Hacking Uncertainty – A Counterintuitive Code for Resilience

By Terry Jackson
May 29, 2020 10:00 (EDT)


Change becomes a controlling force during times disruption and uncertainty. But the best way to hack into this is with a counterintuitive code, by building resilience. Dealing with the current pandemic can be difficult if the change is not approached appropriately. Change is often defined by its unmanageable features, but by focusing on what can be changed, that is, your company and your behavior, you can become the co-designer of their future. On this webinar, we provide 10 steps to effectively cope with change. Essentially, by inculcating a mindset shift.  

In this one-hour webinar, you will learn about:

  • Being aware of natural impulses, examining tolerance for ambiguity 
  • How to open yourself/your business to uncertainty 
  • Benefits of breaking rhythms and routines  
  • Controlling what can be controlled, adapting improvisation 
  • Focusing on contribution 
  • How and why one should facilitate information flow 
  • Guiding circumstances by intention and chance

Webinar attendees will also get a Certificate of Participation from KnowledgeHut upon successful completion of the session.


Terry Jackson

Terry Jackson


Dr. Terry Jackson is a highly accomplished senior executive with 25+ years of progressive leadership experience in sales, marketing, operations management, and business consulting within startups and Fortune 500 companies.  He is an accomplished trainer, author, and a speaker for the AI/Data Science Conference sponsored by Knowledgehut. Terry has extensive experience in P&L management, new product launches, turnarounds, brand management, contract negotiations, auditing, people development, and Lean/Six Sigma methodology implementation. He is passionate about building strategic business relationships for organizations and developing leaders to achieve corporate goals.

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