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Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2024

Digital Marketing, one of the fastest-growing fields out there, has unlocked a lot of job opportunities. There are tons of dimensions on the rise in this sector, and you should prepare for every possible question that will approach your way. Additionally, taking a Digital Marketing course online can give you a deeper understanding of the industry and help you develop a more well-rounded skill set. It will not only offer certification but help you understand and apply the latest digital marketing techniques. So, get ready to learn to engage your target audience through your digital marketing skills and build a strong understanding through activities and case studies. But first, look at these 60 Digital Marketing interview questions including all levels beginner, intermediate, and advanced for 2023 that will come in handy when you appear to bag a job.

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It is one of the common digital marketing interview questions for an internship and a permanent job role. Digital Marketing is a branch of marketing that leverages electronic or digital resources to convey promotional messages. It is an effective way of marketing that allows tracking the customer journey from scratch. Digital Marketing is a practice that entails promotional exercises on mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other sorts of electronic devices. It differs from conventional marketing strategies, which include print, direct mail, etc.  

Today, this form of marketing is almost everywhere. Some of the most common examples of it are social media posts, SEO, paid social ads, and online videos. It's because reaching out to target customers is easier on digital platforms than the traditional route.

Digital Marketing is far more far-reaching than traditional marketing strategies. It is immensely burgeoning due to its power in our day-to-day lives. One of the biggest reasons for its fast-paced growth is that it communicates the customer's needs directly since it simplifies identifying and refining the target. Also, it has excellent exposure to the product and analytics.  

Digital Marketing strategies allow businesses to connect with people from around the world quickly, so it is easy to commence changes digitally whenever a circumstance requires it.

Digital Marketing can be defined by the number of facets it introduces to businesses. The major branches of this form of marketing are Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-per-Click, Marketing Analytics, Mobile Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. Digital Marketing reaches out to a customer in many ways through these categories.  

Social media, ads, landing pages, image content, video content, blogs and articles, eBook, reviews and customer testimonials, brand logos, images, and icons are the elements through which the interaction between the user and the business forms. The type of communication and fruitful content engagement determines the success of digital marketing on the surface.

This is a frequently asked basic digital marketing interview question. One can practice many ways to achieve a goal in Digital Marketing. The most popular ones are Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Google Keyword Planner, Kissmetrics, and SEMrush.

Digital marketing can be seen in two categories: Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing. 

  • Inbound marketing works toward interested customers. On the other hand, outbound marketing approaches work regardless of customers' interests. 
  • Inbound marketing considers consumer needs before strategizing, whereas outbound marketing is exercised based on the product's needs.

One of the frequently asked digital marketing interview questions and answers for freshers, this one will allow you to show your passion and dedication toward the field of Digital Marketing. Practice a crisp and practical answer to project your reasons for opting for a career in this industry. You can go about these questions using the following elements: 

  • Your beliefs and thoughts about the digital landscape  
  • The potential you see in this field today and for a long-term future 
  • Use trends and updates to exemplify the scope of the industry 
  • Broaden the answer by talking about your interest in the chosen branch of Digital Marketing 

Know your answers to these points, which would reflect that you've done your study and are well-updated about the field you've chosen.

What I find interesting about this field is the scope for creativity, analytical thinking, and teamwork - the essentials that help us set up a business online, run ad campaigns, and develop unique strategies. For example, Digital Marketing allows us to reach a wider audience segment and attract new customers to our products and services. The most significant advantage here is the number of platforms we have available online, from social media to websites, which strengthens our interaction with every customer regularly. 

It is one of the most common Digital Marketing interview questions and answers for experienced candidates to practice. It's time to let your experience in the field talk. With this question, the interview will check how well you understand their requirements for the position and how experienced you are to keep up with them. Here, your answer should revolve around the following elements: 

  • Knowledge 
  • Skills - both personal and professional  
  • Experience 

You must highlight both your professional and personal experience. Make sure to talk about your unique abilities and how you differ from the rest of the candidates. Also, talk about your skills and how they will benefit the business. You can go with something like this: 

"I have a decade of experience as a digital marketer. But what's more important is that I have spent most of those years working with different departments, which allowed me to gain more practical knowledge in different dimensions of Digital Marketing. For instance, I have collaborated with the sales team and listened to customers' calls to make pointers on our offerings and analyze where we can improve. I'm confident and can ensure your Digital Marketing team is enthusiastic about implementing different strategies and campaigns that compel your target audience to click, explore and purchase." 

