AWS Certified Developer Associate

  • 5 Full-length Mock Exams
  • 2500 Candidates enrolled for practice test
  • Total 300 Practice test questions
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Four Pointers why to take this practice test:

Practice Test Series

Who Can Take Developer Associate Practice Test?


The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam can be taken up by professionals who are currently working as a developer and have a minimum of one year experience in developing as well as maintaining applications on the AWS platform.

There are 5 sets of practice tests, each of which contains 300 real AWS Certified Developer Associate questions based on the objectives of the official AWS Developer Associate exam, covering the following domains:

  • AWS Fundamentals 
  • Designing and Developing 
  • Deployment and Security 
  • Debugging

Undertake the AWS Developer Practice test as many number times you want, and get yourself familiarized with real-time exam environment. 

Practice Test - No of Questions

Sr No.
SET Name
Number of Questions
1.AWS Certified Developer Associate (DVA-CO1) Set 1
60 Questions
2.AWS Certified Developer Associate (DVA-CO1) Set 2
60 Questions
3.AWS Certified Developer Associate (DVA-CO1) Set 3
60 Questions
4.AWS Certified Developer Associate (DVA-CO1) Set 4
60 Questions
5.AWS Certified Developer Associate (DVA-CO1) Set 5
60 Questions

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Why take the AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Test?

Why Enroll

Why take the AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Test?

To pass the exam, it is required that you study extensively and have your concepts clear, as well as have a clear understanding of the recent questions asked in the official AWS Certified Developer Associate exam. 

The practice test comprises of 5 different sets of questionnaires, which further contains 300 questions based on the official AWS Certified Developer Associate exam. Each question has been designed in such a manner that the correct answer(s) comes along with a supportive, detailed explanation to why that particular option is correct or incorrect. Moreover, these questions have been verified and quality checked by our SMEs.

The practice test is free of cost. So what are you waiting for? Register today and take the test to validate your knowledge and skillset on AWS!