Natural Language Processing

By Dipayan Sarkar
Apr 26 09:30 (EDT)


We are continually surrounded by textual forms of data such as news, emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, customer feedback, and more. While humans can understand the natural language, computers cannot.  

How do we make computers understand all of this text data? Join our upcoming webinar about Natural Language Processing (NLP) and find out! 

Dipayan Sarkar, a seasoned Data Science expert with over 20 years’ experience across industries, will take us through how NLP can make computers process textual data and comprehend human language and where we can apply NLP.  

You will learn: 

  1. What is NLP and where it is used 
  2. Fundamental concepts behind NLP 
  3. Application areas of NLP 
  4. How you can get started with building skills in this in-demand area


Dipayan Sarkar

Dipayan Sarkar


Dipayan Sarkar comes with 20+ years of industry experience and has served Fortune 10 companies across many countries. He founded Algoritmo Lab which operates based out of Pune & Singapore. His company works in the Data Science space with business organizations and educational institutions.

Dipayan has bagged the International Challenges on Predictive Modelling title and has authored books on Machine Learning & Deep Learning. He mentors & conducts Data Science, ML, and AI workshops in various countries. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in artificial intelligence from Rennes School of Business, France. 

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