Scrum Resistant Team — Scrum Master's Revival Maneuvers

By Dr. Geethalakshmi Radhakrishnan
Aug 27 10:30 (EDT)


Scrum is at the forefront of the expanding agile software development movement. However, the resistance to change by organizations specific to Scrum transformations creates a difficult situation. It is inevitable that certain individuals would object to significant changes you implement in a company’s processes. Because they necessitate a change in perspective rather than merely adhering to a technique, Scrum process transformations are more difficult. Hence, Scrum Masters must motivate team members to alter their working practices and the way they approach their jobs. It's a challenging change, but there is hope and we are here to help. 

In this webinar, Geethalakshmi, a CSP®-SM, known for her track record of successfully improving the growth of many companies, will walk you through the types of resistance that you could encounter as a Scrum Master and give you advice on how to deal with the resistance in the best way. 

Key Takeaways:   

  • Kinds of resistance a Scrum Master encounters 
  • Causative analysis of the resistance to Scrum 
  • Key factors that contribute to resistance 
  • How to overcome the resistance to Scrum 


Dr. Geethalakshmi Radhakrishnan

Dr. Geethalakshmi Radhakrishnan


Geethalakshmi, a CSP®-SM, is a diversified leader with 12 years of rich experience and is known for maintaining a track record of successfully improving the growth of many companies in the Lifesciences and Pharmaceutical industries. Her areas of specialization are Client Management, Product Management, Business Development, Project Management, and Stakeholder Management.

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