types of questions for the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam: Classic, List, and Missing word.

The foundation exam leads to the PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification. Furthermore, it helps you to meet the eligibility requirements for PRINCE2® Agile Certification.

Below mentioned is the exam format for PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Exam: 

CategoryExam Information
Certification FamilyPRINCE2®
Owned byAXELOS
Exam duration60 minutes
Pass mark33 out of 60
Open book or closed bookClosed book
Exam price£236
No. of questions60
Question FormatMultiple-choice
LanguagesDutch, English, French, German, Norwegian, and Polish
  1.  There are two ways to clear the PRINCE2® Foundation: Sit for the exams after a training course with an Accredited Training Organization (ATO), or study on your own and book the exam with PeopleCert, our PRINCE2® Examination Institute. 
  2.  There is no prerequisite for PRINCE2® Foundation, however, having basic knowledge in project management is recommended. 
  3.  Look for an ATO Like KnowledgeHut and Register for PRINCE2 Foundation Course to get trained. 
  4.  Check our PRINCE2 Foundation Schedules & Dates to choose a suitable session that meets your requirements. 
  5.  If you decided to study on your own and book the exam without a training course, schedule your Exam via Peoplecert 
  6.  Study the reference book ‘Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® 2017 Edition'. 
  7.  Practice for your PRINCE2® Foundation examby self-evaluating yourself with our Sample Papers until you score 80%. 
  8.  Appear for the exam with the required paperwork and give it your best shot. 
  9.  You will receive your exam result 5 business days after completing the exam. You can view the results on your PeopleCert profile that can also be downloaded from the same site. 
  10. After passing your exam, AXELOS will contact you with details of activating your membership. 
  11. Subscribe to MyPrince2; the digital badge will be issued only if you earn 20 CPDs to show your highest achievement. 

The PRINCE2® Foundation program lasts for 2 days(in the case of a Classroom course) and the exam is held at the end of the 2nd day.  

  • Your PRINCE2® Foundation exam date will be scheduled by your training provider  
  • Candidates will receive a ‘Welcome Email’ from Peoplecert with instructions after the training provider books the exam.

The instructions are to: 

    • Create their profile on the Peoplecert website  
    • Register for the exam 
  • Before the Exam the candidate must “Register” for the same or the candidate will miss the chance. 
  • If the candidate missed the window for registration, the training provider can coordinate with Peoplecert and have the candidate registered after the exam is over. This also applies to any candidate who chooses to appear for the exam at the last minute. 
  • After the candidate registered for the exam, the training provider can retrieve a 3-digit Registration Number (Different for each candidate) from the Peoplecert website.  
  • On the day of the exam, the trainer/invigilator will share the 3-digit Registration Number with the candidate that the candidate can mention on the Answer Sheet. 
  • Even if the candidate doesn’t have the 3-digit Registration Number, he/she can submit the answer sheet with the 3-digit number later being mapped by Peoplecert.  
  • After the exam is over, it would take up to 5 business days for the results to be released. 
  • Candidates can both view and download the results from their profile. 

Exam Process for Virtual Training: 

  • Once ready for the exam, the candidate needs to request the training provider to order an exam voucher. (If the Certification cost is not a part of the training fee, then the training provider would first prompt the candidate to pay the exam fee before ordering the voucher). 
  • After your training provider orders the voucher, Peoplecert would send a ‘Welcome Email’ to the candidate with instructions which are as follows: 
  • Create your profile on the Peoplecert website  
  • Schedule the exam. 
  • The candidate needs to follow the instructions in the email to book the exam date at his/her suitable time and date.  
  • The candidate may write to PeopleCert customer support for any support or queries 
  • The results can be viewed and downloaded from under the Candidate’s profile. 

Are you still unclear about how to begin your preparation for the PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Exam? Here is how you can prepare properly for your PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Exam: 

  • Syllabus: You should know where you are heading. AXELOS’s PRINCE2® Exam Syllabus makes you face a summary of the concepts that are tested in the exam.  
  • Sample Paper Questions: You willget access to a range of exam question papers provided by AXELOS that can help you to quicken your exam preparation process. With these sample questions, you can test your understanding along with knowledge on concepts around PRINCE2®. 

So, how can you access the PRINCE2® Sample Exam Papers? You can downloadthese sample exam papers by logging in or creating a user profile.  

  • Exam Training: Preparing for the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Exam is complex as well as tiresome. Hence, what should be done to prepare easily? Enroll for training with an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) of AXELOS like KnowledgeHut in order to ease through preparing for your PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Exam. 
  • Reading Materials: This never goes out of fashion! Reading printed materials to prepare for the exams always works. Go through the   on online platforms like Amazon that you will find valuable during your exam preparation process. Doing so helps you to single out the topics which need more clarification from a tutor as well. Furthermore, note down any important topics that you need to study later. 

Always revise to avoid missing out on any important topic for your PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Exam. 

Use this revision checklist as a guide to clear your PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Certification 

  • Understanding the exam: 

You should understand the structure of the PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Certification Exam and get a good grip on the content of the question paper and the types of questions for the exam 

  • Review the Processes 

Be clear about the 7 key processes involved in PRINCE2® to pass the PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Certification Exam. Ensure that you have each of the processes thoroughly revised before sitting for your exam 

  • Revise the Themes 

Are you done revising the 7 processes? There are 7 themes of PRINCE2® which are equally important for successfully completing the PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Certification. You need to be thorough and clear with each of these themes. 

  • Revising the Method as a whole 

It might be difficult to figure out how everything fits all the topics together. But before you take the examination, make it clear about how they are interconnected, as the issues will underline the same. Stay up-to-date on all concepts and methods concerning PRINCE2®, including how each of its 7 PRINCE2® principles supports topics and procedures. 

No, after earning a 2009 certificate (existing or higher), you will not have to retake the exam in 2017 format. However, having an understanding of the updated material could help you enhance your knowledge about the best practices. This can be done by: 

  1. Becoming a member of the AXELOS community account 
  2. Going through FAQs on AXELOS website 
  3. Getting an AXELOS membership 
  4. Buying the 2017 PRINCE2® manual. 

Here are the benefits of PRINCE2 certification:

  • The PRINCE2 certification is a great way for you to build on and improve your project management skills. Through the PRINCE2 certification training, you will be able to learn and deploy project management methodologies efficiently.
  • PRINCE2 is more than just an instruction manual. It is a technical reference guide that explains all the stages and processes of a project along with the associated roles and responsibilities. 
  • It is easy to get started with PRINCE2. The PRINCE2 Foundation course gets you a complete overview of what you are going to deal with during the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification training.
  • Once you have finished the training and taken the exam, you will get the certification sooner than the other exams. This is because there is no audit or complicated registration process.
  • PRINCE2 certified professionals can earn a higher income than their colleagues.
  • PRINCE2 certification is a globally recognized certification for the IT sector. So, you will be able to take on international project works.

You can either take a training course from an ATO or book an exam directly with the PeopleCert. Here is what you can do: 

  • Make sure that you fulfil all the prerequisites that are required to be eligible for the exam. 
  • Identify the ATO that you want to go with and register for the PRINCE2 Foundation Course to start your training. 
  • Apply privately or schedule the exam via PeopleCert.
  • Prepare for the exam by practicing mock questions.

The foundation course takes 2 days of training. All candidates are required to finish 16 study hours for the exam. 

Once you have passed the exam, you will be able to see the final results in your PeopleCert profile. It also gives the option to download the certification. 

The PRINCE2 certification is issued by AXELOS that is a joint venture set up by the Capita and the Government of the United Kingdom. They work together for developing, managing, and operating qualifications in best practices and methodologies. 

The PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate needs to be renewed within 3 years of its issued date. To renew the certification, you need to use your digital badge and remain current on your My PRINCE2 subscription. Here are the eligibility criteria: 

  • Join My PRINCE2 within 3 months of successfully passing the exam. You need to stay subscribed for the period and renew the subscription every year. 
  • PRINCE2 digital badge will be awarded as part of My PRINCE2. Every year, you will need to record 20 CPD points for the badge.

There are two ways of verifying PRINCE2 certification:

  • Follow the link and type the first and last name in the appropriate fields. As you hit ‘Search’, you will be able to see the results. You don’t need to log in or even have an account to do this.
  • Use this PeopleCert link for verifying the PRINCE certification. Type in the certification number, finish the image verification, and click on ‘Submit’.

Prince2 Qualification

Clearing only PRINCE2® Foundation exam will get you the PRINCE2® Foundation certificate but appearing and passing both the exams will get you the PRINCE2® Practitioner certificate, the complete package to boost your career opportunities. 

Most candidates go for the Practitioner level after starting with the Foundation level. Qualified PRINCE2® candidates have higher odds of landing lucrative jobs and working more effectively. PRINCE2® qualification is also beneficial to organizations as using the proven methodology can help them cater to their clients’ interests better. 

PRINCE2® proves to be a very helpful qualification for many professionals. As a matter of fact, it is deemed as an asset in the project management industry. It is one of the best methods that deliver a project successfully on time, keeping budget and high-quality standards in mind.  

Getting a PRINCE2® certification can benefit you a lot, and some of them are:  

  1. It develops the framework of the project.  
  2. It provides an almost accurate checklist of what needs to happen on a project and when.  
  3. PRINCE2® will guide the project manager on when to execute a particular task. 

and working more effectively. PRINCE2® qualification is also beneficial to organizations as using the proven methodology can help them cater to their clients’ interests better. 

Are you preparing for the PRINCE2® 2017 certification? You should know that the PRINCE2® 2017 certification is divided into two major levels, namely: 

  • PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation  
  • PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner.  

Moreover, PRINCE2®’s Agile certification scheme is further divided into two qualifications: 

  • PRINCE2® Agile Foundation  
  • PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner. 

No prerequisites are needed if one wants to attend the workshop but candidates must have one of several credentials in order to appear for the Practitioner certification mentioned above. The Foundation Level examination has no such prerequisites.  

The impressive thing about PRINCE2® Foundation is the advantage it gives to the students interested in learning about project management. Moreover, with the PRINCE2® Foundation certification, professionals become informed members of project teams, who understand the basicproject management terms and processes, and can handle critical matters and responsibilities in their respective organizations. 

The PRINCE2® Foundation certification is also the best way candidates can develop the right skills in project management that are essential for career growth and better job prospects. Once a student has prepared well enough, the exam is easy to crack. 

Any professional with little or no work experience can get the PRINCE2® credential. The PRINCE2® certification does not require any expertise. The training is intended for such individuals to get requisite knowledge of project management and assist them to become capable project team members. 

To get PRINCE2® certified, the individual should begin the process by getting certified with the Foundation Level and then the Practitioner. On completing both, a professional will be able to successfully manage and lead project teams and ensure proper execution of projects and processes. 

Not really, no. Getting into the project management industry without the PRINCE2® certification is possible. However, you should get PRINCE2® qualified because:  

  1. You will not have to devote all your time and resources to get PRINCE2® certified. You can work full time and attend training at your convenience as well.   
  2. As the registration process to get the certificate is straightforward, you will get your certification as soon as the training and exam get completed as there is no strenuous registration process required to get your certification.  
  3. PRINCE2® certification will assist you to learn the main project management skill-set needed to be a professional. 

ITIL® stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and is the most globally distinguished IT service management framework. Like PRINCE2®, ITIL® is also process-based and managed by AXELOS Ltd. It enables improvement in understanding how IT services are delivered and managed within a company. 

Performance can continuously be improved with ITIL® knowledge, and additionally, it increases the success rate, quality and cost management. Initially being used for IT, ITIL® is being used by organizations in a variety of settings for different purposes. ITIL® and PRINCE2® are similar, but both have different scopes. Knowledge of PRINCE2® is needed for ITIL, but it is not mandatory the other way around. 

Prince2 Cost

The cost of the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification comprises of various elements apart from the exam fee. The training cost forms an essential factor in the PRINCE2® certification cost too and depends on the ATO that you select for training. Here is the break down: 

Cost Heads PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Certification 
Online Training cost INR 9,999 - INR 12,999 
Classroom Training cost INR 21,999 
 E-learning cost INR 3,500 - INR 7,500 
Renewal cost Not Applicable 
Study Material Cost (with name) 

Managing successful projects with PRINCE2  Kindle edition: INR 6,756.40 Paperback: 1,502  

Exam Cost £236 
MyPRINCE2 Membership cost NA 

The above figures are as applicable in October 2019. 

The PRINCE2® Foundation exam fee is £236. You need to sit for the exam with the help of a reputed ATO (Accredited Training Organization) or at a specified center. Talking about the requirements for the Foundation certification, there are actually none for sitting for the exam, but some centers might ask for a basic understanding of project management. It is not mandatory to have any project management skills as the Foundation level examines basic knowledge. 

Self-study and online course training are the least expensive ways to prepare for the PRINCE2® exam in the UK. Provided you can prepare on your own and know the basic concepts, you can go for it but it may cost more if you require assistance because you will need a tutor and classroom training. You can choose to register at one of the many websites at a minimal cost and get access to many videos and online materials.  

Prince2 Exam

Yes, there is one. A web program called the ‘remote web proctor solution’ will give you access to take your exams online via a webcam, microphone, and a stable internet connection. Exams can either be scheduled in advance or at a suitable date and time. A proctor will be present to have the exam invigilated live. Exams can be taken anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Here is the list of the exams available online:  

  1. PRINCE2® Foundation  
  2. PRINCE2® Practitioner  
  3. ITIL® Intermediate  
  4. MoP Foundation. 

Yes, you can, provided you have a stable internet connection and other necessities such as a webcam, a microphone, etc. Even though it is an online exam, an invigilator will be available after scheduling the date. You can also sit for the exams offline through one of the accredited training centers around the world. Centers are usually overbooked since the exams are conducted only on certain days. There is a high demand for booking the exam slots so you may need to plan your booking ahead in advance. There is provision for both online and offline examinations and it depends on your choice. 

The PRINCE2® certification exam online can be taken via a remote web proctor solution. To appear for the same, you can book your exam slot in advance by choosing a suitable date and time.  

Do have a webcam, a microphone, and a stable internet connection available at the mentioned time to connect with a proctor who will invigilate your exam live. Make sure that you meet the required technical requirements to continue with the exam without any issues. 

You can sit for the PRINCE2® exam online with Peoplecert. This globally recognized institute will help you sit for your exam at your chosen location given that you have a webcam and a stable internet facility along with your system. Peoplecert has a developed exam shield to invigilate candidates online through virtual proctoring. Well equipped with the latest technology and tools, Peoplecert is flexible and easily accessible.

The PRINCE2® Foundation exam is 60 minutes long. The pass marks for the PRINCE2® Foundation exam (case study based) is 55%. You will need to score 33 or more (33 out of a total of 60 questions). 

The classroom course spans for 2 and a half days and the Foundation exam takes place at the end of the training (Depending on the training provider). The exam is difficult just like other professional exams, but you will pass if you practice well and make use of all available resources. 