Digital Marketing is an assortment of creativity, innovation, and analytics. To excel at a career in this field, one should have a creative mind and be able to think outside the box. Apart from that, one should also be well-versed in data analysis and technical skills to ace as a digital marketer. Writing and editing skills, the ability to stay up-to-date with recent trends and news, and keen eyes for research are some of the essential skills that can help an individual in almost every branch of this field become a successful digital marketer.

It's no surprise that this one pops up often in entry-level digital marketing interview questions. The interviewer would determine your enthusiasm for joining their company with this question. It will also help them know whether you have researched the company and read the job description well enough. While answering this question, talk about the company, its online presence, its history, the role for which you have applied, etc. You can go with something like this:

"I have always been keen to work with X company. The stories you focus on and the tactics you have adopted over the years to connect with your customers have inspired me. How you curate content for different platforms in a rather educational and informative way intrigues me. So, I was glad to see the posting for a digital marketer with social media experience."

You can also mention personal reasons like location, willingness to expand your portfolio, gain exposure, etc. At the end of your answer, the interviewer should be able to assess your interest in the company and know that you have done your study before reaching any conclusion

It is yet another Digital Marketing manager interview questions and answers for the role. With this question, the interviewer would expect an answer about your knowledge and expertise and the amount of research you have done. By answering this question, you will indicate that you are well-versed in everything related to the company and the position you have applied for. Here, you can frame an answer based on the following points: 

  • You have gone through the company's website and social media pages. 
  • You have identified and assessed various strategies and tactics adopted by the company. 
  • Be crisp and honest in your answer if you have discovered anything the company lacks on these platforms. 
  • Discuss some practical strategies that can be employed to enhance different aspects of the website or social media marketing. 

Email deliverability is the ability to deliver an email to subscribers' inboxes. Deliverability is one of the most crucial metrics in the email marketing domain. Many marketers use it to assess the likelihood of the success of their email campaigns and reach their subscribers' inboxes. Email deliverability rate, also known as acceptance rate, is the success rate of having an email delivered to the target audience's inbox.

In this question, you will be tested for your understanding of your role as an email marketer and what input you will bring to the organization. You can talk about the various ways in which the business can benefit from email marketing.

For example, email marketing can help the organization target a wider audience base and keep in touch with them through emails. We can get more and more users to regularly check our emails by driving unique campaigns and strategies. With the right email marketing plan, we can aim for and achieve higher returns on investment.

With this question, the hiring manager would want to know how you will help the company grow its email subscriber list. You can list out the best techniques which you believe will help boost your email subscriber list, such as:  

  • Create engaging and outstanding content 
  • Encourage email subscribers to share/ forward your emails to other  
  • Collect email addresses from offline events 
  • Use social media to promote different offers. 

Yes, automation can help us break free from many barriers that may obstruct our email marketing campaigns.

For example, we can look at the role that scheduling plays in our day-to-day email-related errands. This automation feature sends emails to the list on the pre-set time and date. Tracking is another useful automation feature that helps us keep an eye on the statistics of the emails, like how many people have read the mail, how many people moved correspondences to spam, how many unsubscribed from the mailing list, and more.

Social media marketing is a branch of Digital Marketing that encompasses social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to promote the brand and sell products or services. For example, if a business has come up with a new product or service and wants to promote its launch on all the social media platforms - it will be referred to as social media marketing. In this type of Digital Marketing, the interaction between customers and the brand takes place on social media platforms via various routes such as comments, DMs, tweets, images, ads, etc. To make it successful, you must create engaging and attractive content that exhibits the values and story of your brand. This marketing type requires one to develop compelling social media marketing strategies and demands skills for social media management and tools.

Social media marketing entails creating and sharing content on social media platforms to succeed at your branding goals. It is one of the common Digital Marketing interview questions for freshers and experienced social media managers. This question will allow the interviewer to gain knowledge about your understanding of their business model. With this one, they will try to assess your creative and analytical approach to creating a social media strategy for their brand. You can frame your answer like this: 

"I know you're looking for a social media manager who has a strong eye for detail. I will start with a regular meeting with my team, where we will discuss the social media calendar, content, deadlines, and many other aspects of the performance of our social media handles. I will conduct weekly reports with key metrics to track our progress. On a daily basis, I will work with my team on activities like posting videos, images, and other content that attracts audience engagement which can help us boost our website traffic, gain conversions, and enhance brand awareness. What's important to me is to keep my eyes open to current trends, events, and buzz and run my mind through the ways we can adopt to leverage them for our business." 

