Enterprise-Wide Agile Adoption: The Cultural Shift

By Mansoor Mohammed
Sep 26 - Sep 27 23:00 (EDT)


The pace of change is ever-increasing, especially in the business world.  You may be implementing and practicing Agile product delivery, but by itself, Agile will not help you get ahead in today’s business climate.  

What you need is Business Agility. That’s when the entire organization—from business to technology—comes together to implement Lean, Agile and DevOps practices to continually deliver breakthrough solutions faster than the competition. 

Business Agility is the ability to thrive in rapid, continuous, and systematic evolutionary adaptation and entrepreneurial innovation directed at gaining and maintaining competitive advantage.  And this requires organizations to have everyone involved in the process – IT, Operations, Business and Technology Leaders, and various departments intertwined throughout the process. 

As important as it is for an organization to be part of the rapidly changing competitive world, it is also important to move the workforce to support changes in the organization. Using the right skill at the right place and time is like ‘arranging the right supply for the right demand’ to achieve business agility.   

Learn more from SPC, PfMP, PgMP, and ICP-ACC, Mansoor Mohameed, about the factors that influence successful business agility and how you can take advantage of digital transformation to create a ‘future-ready’ organization. 

Key takeaways:  

  • How to implement and practice Agile Product Delivery 
  • Factors that influence Business Agility, and why it matters 
  • How to equip the workforce to support changes in the organization 
  • How to create a future-proof organization with digital transformation 


Mansoor Mohammed

Mansoor Mohammed

Australia Entrepreneurship, Risk Assessment, Vendor Management , Requirements Analysis, Vendor Management, Business Strategy, Project Portfolio Management, Program Management, PMO, PMP, Stakeholder Management

Mansoor, an SPC, PfMP, PgMP, and ICP-ACC, has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive organizations, cutting-edge markets, and fast-paced environments through training, mentoring, and counselling. 

Mansoor comes with over 18 years of experience and commercial industry knowledge in Portfolio, Program, and Project Management with the ability to continually define, structure, and deliver high-profile, high-value, complex, and challenging work programs.

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