The PRINCE2® Foundation certification exam is an easy one and preparation for the same takes about 3-4 hours of study daily for 10-12 days or 1-2 hours daily for 3 weeks. You need to stay focussed and committed to the time given to study daily. The PRINCE2® Practitioner certification exam requires 3-4 hours of study time daily for about 3-4 months or 1-2 hours daily for 4-6 months of study time to succeed in the examination. You should know the content and the concepts to pass the exam in the first attempt. 

Unlike the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam which is an open book exam, the PRINCE2® Foundation exam is a closed book one. For the PRINCE2® Foundation exam, candidates can take their manuals in the examination room to take the reference of key points and other useful processes. Taking the manual does not result in any penalty. 

There are 60 multiple-choice questions in the Foundation exam. Answering 33 questions correctly will get you the required pass mark of 55%. Candidates will get an hour to attempt all questions. 

You require the following system specifications to take up the PRINCE2® certification exam online: 

  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP 2 or higher, Windows 8 (the scenario cannot be printed in the latest version) and Mac OS 
  • Dual-core 2.4 GHz CPU or faster with 2 GB of RAM (recommended) 
  • You should also have an active full time/broadband internet connection of at least 4 Mbps 
  • 16-bit monitor (at least 15”) with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher 
  • Keyboard and mouse or other pointing devices 
  • A single web camera (embedded or external) you can rotate 
  • Speakers and microphones (you are not allowed to use headsets). 

You can view and download the results from your PeopleCert profile page. If you achieve the passing mark, then you can download the certification from the same link. 

It takes 2 business days for your answers to get submitted to PeopleCert by the exam supervisor. The complete process takes around 5 business days. 

If you took your exam via Pearson Vue, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you from PeopleCert within 7 working days with a link to your e-certificate. Moreover, you will be prompted to activate your PeopleCert Account where you will be able to manage your certificates along with purchasing the hard copy. 

You might feel the possibility of failing your PRINCE2® certification exam. However, the PRINCE2® exam pass rate is higher than the failure rate. You need a minimum of 33/60 (55 % passing rate) to clear the Foundation exam. The Practitioner level demands a pass rate of approximately 55% (38/68). 

Failure to manage your time of assessment and lack of preparation are some of the reasons for failing the exam. You will need a comprehensive understanding of the themes, appendices, and glossary to succeed. 

PRINCE2® Foundation examination doesn’t need any re-registration as the certification has lifelong validity. However, your PRINCE2® Practitioner certification needs to be renewed within 3 to 5 years. But what is the preparation workflow? 

 As a practitioner, you need to appear for a re-registration exam that has the same standards as the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam. Below-mentioned are the following preparation tips will guide you to prepare well for this exam: 

  1. Training with an ATO: You can self-study to prepare for your PRINCE2® re-registration exam. However, a training course will speed up your preparation by teaching you about the possible new changes in the previous edition of the manual after your last attempt at the exam. 
  2. Finding sufficient time to prepare: You will need to allocate sufficient time to prepare for your PRINCE2® re-registration exam so that you are well versed in the manual to pass your re-registration exam. 
  3. Revise: Remember that this exam is for maintaining your PRINCE2® Practitioner certification. Retouching on all the concepts and revising the method that you studied in the first place is a must to get this certification. Instead of struggling to find sufficient time from your work, you can take a few days off to prepare for the exam. 

PRINCE2® exam shield is an application that needs to be installed in your system so that you can write your exams. It is known as a remote web proctor to enable candidates to write exams from their computers without any issues. Before sitting for the exam, you should check the Peoplecert website to know the recommended system requirements for the installation of the PRINCE2® exam shield. You also need to keep your identity photos ready along with other credentials like passport and driving license. You should deactivate or disable any existing software in your system that might affect the smooth functioning of the exam.

Peoplecert is a widely recognized assessment/certification institute for every professional exam. It collaborates with other organizations as well as government agencies for flawless and high standard professional delivery and development of professional exams. People from various fields globally use Peoplecert’s services in several languages and unbeatable assessment technology tools. 

Now people can write their professional exams online using an exam shield that can be invigilated through the internet. Peoplecert offers its countless certification programs on behalf of Axelos and other similar organizations. Presently it is the solely recognized institute to globally deliver Axelos examinations. 

You surely are aware of the terms ‘Exam Code’ and ‘Exam Voucher’ for applying for the PRINCE2® Certification Exam. How different are these terms from each other? Here they are: 

DifferencesExam Code Exam Voucher 
IssueIssued by PRINCE2®. You receive it by email within 24-hours of purchasing your e-learning license.Issued once you redeem your exam code. 
ValidityIts validity lasts for the time your e-learning license lasts The exam voucher is valid for only 1 month 
UseYou need your exam code to redeem your exam voucherYou need your exam voucher to book your exam

Prince2 Certification

PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is the standard process-based project management technology providing a sequential approach to deliver an effective project. Generally practiced in the UK and abroad, PRINCE2® provides certification in different levels like PRINCE2® Foundation (basic), PRINCE2® Practitioner, PRINCE2® Professional (for practitioners) and PRINCE2® Agile (Agile methods). 

PRINCE2® is valid not only in India but all over the world! However, since the regions of origin of PRINCE2® and PMP® are different,  they are preferred based on their utility. PMP® is US based and generally used in the USA, Canada, Middle East, and Asia while PRINCE2® originates from the UK and is popular in the UK, Europe, and Australia. PRINCE2® is valid as well even though PMP® is usually practiced in India.  

The cost of the PRINCE2® Certification varies with different levels of certifications. Before going for a PRINCE2® Certification, you should know the segregation of the various elements of the related certification you want to go for. 

Training cost also is an essential element in the PRINCE2® certification cost and depends on the ATO that you choose for your training. The table below mentions the different costs involved in each of the certifications: 

Cost HeadsPRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Certification PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner CertificationPRINCE2® Agile Foundation CertificationPRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Certification
Online Training cost INR 9,999 - INR 12,999 INR 10,999 --
Classroom Training cost INR 21,999 INR 28,999--
E-learning costINR 3,500 - INR 7,500 ---
Renewal cost Not Applicable 
Not Applicable 
Study Material Cost (with name) 
Managing successful projects with PRINCE2 Kindle edition: INR 6,756.40 Paperback: 1,502  
Managing successful projects with PRINCE2 Kindle edition: INR 6,756.40 Paperback: 1,502  
Managing successful projects with PRINCE2 Kindle edition: INR 6,756.40 Paperback: 1,502  
Managing successful projects with PRINCE2 Kindle edition: INR 6,756.40 Paperback: 1,502  
Exam Cost 
My PRINCE2 Membership cost 
-£50 + VAT per year 
-£50 + VAT per year 

These figures are as applicable in October 2019. 

Both PMP® and PRINCE2® are project management certifications with different frameworks. PMP® relies on the guidelines and principles of the PMBOK® as its standard of operation instead of a methodology. It represents processes and working techniques for a project manager to learn and follow to complete a given project, more like theory and guide. 

On the other hand, PRINCE2® is a method containing complete and well-detailed templates and processes that provide a gradual workflow to organize and execute a project. It asks for the use of practical skills rather than the theory found in PMP. PRINCE2® is more like an operations manual, unlike the PMP that serves as a reference guide. 

There are 2 stages in the PRINCE2® certification, Foundation, and Practitioner. No specific prerequisites are required for the Foundation certification. Although not compulsory, it’s better if the applicant has a basic understanding of project management. For the Practitioner certification, however, it is mandatory for you to be certified in PRINCE2 Foundation or either Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and IPMA Level A/B/C/D. Additionally, before you sit for the exam, you require to either be trained by a certified PRINCE2® trainer or undergo training from an accredited project management training institution. 

