Developing a Mindset for Effective Leadership

By Amit Dasgupta
Feb 23 09:30 (EST)


A leader’s mindset may be one of the greatest predictors of success and also one of the most elusive elements to pin down. Leadership happens in the nuanced shifts that occur first in the leader’s mind.  

What are the skills that enable a leader to adopt the mindset required to be successful? And is there a way to cultivate these skills?  

Join our upcoming free webinar with Amit Dasgupta—a Professional Certified Coach with over 30 years of leadership development experience and Founder-President of Kaalp Consulting—to understand how you can develop a leader’s mindset to drive results. 

In this webinar, Amit will give you the lowdown on: 

  • How the mind works with insights from neuroscience  
  • How to understand and appreciate cognitive processes at play during decision-making 
  • How to respond from a place of calm rather than a triggered emotional reaction 
  • How to cultivate the skills to become a more consciously present, grounded, and stable leader 
  • How to use instinct as well as intellect in your actions and decisions 
  • How to harness the power of the mind to become an effective leader 

On successful completion of the session, webinar attendees will also get a Certificate of Participation from KnowledgeHut.  


Amit Dasgupta

Amit Dasgupta


Amit is a leadership coach and management consultant with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, consulting, and IT Services. He specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, business excellence and transformation management. He has worked with top companies in India, US, and Europe. 

Amit is also the CEO and Founder-President at Kaalp Consulting since 2012. Passionate about social entrepreneurship and sustainable development, he is also a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation.

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