Join us in Bangalore on this 6 & 7 September as we explore how we can achieve success by delivering value on sustainable pace in today’s increasingly complex business environment; and to create healthy, joyful environment to work in. We invite you "The world's most inspiring person' to come and join us in this two-day global conference.

Based on the theme “INSPIRE AGILITY”, the event aims to - Inspire People to do the Things that Inspire Them And, Together, We can Change Our World.


This gathering has a very simple goal.
– Inspire Agility in us so that we can achieve success in an ever complex business environment.
– Create a healthy joyful environment to work in so that we can be the best in what we do.

Imagine what 250 like-minded leaders,  practitioners, trainers, coaches, and enthusiasts can achieve together over two full days of collaboration.
Come Join Us and Inspire.

Want to take the LEAP?