You will get the certification from Axelos, PRINCE2®’s accrediting body. 

Want to get PRINCE2® certified? But before that, you need to learn about the various certifications involved in PRINCE2®. The PRINCE2® 2017 certification is divided into two main levels, namely: 

  • PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Certification: The Foundation certification plays a pivotal role in furthering your PRINCE2® certification credentials. It is a requirement for the PRINCE2® Practitioner certification. Besides, you were introduced to the PRINCE2® method certification PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Certification.

Furthermore, you need to learn the PRINCE2® method to work with, or as a member of a project management team operating in a PRINCE2® supporting environment.   

  • PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner Certification: With PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner Certification, anyone who manages a project as a part of their role will have a firm understanding of applying and adapt to the method over various project environments and scenarios. 

Moreover, PRINCE2® provides an Agile certification path which includes: 

  • PRINCE2® Agile Foundation: Do you want to kickstart your Agile journey? If yes, then gain the knowledge and skills to deliver agile projects by tailoring PRINCE2® management controls with the help of a wide toolset of agile delivery techniques and frameworks 
  • PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner: Learn agile methods, techniques, and approaches with a PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Certification to combine structure, governance, and control. It couples agile concepts with the world’s most famous project management method. 

There is no set certification path to earn the PRINCE2® 2017 Certification. According to AXELOS, two different paths are suggested to get on with your PRINCE2® 2017 Certification journey. Here they are: 

  • Feel free to choose to enroll with a reputed ATO like KnowledgeHut for a PRINCE2® 2017 Certification Training and sit for the exams at the end of the training 
  • Study on your own and schedule your exam through PeopleCert, the institute that conducts the exams for AXELOS. 

While looking to get trained for a PRINCE2® 2017 Certification, you should be aware that AXELOS directly doesn’t provide any training courses. Many Accredited Training Organisations (ATOs) of AXELOS can provide you with training. One of the ATOs is KnowledgeHut which trains individuals for PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation, PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner certification in three various learning modes: 

  1. Classroom: In this face-to-face learning mode, you will directly interactwith the trainer that helps you to remove your doubts easily too 
  2. Online Classroom: A virtual learning mode where you interact with the trainers in real-time 
  3. E-learning: This is more than traditional classroom training and uses electronic technologies to explore the educational curriculum. 

Trying to find the best institute in order to get trained for PRINCE2® Certification? There are certain factors that you need to consider before you finalize your training institute for your PRINCE2® certification training. The factors are: 

  1. Affiliation: The first thing to look for in your training provider is that it should be an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) of AXELOS. Moreover, getting trained from an ATO like KnowledgeHut allows you to appear for your PRINCE2® certification at the end of the training  
  2. Modes of training: You should verify whether or not the training provider offers both offline and online modes of learning so that you can continue with your PRINCE2® certification training on your preference 
  3. Terms and conditions of payment: The training fee is an essential factor to consider. For example, it is inconvenient for you when the training institute refuses to refund your training amount if you need to cancel or reschedule your PRINCE2® training So before you enroll, you need to do a precise check of the T&C of the training provider. Moreover, do not forget to read the fine print! 

The trainer is important in meeting your learning goals for the PRINCE2® certification. Watch out for the following when you lookout for the best PRINCE2® trainer for yourself: 

  1. Verifying the credentials of the trainer: A highly-experienced trainer can help you learn the PRINCE2® concepts and methods along with realistic examples. So, you should check both the work experience and the credentials of the trainer before you begin your search for the most qualified PRINCE2® Certified trainer 
  2. Offline interactions and support: When you choose to get trained through online training mode, you might need some extra guidance and support from the trainer. Hence, you need to find out if the trainer offers offline interactions and support 
  3. Flexible study schedule: Another important factor in choosing the best certified PRINCE2® training is to take a flexible time to study. You will better your work-life balance if you have the flexibility to schedule courses with your preference 
  4. Study aids: The next significant thing on your checklist is to verify that research aids are available with the trainer. This research helps you clear your doubts about the concepts and methods of PRINCE2® 
  5. E-learning: Is your busy schedule preventing you from going for the classroom training? E-learning will take care of that as you can study at your own convenience. 
  6. Study assistance: After training ends, you still keep learning. So you will need to verify with the trainer whether the offer in-course or post-training help. 
  7. Your training institute should be an ATO: AXELOS does not provide direct training but has accredited ATOs that meet your PRINCE2® training criteria. must also confirm whether the trainer is an ATO when searching for the best certified PRINCE2® instructor. 

It takes 2 days each to get trained for the PRINCE2® Foundation and the Practitioner certification.  The online training for PRINCE2® Foundation and the PRINCE2® Practitioner each takes 16 hours of study while the PRINCE2® Practitioner online training takes 16 hours of study. While choosing the PRINCE2® online training, ensure that the provider offers a training manual, video course or audio training and if possible online exam simulator or practice exam papers. 

Both the PRINCE2® Foundation training course and the PRINCE2® Practitioner training course take two days. Similarly, the PRINCE2® Foundation and the PRINCE2® Online Practitioner’s online training both require 16 hours of study time. Choosing the PRINCE 2 ® online training means that you need to make sure that the provider offers a manual for training, video course or online training along with online examination simulation and practice papers if possible. 

  1. With the PRINCE2® certification, you will be able to gain globally accepted know-how in project management. In addition, you will learn to plan, initiate, monitor, manage and implement projects with a proven approach along with terminology, structure, prevalent structures and processes. 
  2. Get the expertise to tailor all your PRINCE2® initiatives for your requirements and to supervise with a PRINCE2® certificate all the projects run by you. It is not a handbook for instructions, but rather a methodology to ensure that all the rules of the project are understood and the methodologies are managed 
  3. PRINCE2® certification cab be achieved without long durations of training and expensive fees.  
  4. After completing the training with an accredited ATO such as KnowledgeHut, you can take the PRINCE2® license examination. 
  5. Once certified, you can expect an annual average salary of £50,000 and become part of the elite group of certified professionals across the globe. 
  6. Several countries worldwide have accepted PRINCE2® certification as the de-facto standard in project management. 
  7. The PRINCE2® project roles and responsibilities in the project organization are clearly defined and shared. Although you are a key project manager, you are not the only one to blame for a PRINCE2® project if things go wrong. 
  8. With PRINCE2® accreditation, you are not limited by a certain sector or organization. In all organizations, across industries and projects of whatever scale, PRINCE2® techniques can be used to expand your capabilities. 
  9. Your Profile is entered into the AXELOS certification body in PRINCE2® , and you can register on the global list of successful PRINCE2® Certification Holders. 
  10. Take advantage of PRINCE2® networks by participating in interconnected groups and organizations offering support from experts who have delivered countless successful projects. 

PRINCE2® contains the toolsets to control all the aspects of project management. With PRINCE2®, you will be able to make sure that the project is delivered within time, cost and quality constraints. Here are some other benefits: 

  1. Proper documentation All phases are well documented and this facilitates the transmission of information through all phases. 
  2. Reliability PRINCE2® is able to manage the project reliably and organizationally from start to finish. For easier leadership, the project will be split into phases. 
  3. Communication PRINCE2® offers you the ability to enhance communication between stakeholders and team members effectively. 
  4. Plan oriented You can split your project into several phases through PRINCE2® and each phase starts with a fresh phase in planning. 
  5. Focus on Product A productive project focuses on the end product rather than the procedures.  
  6. Defines roles and responsibilities Project roles as ‘team leader’, ‘project director’, etc. are described so that there is no ambiguity in your role description. 
  7. Empowering PRINCE2® ensures that the project management team is confident and able to manage their allocated tasks properly. 
  8. Managing by exception The leadership-time is used very effectively and the Project Board is engaged only when certain important choices have to be taken.  

