PRINCE2 Foundation Practice Test


How does this PRINCE2® Practice Test help you clear the PRINCE2® Exam?

When you pass the PRINCE2® examination, you will have taken the first step on becoming a PRINCE2® Certified Professional and here is where the PRINCE2® Practice Tests come into the picture. You need to be familiar with the exam pattern even though you are confident about being prepared with the topics as this gives you an edge over the others and keeps you focused and ready during the exam. No wonder candidates keep gauging their knowledge via Practice Tests. It is the best way to find where you stand in your preparation and strategy and show you the sections you may need to work on. 

I have created a table below that shows the PRINCE2® Foundation exam format. 

PRINCE2® Exam Format 

Exam Information 
Certification Family 
Owned by 
60 minutes 
Pass mark 
33 out of 60 
Open book or closed book 
Closed book 
Exam price 
No. of questions 
Question Format 
Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian, and Polish 

It is highly recommended that you pass the PRINCE2® examination before you become a PRINCE2® Certified Professional, and this is where the PRINCE2® Practice Tests play an important role. There is always a possibility for you to fail the examination even after reading all the available PRINCE2® documentation online. In order to ensure that this doesn't happen, you must be fully prepared and clearly understand the subject matter. Understanding is the key, people! These Practice Tests simulate the actual certification exam will help you do exactly what is needed. 

It is highly recommended that you pass the PRINCE2® examination before you become a PRINCE2® Certified Professional, and this is where the PRINCE2® Practice Tests play an important role.


Practice Test Series

Who should take up these Practice Tests?

This PRINCE2® online exam is suitable for the professionals who wish to get project management roles by succeeding in the PRINCE2® Foundation certification exam. 

Why should you take PRINCE2® Practice Exams? 

The reason is simple. 

This Practice Test is equipped with an easy reading system stressing the key PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Exam areas. You need to know them to be successful in the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam. 

The PRINCE2® Foundation Certification is the first PRINCE2® qualification level followed by PRINCE2® Foundation Certification. You will need to pass both the exams to be a seasoned and Registered PRINCE2® Practitioner. 
The PRINCE2® Foundation examination will test your skills and understanding that you need to possess as an educated member of a project management crew that utilizes the PRINCE2® philosophy inside a PRINCE2® supported task domain. The questions and answers in this book will enable you to score high in the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Examinations. 

PRINCE2® Mock Exam Pattern

The PRINCE2® exams are split into two, PRINCE2® Foundation Exam and PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam. KnowledgeHut’s PRINCE2® practice exams will give you a complete understanding of how you should answer the real PRINCE2® certification exams. Developed by experts and being exactly like the real exams, you can attempt the Practice Test multiple times to realize your strengths and weaknesses.

There is more to it! 

These questions are designed in the form of multiple-choice questions and answers and will be incredibly handy in testing your time management skills. 

There are 178 questions divided into a series of three. Each series holds 60 questions and you can attempt every set without paying anything. Yes, that’s right, it’s free! Moreover, these multiple-choice questions and answers cover the entire course syllabus. 

The best part is, you will immediately find out the answer to the question that you attempt. Along with that, after you complete each mock test, you will receive your score with responses for every question followed by justifications. Finally, you will get a feedback email to your registered email address. 

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