The factors like leads, traffic, and customers determine any company's success in social media marketing. When it comes to branding, elements such as followers, likes, comments, and views have a say in gaining more and more customers on the page. Thus, it is non-negotiable to keep an eye on the followers, engagement on every post, and the number of messages on social media channels, as it will help the company determine how to take things forward and what strategies should be adopted to boost the number. In the end, what matters the most for winning this marketing game is the number of people social media brings to your website, the number of qualified leads, and how many of these leads finally become customers.

A staple in digital marketing technical interview questions, be prepared to answer this one. A 301 redirect entails that a page has been permanently moved to some other location.

If someone types in the address of your website, a 301 redirect will change the address request automatically and redirect to your new page. 301 redirects are devised for the type of changes you want permanently, whereas 302 redirects are when you intend to commence a temporary redirect.

301 redirects must be used when you decide to change the URL of your website permanently. There are several other common occasions when 301 redirects come in handy such as: 

  • If you want to change your website from HTTP to HTTPS. 
  • When you want to permanently merge multiple websites/ pages on a new web address. 
  • When planning to make permanent changes in the URL structure used on your website or page. 
  • In case of fix is required for non-www or www duplicate content issues. 
  • When you permanently move your content to a new domain. 

Backlinks are links made when a website links to another through an anchor text. Search engines use backlinks as one of the metrics to rank the pages. The pages with a high backlink count attract a strong number of organic search engine rankings. They have a crucial part to play in SEO, given that they boost the credibility of your website and promote an increase in the organic search ranking. Backlinks also allow a website to gain referral traffic and domain authority.

Short tail keywords work best when the objective is to drive many visitors to your website. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are usually used for targeted pages like product pages and articles.

There are a number of workarounds that can help us boost the ranking of our YouTube videos. First of all, it is best to create relevant content that brings the viewer's attention. Apart from that, optimizing every video is essential for ranking. We can optimize videos keeping a few checkpoints in mind, such as: 

  • Target keyword that is easy to understand and has a high search volume 
  • Frame catchy and easy-to-understand titles and description 
  • Keep the title tag as short and crisp as possible 
  • Use relevant tags for the video 

It is also quite important to promote content on social media platforms. Moreover, an attractive thumbnail is a must. 

PPC, also known as pay-per-click, is digital advertising in which the advertiser pays a fee whenever there has been a click on their ads. In essence, you pay for target visits to your landing page, app, or website. It is one of the most famous facets of Digital Marketing that is being employed by many businesses all over the world. When PPC works out well, the click is rewarding and worth more than the fee you paid. For instance, an investment of US$1 as a fee can reward your business with USD$100 if your campaign is a hit.

The hiring manager asks this question to test your practical knowledge that can drive a PPC campaign to be successful. Here, you can mention the process you follow to ensure your PPC campaign is going in the right direction. Take a look at the following example:

"There are many ways to help boost PPC campaigns' effectiveness. First, I focus on employing more PPC keywords to enhance the reach. I prioritize breaking ads into smaller segments as it is necessary to gain a good click-through rate (CTR). Apart from that, I identify and evaluate non-performing PPC keywords, work on landing pages, ensure they align with search queries, and enhance campaign relevance by bringing in the negative keywords."

Some of the most common PPC tools are SEMrush, Unbounce, Keyword planner, Optimizely, AdWords Editor, and AdWords Wrapper.

Automated bidding allows Google to set a bid amount automatically based on the likelihood of an ad getting a conversion or click. Some of the most practiced automatic bidding strategies are: 

  • Maximize site visits: In this strategy, we maximize clicks to automatically set our bids and attract more and more clicks within the budget. 
  • Increase visibility: This strategy is all about target impression share. It helps set your bids with the aim of displaying your ad on the top of the page or a spot in the SERP. 
  • Get target return on ad spend: This strategy targets the recovery of ad spend. It sets the bids automatically to gain maximum conversion value. 
  • Increased conversions: It is a type of automatic bidding strategy where we target CPA. It sets display or search bids to get more and more conversions. 
  • Maximize conversions within a budget: In this strategy, we target maximum conversion while working things around within a set budget. This strategy helps set the bids to get as many conversions for your campaign as possible while spending the budget. 

Google AdWords is an offering of Google. It is an online advertising service that helps marketers interact with their customers effectively. This service is used by businesses to display ads on Google as well as its advertising network. Not to mention, it is the most preferred Pay-Per-Click advertising system out there. AdWords enables businesses to decide on a budget for ads. When people click on an ad, the payment is commenced. Moreover, Google AdWords service works on keywords.