The PRINCE2®Foundation and Practitioner Certification gives you globally accepted capabilities in project management that are acknowledged in the UK and across the globe. Going for these certifications will assist you plan, initiate and control high-level projects by learning to cooperate efficiently with stakeholders and team members and by splitting them into reasonable tasks. With knowledge of its 7 Principles, Processes and Themes as specified in the PRINCE2® guidelines, the PRINCE2® methodology is one of its kind and works to control resource utilization and to effectively manage corporate and project risks. 

Do you require guidance to start preparing for the PRINCE2® certification exam? PRINCE2® Guide is the best resource guide and is available in PDF format. Axelos approves this guide as a learning resource for the PRINCE2® qualifications. 

You can also test your learning by using the sample paper series generated by AXELOS. These sets of sample questions and answers are the ideal guide to show you the actual examination format.Download these sample exam papers by logging in or creating a user profile at AXELOS. 

PRINCE2® Training  ROI 

The probability of success and distribution and return on capital (ROI) is predicted before creating any investment in the project. Providing an e-learning program is like a project too.  

These 5 levels can be measured by the Kirkpatrick/Phillips model to assess the benefit of training: 

  1. The reaction of the participant 
  2. Trainee’s learning of what they are taught 
  3. Application of the learning in real-world 
  4. Impact on the business of training 
  5. Return on Investment. 

PRINCE2® can really increase your job prospects. Although it cannot guarantee a job, you will get the edge over all the other candidates in looking for a job: 

  1. Job Specifications: Without PRINCE2® certification, some recruitment organizations will not even consider your request to apply for a job. 
  2. Gateway to the real world: PRINCE2® can provide a doorway to the professional world for candidates who have just completed college. 
  3. Displays commitment: Getting PRINCE2® certified will show employers your commitment to your field and persistence to put in the extra effort. 
  4. Go Global: PRINCE2® certification is globally renowned and is not tied up to any company or project. 
  5. Credibility: A PRINCE2® certification on your resume will demonstrate your skills and reputation if you are a freelance operator. 
  6. Safe Bet: PRINCE2® is a failsafe option for many organizations. PRINCE2® is viewed as  the de-facto standard for organizations who are looking to spend less for the top-class training of employees. 
  7. Economical: Training budgets of employers are tight and they will be looking for candidates who are already trained and have an international project management qualification. 
  8. Show them that you still got it: When you have a PRINCE2® certification, your employers will see you as a person who is well versed in modern, advanced learning and has the capability to improve the success of the project. 

At the early stages of their career, IT professionals who seek project management roles within their organizations should be certified with PRINCE2®. There are a lot of capabilities and techniques acquired by PRINCE2® certified IT Professionals that can be used in crisis management or in the development of possibilities in projects. The PRINCE2® certification represents a limitless asset that increases the career prospects of these professionals and helps them to conduct their work effectively. It also supports them in developing simple and efficient instruments for IT project evaluations and audits. 

Trained PRINCE2® project management professionals are in high demand, needed to handle project teams and effectively execute projects in sectors of different industries varying from IT to real estate. 

PRINCE2® methodology is recognized across the globe and is a chosen option for project management. From the start to finish, its well-designed framework enables any project executing organization to accomplish outstanding outcomes from beginning to finish.  

The past 10 years of PRINCE2®’s history shows us that due to the UK government making PRINCE2® mandatory to deliver projects, project managers have taken the PRINCE2® training seriously to deliver projects with consistently successful results. PRINCE2® certified professionals are preferred by recruiters over their non-certified peers. 

PRINCE2® is recognized worldwide and certified professionals get added knowledge with higher career opportunities. The holders of the PRINCE2® certificate are valued by numerous human resource managers in the field of project management. Moreover, PRINCE2® certification is in high demand due to its flexible and easy adaptation to projects in every industry. Countries like the UK, Australia, and Canada are in hot pursuit of PRINCE2® professionals. However, before registering for the exam,  you may want to find out what certification is popular in developing countries that hold a neutral opinion of PRINCE2®. 

PRINCE2® certificate makes it effortless to get a job after applying to the desired companies and vacancies advertised in India or abroad. Have the PRINCE2® logo boldly printed on your resume when you are applying for jobs. Every company values PRINCE2® and that is why it is an added benefit at the growing stage of your career. 

Do note that many managers want experienced candidates and just a certificate is not enough. However, entry-level candidates can still get a job by proving their basic knowledge and ability to deliver their projects professionally. 

Project management certificates are skills that add to and certify the credentials of project managers. Certain examples are: Mastering Digital Project Management (MDPM), Project Management Professional (PMP)®, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, CompTIA Project+, PRINCE2® Foundation & PRINCE2® Practitioner, Associate in Project Management (APM), Certified Project Director (CPD), Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM), Professional Scrum Master I, II & III. Apart from those listed above, there are many other project management certifications. 

Yes, the demand is greater for PRINCE2® Certificates in the UK than in the US. The latter gives more importance to PMP®. If you are in the field of project management or want to get into this space, having a PRINCE2® certification in the UK will certainly help you further your career. Project management professionals are well compensated across the world, regardless of the choice of industry or the geographical location factor. 

Whereas there are no exact numbers that show the number of PRINCE2® certified people in India, An AXELOS-PRINCE2® survey conducted in 2016 shows that India is the area with the fastest growing PRINCE2® staff in central Asia and an increase of 14 percent compared to the United Kingdom.

It’s difficult to tell because the number of project executives is continually growing in the world. The numbers will continue to increase because of the demand for the profession. 

Prince2 Agile

PRINCE2 Agile is a provenagile project management solution that combines the flexibility and responsibility of agile with the governance of PRINCE2.  It was created to meet the demand from user communities for implementing Agile in project management. 

There are two levels of the PRINCE2® Agile qualification: Foundation and Practitioner. Moreover, it is created to meet the demand of user communities to explore the interface between project management and agile project delivery. 

The two levels are: 

  • The PRINCE2® Agile Guidance 
  • Certification scheme: Foundation and Practitioner. 

If you are wondering why PRINCE2® Agile is in high demand, the below-mentioned benefits will answer your questions: 

  1. The PRINCE2® Agile allows you to concentrate on both management and delivery 
  2. It goes with any established agile approach 
  3. It helps you become more consistent by meeting deadlines on time 
  4. It is an approach that is corporate-friendly and collaboratively built  
  5. It drives increased stakeholder confidence 
  6. It has tools to manage as well as react to changing requirements. 

Are you planning to get certified in PRINCE2® Agile? If yes, then you need to know about the certification and the two levels involved in it. The PRINCE2® Agile certification packs the versatility and responsiveness of agile with the set governance of PRINCE2®. 

This certification is built to help project managers tailor management controls when working in an agile environment by making you understand PRINCE2® governance requirements, agile concepts, and techniques along with the interface between them. 

The certification levels in the scheme are: 

  1. PRINCE2® Agile Foundation 
  2. PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner. 

By enrolling for a PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Certification, you will improve your work performance with the knowledge and skills to act as an informed member of an agile project management team while understanding the way PRINCE2® works with agile concepts. Moreover, this certification will benefit you in: 

  • Getting a clear and thorough knowledge of the PRINCE2® governance demands 
  • Acquiring in-depth expertise of agile concepts and techniques like Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start-up, and Cynefin 
  • Getting an opportunity to examine the combined interface of PRINCE2® and agile working methods. 

This certification intends to help you deliver agile projects by tailoring PRINCE2® management controls that require a broad toolset of agile delivery techniques as well as frameworks. 

