Since the publication in 2001, of the then controversial document The Agile Manifesto , organisations have adopted many of the Agilerecommendations for improvedways of meeting deadlines and satisfying customers. While a few organisations are still followers of the traditional waterfall method of practice, most others have embraced the agile as “the new normal”.

Now, over a decade and ahalf later, let us see how much of the adoptions of these core statementshave been achieved and helped establishing a faster and practical way of getting things done.

“Individuals and interactions over process and tools;

Working software over comprehensive documentation;

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation;

Responding to change over following a plan”

DevOps too is an enterprise capability and as the name suggests is a development and operation-based way of working that includes stakeholders, business owners, architecture, design, development, quality assurance, operations, security, partners and suppliers.

The Agile and DevOps conference in Dallas on Mar 23, 2018 featured speaker presentations and discussion sessions covering Agile and DevOps via experience sharing and real life scenarios. 


Friday, 23 March, 2018
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