Agile in Non-IT/Business Initiatives

By Rahul Gujar
Oct 22, 2019 10:30 (EDT)


Rapidly changing business conditions and constant change in customer needs are some of the reasons behind Agile adoption by startups and large software enterprises.Given the success of Agile and the principles that it stands for, its no surprise that even non-IT/Traditional organizations have found success with Agile.However, Agile was primarily conceptualized for Software or IT projects (Working Software Over Comprehensive Documentation as the Manifesto says), so how did it find its place in Business Functions/Groups that are non-technical in nature?This webinar provides an insight into how Agile can be adopted by non-IT business functions/groups and we will also provide with a case-study about a success story with a Bank that has adopted Agile successfully.Join me in this exciting webinar !!

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Rahul Gujar

Rahul Gujar

India IndiaSIP, VoIP, Cloud-based, Telecommunications Engineering, Network Management Applications, IBM Tivoli, Certified Scrum Master CSM, Cisco Technologies, Agile Project Management, Program Management, ITIL

Rahul is an Agile Principal Coach and consultant with over 18 years of experience in the IT Industry. His core expertise is managing engineering/software development programs. Specializing in leading Enterprises Agile transformation using SAFe 4.0, Rahul trains professionals on Agile Jira and configuring tools for Scrum and scaling agile projects that use DAD, SAFe 4.0, or DSDM methodologies. He has mentored several Senior Executives, Product Managers, and Agile Teams to implement Agile and has assisted in the formation of Agile PMOs.

He is also a Lean Practitioner for software development programs and consultant cum mentor in various Agile methodologies for organizations such as Infosys and Tata Communications.

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