Visit the official website to schedule the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation 2017 exam. The exam costs £236.00 in India. 

If you are wondering how you can get certified in PRINCE2® Agile Foundation, then here is what will guide you for the same: 

Step 1:  There are two ways to begin your journey to the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation. Either you take an AXELOS-accredited ATO training course and take a test after it is completed or study on your own and take your exam via PeopleCert 

Step 2: For the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation exam you don't have to comply with any conditions. 

Step 3: If you decide to get trained by a trustworthy ATO from AXELOS then you should register with a reputable ATO like KnowledgeHut for PRINCE2® Agile Certification Training 

Step 4: Check ATO’s suggestions and plan the exam schedule. 

Step 5: In order to schedule your exam, log in to PeopleCert to plan the exam if you have decided to self-study and attend the examination without training  Step 6: Get more insight into PRINCE2® Agile Foundation concepts by reading recommended study materials such as 'Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2017 Edition.’  Step 7: Nothing can replace practicing! Don’t stop practicing until you score 80%  Step 8: Give your best in the examination and don't forget to bring your important documents as well.  Step 9: After submitting your test, your PeopleCert profile will show the test outcomes and you can download them as your record. 

Step 10: AXELOS will send you a message about how you can activate your membership when you pass the examination. 

Step 11: To meet the 20 CPD requirements, subscribe to MyPrince2 to get your digital badge. You can use it to show your highest performance. 

Are you looking for PRINCE2® Agile Foundation training? AXELOS is partnered with several authorized Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) that provide training through a variety of formats. KnowledgeHut, for example, is a renowned ATO of AXELOS and provides certification training with PRINCE2® through personal mode, physical or virtual classroom or through distance-learning using Learning Technologies or other techniques. Some training solutions can offer a blend of both methods. 

While preparing for your PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Exam, plan your revision to avoid missing out on anything major. Do go through this revision checklist that can guide you to successfully complete your PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Certification:   

Understanding the exam: 

It is important that you should comprehend the structure of the PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Certification Exam. The contents of the question sheet and the issues you should be prepared for should be well understood during the examination. 

Revising the Processes 

The 7 processes associated with PRINCE2® must be properly understood, as this will help you pass the PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Certification Exam. Review each process carefully before you sit for your test 

Revising the Themes 

Are you done reviewing the procedures? Well, seven themes of PRINCE2® are equally important for successfully completing the PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation certification. You have to examine each subject and understand them. 

Summarizing the Method as one 

When you try to learn PRINCE2®, it could be challenging for you to discover how all the themes and processes go together. But before you sit for the examination, you should learn to link everything in order to best find solutions to each scenario. Prepare yourself with all the PRINCE2® concepts methods such as the way themes and processes support each of the 7 PRINCE2® principles. 

Yes, experts who want to deliver agile projects should improve their expertise in agile ideas and methods including Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start-up and Cynefin. Axelos has sent up the Foundation certification to develop a methodology that can compete with the already existing PMI system. It guides you on how to deliver, manage or work in agile projects and project teams without the need for any prior PRINCE2® experience. 

No, you do not have to retake the examination in 2017 if you have a 2009 certificate (current or higher). But the updated material should be understood as the update takes best practices into consideration. That can be done by: 

  1. Buying 2017 PRINCE2® manual 
  2. Availing an AXELOS membership 
  3. Reading the FAQs published on the AXELOS website 
  4. Becoming a member of the AXELOS community. 

This certification has been implemented for its distinctive and excellent techniques. It upholds PRINCE2®'s structure or governance method. This certification can help you work with agile project teams and benefit completely from the guidance and management of PRINCE2® quality without having any previous knowledge of PRINCE2®. Some of the remarkable advantages include access to agile projects.  Since the certification is acknowledged around the world and includes other agile techniques such as Scrum, Cynefin, and Kanban, it is growing fast and is popular just like other PRINCE2 certifications. 

This is an introductory course so there are no prerequisites needed to take up the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Certification. 

Prince2 Foundation Validity

Are you PRINCE2® certified? However, do you understand that after a certain period, your certificate needs to be renewed? You have to renew your certification after it expires if you are a PRINCE2® Practitioner or Agile Practitioner certified. PRINCE2® Foundation or Agile Foundation certifications have lifelong validity. 

Here is the validity of various PRINCE2® certifications: 

Certification Name Validity 
PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation CertificationLifelong 
PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner Certification3 years 
PRINCE2® Agile Foundation CertificationLifelong
PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Certification 3 years 

However, what needs to be done after the validity of your Practitioner level certification is over? You can either re-take the examination or maintain 20 CPDs annually to renew your PRINCE2® 2017 certification or PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner certification. To maintain the required CPDs, you require a MyPRINCE2 membership. 

As mentioned above, the PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Agile Foundation certifications don’t need to be maintained. However, the validity of the PRINCE2® Practitioner certificate lasts for three years. Once the validity is over,  you will either need to retake the exam or maintain your certificate through the My PRINCE2® certification.  

Here is what you need to do for the renewal: 

  • Register to My PRINCE2® within 3 months from succeeding in the exam. It is necessary to renew the subscription every year for the coming 3 years  
  • On renewal, you will need to earn 20 CPD points to extend your PRINCE2® digital badge for a year. 

CPD represents Continuing Professional Development. Axelos needs certified PRINCE2® experts to stay updated with their project management knowledge by accumulating CPD points. CPD points can be gained through professional experience, training, participation in the community and self-employment. You can join Axelos once you have passed the PRINCE2® exam. In the next three years, you can maintain your Axelos membership by submitting 20 CPDs a year. At the end of the third year, 60 CPDs would be finished and a PRINCE2® renewal could be requested. 

My PRINCE2® membership is for project management experts who require professional assistance, practical support, and easy-access support for their project management career. 

Subscribing with My PRINCE2® will give you access to: 

  1. PRINCE2® 2017 templates 
  2. PRINCE2® Agile andPRINCE2®2017 official online guidance 
  3. Discounts to selected AXELOS and some best practice publications 
  4. Exclusive white papers. 

Some of you might wonder whether it really is worth the trouble to renew your PRINCE2® qualification. Here are some reasons to assist you in making this choice: 

  1. Staying registered: Your PRINCE2® certification has an expiration date. You can't maintain your license without a renewal 
  2. Refresh your skills: You can revise key methods and learn something fresh. By learning new solutions to challenges that are commonly faced, you reduce your chances of failure in managing projects.   
  3. Job safety: Your boss will notice your commitment to improving your skillswhen you revise your PRINCE2® qualification.   
  4. New job: Employers need individuals who are in tune and grow with their organization. There are more jobs on the market that require skilled PRINCE2® applicants and employers prefer the newer version rather than the older version. 
  5. Working together: If the entire team follows PRINCE2®, it is less likely to have operational conflicts  
  6. Other standards: By renewing your PRINCE2® qualification, you will be able to manage portfolios, projects, and programs. 

h level of PRINCE2® certification. To seek your PRINCE2® certification, you must comply with these criteria: 

PRINCE2® Foundation Certification 

Here is what you need for the PRINCE2® Foundation certification: 

  1. In order to sit for the PRINCE2® Foundation certification exam, you don’t requireto meet any prior requirements. 
  2. Even though there are no requirements for this course, the basic knowledge of project management presents an additional advantage. 

PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification 

      To reach the PRINCE2® certification level, you must prove that you have one these certifications to meet the requirements of the PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification Examination:  

  1. PRINCE2® Foundation or higher 
  2. Project Management Professional (PMP)® 
  3. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® 
  4. IPMA Level A® (Certified Projects Director) 
  5. IPMA Level B® (Certified Senior Project Manager) 
  6. IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager) 
  7. IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management Associate) 

Before doing that, check the requirements needed in order to sit for this certification examination. 

