Demystifying SAFe

By Lead Trainer Anand Murthy Raj with CoTrainer Sathyanarayana HR
Jun 25, 2018 03:30 (EDT)
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SAFe is by far the most widely accepted framework for Scaling Agile practices at enterprise level. SAFe not only helps scaling Agile practices across geographies, but also focusses on scaling it vertically from teams to the portfolio. As a System , it helps to scale agile practices. The heartbeat of the SAFe enterprise is the PI planning, a planning that involves a lot of individuals and interactions, planning and commitment, risk identification and impediment management. SAFe uses the product Development flow principles and is build on Lean Mindset.

SAFe also suggests the a very simple, yet powerful way for implementation. The creators of SAFe receive constant feedback from practitioners and market and based on the understanding have come up with an Implementation roadmap. This roadmap exposes some of the organizational change management challenges and helps change agents to deal with them. It is a systematic step by step process that leads to be most effective SAFe implementation. 


1.       What is Enterprise Agility and why is it important today?

2.       How does SAFe enable enterprise Agility

3.       How do we get Built in Quality, Alignment, Program Execution and Transparency in SAFe way of working?

4.       Leadership role in SAFe transformation

5.       SAFe ad DevOps

6.       Implementing SAFe and what are the challenges


Lead Trainer Anand Murthy Raj with CoTrainer Sathyanarayana HR

Lead Trainer Anand Murthy Raj with CoTrainer Sathyanarayana HR


Anand Murthy Raj is a certified SPCT (SAFe Program Consultant Trainer) and a leader with a vision to bring in great difference and excellence in the organization thereby multiplying business value to achieve greater heights. He comes with18 years of experience in the IT industry through which he gathered a strong management background and versatile experience in Agile Coaching, Software Project Management, Support, Operations management, customer management, process management, people management and vendor/partner management.

Anand is the Director of Gladwell India and will be leading this session with co-trainer Sathyanarayana HR.

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