You don't have to meet any requirements to obtain the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification, but you might benefit from some previous information on project management. 

The PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Certification is an advanced level of certification contrary to the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation certification. That’s why, you must provide evidence of having one of the following certificates: 

  1. PRINCE2® Foundation (or higher) 
  2. PRINCE2® Agile Foundation 
  3. Project Management Professional (PMP)® 
  4. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® 
  5. IPMA Levels A, B, C, and D® (Certified Projects Director) 

The PRINCE2® Foundation certification has no expiration date. 

You will earn 32 PDUs on finishing training for the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner courses. 

PDUs are given by the Project Management Institute(PMI). By awarding credit for every instructional attempt, you make throughout your career, they acknowledge your commitment to project management.  Every PMI certificate needs you to collect a particular amount of PDUs per three-year recertification cycle in order to maintain your credential, except the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®. 


The PRINCE2® accreditation program is conducted in different nations worldwide, and the costs vary depending on where the training and testing are conducted. However, India is the cheapest nation for accreditation. In areas like Delhi and others, costs range from $350 upwards depending on the nature of coaching. This cost ranges from 400-1450 dollars for other nations. 

You can find PRINCE2® study materials both online and offline (training institutions, bookstores etc). You may visit a number of e-learning locations like KnowledgeHut. There are a number of e-learning locations you may visit, online and offline (teaching faculties, bookstores, etc) such as KnowledgeHut,  a recognized Axelos partner. The study material of KnowledgeHut is endorsed by Axelos and Peoplecert. You can also get e-materials and specialist tutors available for download in addition to the 4-day training. 

PRINCE2 is a specific framework, enabling enthusiastic and practicing executives to complete their projects within the deadline and presented budget. Managers can divide duties and projects into distinct stages from beginning to end and focus particularly on the delivery of products, not just on operations. 

It comprises of 4 primary components: 7 principles, 7 themes, 7 processes and project environment adaptation. It is suitable for various project categories. The objective and specifications of the company serve as guiding criteria for the whole project from start to finish. In particular, project progress is well assessed. 

PRINCE2® was established in the United Kingdom by a common project management methodology as a de facto standard for information system applications. It is practiced globally in both private and public sector projects. The PRINCE2® project was initiated to control the circumstances of project failure. It facilitates the timely identification of issues. It enables project managers to monitor and deliver projects within the designated budget and time. The project is split into three phases: the beginning, middle, and closing. 

PRINCE2® is very beneficial because it is all-inclusive. Individuals can apply PRINCE2®’s methodology to any project without using any software apart from the one preferred by an organization. With PRINCE2®, you will learn principles and methodologies to effectively finish your project without breaking a sweat. 

Project managers certified with PRINCE2® are in greater demand than project executives who are yet to be certified. Employers are starting to prefer PRINCE2® because it is proven to be effective. 

Be it a Real estate, IT, energy, FMCG, Banking, etc, PRINCE 2 ® is used as a project management methodology in every line of work. The PRINCE2® project management methodology and proven principles are applied in these sectors when opening and carrying out projects because they are flexible and capable of significantly enhancing project results. 

PRINCE2® emphasizes scalable processes that help small, medium-sized enterprises and large-scale organizations. PRINCE2® approves the use of best practices by project management in order to guarantee success for projects in these sectors, thanks to its results-oriented strategy. 

Axelos is the governing body of PRINCE2®. Being an accredited training organization, Axelos has complete control over training and awarding certifications for exams. Consequently, Axelos is fully authorized to conduct PRINCE2® training and award the Practitioner examination certificate to applicants. In 2013, Axelos was established in the UK to manage, develop and grow worldwide known portfolios of project leadership. Project managers and other programmers use and implement methodologies that form part of Axelos ' portfolio worldwide. 

Created by the UK Government, PRINCE2® methodology is a standard that is globally renowned for project management. The private sectors in the UK and other countries recognize and use PRINCE2®’s methodology. 

Organizing and controlling the start, middle and closure of a project is what the PRINCE2® framework requires. So, that means that a project needs to have a plan before it is implemented. It needs to be continuously monitored and all loose ends removed before the project gets executed. 

The PRINCE2® framework consists of four integrated elements, namely Principles, Themes, Processes, and adaptation to the project environment. The framework is based on 7 principles, 7 themes, 7 processes and is customizable for any project environment. These principles form the foundations of the framework. 

To implement the topics at distinct project points, the themes work on the phases of project leadership that are required to be regularly resolved throughout the project and explain who is accountable. Every project is unique and the topics and processes should be customized to the requirements of the environment. 

There are seven categories in the PRINCE2® themes: Business case, organization, quality, plans, risk, change, and progress. In order for any project to be result-oriented, these PRINCE2® themes give the necessary understanding of how a project should be conducted. 

  • Business case: Looks at the importance of a particular project  
  • Organization: The project is divided into controllable units 
  • Quality: Guarantees the consistency of high standards projects 
  • Plans: Ensures that all phases are covered without any gaps 
  • Risk: Work out on all possible risks and finding a solution to handle them when they arise 
  • Change: Is dedicated to dealing with project changes 
  • Progress: Measures accomplishing the objectives of the project plan. 

The 7 Themes of the PRINCE2® methodology are: 

  • Business Case 
  • Organization 
  • Quality 
  • Plans 
  • Risk 
  • Change 
  • Progress. 

PRINCE2® is built on structured tasks that carry out particular goals and finish projects.  

The PRINCE2® 7 processes are : 

  1. Starting Up a Project (SU)  
  2. Initiating a Project (IP)  
  3. Directing a project (DP)  
  4. Controlling a Stage (CS)   
  5. Managing Product Delivery (MP)  
  6. Managing Stage Boundaries(SB)   
  7. Closing a project (CP) 

These 7 processes allow for scalable regulation of projects. 

PRINCE2® (Projects In Controlled Environments) is a globally popular and renowned project management method. It enables dividing projects into manageable and controllable parts. Before beginning a project, it needs to be properly planned, monitored and tidied up at the end. 

PRINCE2® is made up of seven principles, seven themes, and seven processes. Created by the UK Government, PRINCE2® is a standard for information systems projects and it is globally acceptable and reputed as well. 

PRINCE2® helps in solving project management problems by spotting the risks, opportunities, threats for projects and determining the best reaction to these problems at the same time. 

In order to globally initiate, manage and implement projects in public and private companies, the PRINCE2® utilizes best practices to effectively deliver projects irrespective of the timetable, costs or quality requirements and minimizes project failure possibilities. Extremely adaptable and flexible, it can be used in any sector of the industry or project type. 

In May 2017, AXELOS released the most recent and up-to-date PRINCE2® version. This is the first update since its inauguration in 2009. Here are the major changes: 

  • Fulfilling the requirements of organizations and project environments 
  • The principles supporting PRINCE2 have been stressed on 
  • Highlighting how the themes are connected to the principles 
  • The restoration of the ‘Themes’ guidance to support appropriate models of tailoring 
  • Rational utilization of the process and administration with multiple examples, suggestions, and warnings 
  • Renewal of a candidate’s certification via My PRINCE2. 
  • Including every phase of project management through its reference and approach. 
  • Main focus on membership for the holders of foundation and practitioner level certification, thus enabling them to stay up-to-date and have their certification and skills in sync with the latest updates. 

PRINCE2® was updated to the 2017 version because many experts collectively have given continuous and collective feedback for change for over a period of 8 years. This feedback and opinions are based on the methods employed and the practical application. In addition, improvement in technology has rapidly developed business methodology. 

PRINCE2® is meant to educate students on how to use today's and tomorrow's technologies to help clients and stakeholders. The knowledge offered by PRINCE2® has been carefully designed and improved by AXELOS so that anyone who wishes to study Project Management can participate, become aware and succeed. 

PMI® states that employers shall have 87,7 million project-oriented positions by 2027 in terms of project management. Furthermore, Project Management has been one of the most profitable and demanded career alternatives in the latest years, going by the current trends. 

'72% of PMO leaders feel certification is very relevant for mid-career project managers’ 

  • The PMI ® Report, Pulse of the Profession 

The PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner examinations can be self-studied if you are disciplined and have a scheduled plan for the job. You need to add time management and stick to a certain schedule so that you can cover what the examination is all about. You should be able to get ready for the exam in a matter of weeks if you are able to read for a number of hours per day. Check with the study materials or handbook you need for the examination. Practice previous questions and attend other preparatory classes as well. 

The qualification of the PRINCE2® Foundation is the first level for beginners and newcomers. You must start with this level if you are a beginner and are looking forward to acquiring ideas or want to build your career in this profession. In addition, the PRINCE2® Foundation is the first step for you in order to better understand the PRINCE2® scheme and methodology at an advanced level. 

For all those who want to apply PRINCE2® principles to a particular project, the PRINCE2® practitioner is a high-level qualification. You need the PRINCE2® Practitioner if you are presently a project manager or aspiring to be one. 

Digital Badge

A PRINCE2® digital badge is an award that shows the credibility and validity of your skills in terms of your knowledge in project management. It's universally-accepted and can be added to you LinkedIn profile 

It is a subscription to an Axelos community of like-minded professionals. As a My PRINCE2 subscriber, you can access PRINCE2®  templates and publications to apply best practice, plus a CPD toolset to keep your certificate up-to-date. 

The steps to subscribe to AXELOS are mentioned below: 

  1. Go to ‘’, select your desired subscription 
  2. Finish the purchase after logging into your AXELOS user account. You will require an online form to create your account if you don’t have one. 
  3. Hit the cart button to finish your purchase. You will be redirected to a payment page where you can enter a discount code, provided you have one. Follow the steps to finish the order. 
  4. You will receive an automated confirmation email when you have purchased the order. 

First things first, you must register for My AXELOS to apply for a digital badge for your PRINCE2®. Then the second step, get the required 20 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) worth of activities related to your product in a year’s time. Out of the 20 CPD, you should earn five from the Professional Experience category, however, the rest can be obtained from activities across the Training and Qualifications, Community Participation and Self-study categories. 

When you achieve the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, you will be granted the PRINCE2® Foundation digital badge if you are certified only in PRINCE2®Foundation or the PRINCE2® Practitioner digital badge if you are certified in both. The badge is valid from the date of your acceptance till the date of your subscription. 

When you complete 2 years of being a PRINCE2® Practitioner, you will need to log 20 CPD points, out of which 5 points are from the category of professional experience. Once you accept your PRINCE2® Digital Badge, it stays valid for a year. 

The cost of a ‘MY PRINCE2® subscription’ is nearly £50 +VAT. Subscribing for another will be £30 (+VAT) and the third one is priced at £20 (+VAT) per annum.

After the completion of 12 months of your subscription, you will be prompted about the expiration date of the subscription renewal. If you fail to renew your subscription, then your most recent publications, digital badges, CPD activities, and best practices will be deleted. Just log in and pay the new subscription price and renew your subscription after the expiry date.  

PRINCE2® is a subscription model that can be tailored to satisfy the needs of any type and size of a project. 

Here are the high points of subscribing to My PRINCE2®: 

  • Get access to various AXELOS ITSM® templates and publications online that will help you develop your PRINCE® approach 
  • Access to exclusive whitepapers 
  • Get CPD tools to help you map out professional development channels. 
  • A digital badge related to your PRINCE2® certificate will help you to become a professional. The highest certification you hold will be reflected in your badge. 

My AXELOS allows you to subscribe to online content so that you stay relevant and up to date with all the latest tools, resources and support you need. It is a single-stop shop in line with ITIL, PRINCE2® OR MSP® which allows you to access the most recent publications, best-practice templates, CPD activities and digital badges for the certification process and the development of your knowledge and skills. 

The membership fee for AXELOS is £59 per year. VAT charges are extra as applicable. 

Following are the benefits of My AXELOS: 

  • Get access to every tool, resource, template, and content to implement the best practices, in a few clicks 
  • Subscribe to My AXELOS to stay updated with the most recent thought leadership and in sync with the industry developments 
  • Being subscribed to AXELOS will let you have access to and benefit from information sharing, discussions and the next-generation best practices by the most popular subject matter industry-level specialists 
  • Each year you get to complete a CPD and show your dedication to the field. You also get to earn a digital badge in addition to your certification 

The highlight of your subscription plan is continuous career development or CPD. It is meant to assist you in developing your career. AXELOS offers a three-stage cycle program that lets you to readily achieve your yearly targets. 

Here are the steps: 

  • The first step is to fully evaluate your abilities. In order to track your actions correctly and evaluate your growth, it is vital that you know each requirement. 
  • After you realize your development goals, you will be better at taking up the activities that will help you achieve the same. That’s why you should choose actions appropriate to your objectives. 
  • Lastly, you need to concentrate on the end result of the activity and analyze whether your objectives were fulfilled.  

With PRINCE2®, you can further improve your skill set that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Below-mentioned are the advantages of being subscribed to My PRINCE2®: 

  • Endorsement: The CPD tool will give you a chance to earn a digital badge that will be aligned with your PRINCE2® or PRINCE2® Agile certification 
  • Development: Get your hands on PPM best-practice publications, white papers, and reports. These will aid you in enhancing your skills and keep you informed about industry trends 
  • Support: Our motive is to provide the best tools for our applicants for better training. Our PRINCE2® and PRINCE2® Agile exam resources will help you with your preparation. Furthermore, we hand out toolkits to apply everything you learn 
  • Connection: Having a My PRINCE2® subscription will let you interact with a community of professionals with similar interests. 

After being PRINCE2® Foundation certified, you have to collect a total of 20 CPD points in order to claim a digital badge. You may gain 5 points by applying PRINCE2® Practitioner understanding in practice. Your abilities will be put to the test professionally. You can accomplish this by working, mentoring, or coaching. 

You need to earn the other 15 points by choosing activities that will help you in your professional development. You can choose between training, skills, self-study and community participation too. 

My AXELOS subscribers are awarded tokens in the form of Digital badges for accomplishing whatever they have learned. You will find these badges for ITIL®, PRINCE2®, and MSP Certification and each of them is easily sharable and testable online. The digital badges include data about the issue date, the expiry date, and the professional development activities carried out by the holder. AXELOS validates each bit of information that is delivered using metadata and hence, cannot be modified. The badges can be used by the recruiters to verify the qualifications of the candidate. 

This badge is awarded to you after the CPD specifications have been met. It is valid until your subscription expires. Post receiving your badge, an additional 20 CDPs must be logged to extend the validity of the badge for the next 12 months following renewal. 

A PRINCE2® Practitioner badge will be issued to applicants having both PRINCE2® Foundation and a PRINCE2® Practitioner certification. With this badge, an individual proves their skills and expertise in the activities associated with PRINCE2® Practitioner qualification. The holder of a PRINCE2® Practitioner will remain relevant and have current skills in the Project Management industry. This badge demonstrates that you can use your knowledge professionally. 

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