Content marketing can add great value to an organization in terms of branding, leads, and customer experience. It can help businesses build credibility and trust with potential clients and customers. That's not it. Content can drive better promotion for products and services while also educating customers.

For example, the hashtags and captions on social media platforms, taglines, blogs, and articles are not necessarily sales-y but a more engaging and informative tool that brings customers to the brand. These examples are enough to suffice that content marketing is a weapon in the digital world that a business can leverage to drive traffic to their website, get more clicks, and connect with their customers in a rather meaningful way.

List down all the qualities of an ideal content marketer that you believe you possess and will add value to the company. Be confident in your response, and try to talk about each quality a bit. You can include the following points in your answer: 

  • Strong writing and editing skills: content marketers should be well-versed in verbal reasoning skills. They should be able to write high-quality, error-free content. 
  • Creative: They should also approach content with creativity without making it appear complicated. They should be able to compose catchy headlines. 
  • Organizational skills: They should be on pace with the deadlines and ensure the timely completion of their work. 
  • SEO and social media: A good content marketer knows how to optimize their blogs and articles for search engines, be good at social media content and gain more views on their work. 

With this question, the interviewer would want to learn about your understanding of the content. You can include the following pointers in your answer: 

  • A good piece of content responds to a customer's question in an easy-to-understand and informative way. 
  • It is well-researched and well-written, offering value to the reader. 
  • A great piece of content is relevant and up-to-date. 
  • It is optimized for search engines with the right keywords. 
  • Not to forget, a great piece of content is engaging, done with a catchy title and an intriguing introduction.


Here, you are to talk about the process you follow as an email marketer. This answer should allow the interviewer to understand better your way of working and if that tunes in with theirs.

For example - 'my day starts with a discussion with the sales and production teams as it helps me know what's in the pipeline. I move on to create a calendar in which I include all the important company events and popular holidays along with the usual content. I then meet with the content and graphic teams to see if they have anything to contribute to my calendar. After sending the campaigns out, I track their performance and make a report which helps us all analyze where we can implement improvement.'  

'After the calendar creation process, I split my tasks into smaller ones and tried to keep the process as streamlined as possible.' 

Demographic data is a term used for information about an individual, and the information may include age, gender, occupation, etc. It refers to the information that tells us about a specific person. Contact-level data in a CRM is one of the best examples of this type of data.

On the other hand, there is firmographic data or firmographics. This type of data entails information related to the company. Account-level information in a CRM would fall under this category. Account-based marketing is a crucial driver of segmentation in B2B marketing.

The subject line of an email can be a game-changer for every business. After all, it is a subject line that determines whether a customer considers your email exciting or not!

So, it is non-negotiable to work on a catchy, meaningful subject line that makes the user tap to open your email. We can pique customers' interest in your business by composing a 50-70 character long text with specific, concise, and compelling content. We need to ensure that the email is error-free and does not provide much information about the recipient. It will prevent the email from hitting up in the spam folder.

A hard bounce is a term used for the event when an email is forwarded to emails that have expired or have invalid email addresses. In contrast, soft bounce emails are emails delivered to a recipient but bounce back due to inbox overflow.

With this question, the interviewer wants to know how you define success and if it aligns with their definition. Do your homework about the company culture and understand your role better for answering this question. Make sure to talk about essential metrics that you use to decide success, as a set of metrics is more crucial to measuring success than a single parameter.  

For example, each metric has something to tell you about your campaign. A lot of research and analysis goes into deciding a metric and implementing that in a campaign. Moreover, we must rely on more than one metric to determine success. The click rate, open rate, and conversion metrics are equally important as they allow me to see if my content is intriguing enough to encourage a click-through.

When an interviewer asks this question, they want to know your take on challenging aspects of your profile and the efforts you put into retaining or bringing back old customers. Your answer should allow the interviewer to see that you understand their marketing style. So, make sure that you are familiar with their business and the strategies they have been following.

For example, One of the best techniques we used in my previous organization to keep up with old customers was to design exclusive discounts. It encouraged them to purchase products that they had passed in the first place. Another way to bring old customers back using email was creating personalized campaigns targeting individual customers with a personal touch in emails of our products. We can also advertise new products based on the products the customer has already purchased. These small changes can make a significant impact.  

AMP, also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an offering of Twitter and Google that helps make faster mobile pages. It refers to an open-source library that helps create a quick and lightweight loading web page. It lets marketers and publishers make mobile-friendly web pages that work well on different platforms and are compatible with all sorts of browsers. As these pages are uploaded, the mobile sites function well at less bandwidth and become fleet-footed at loading, regardless of the device or network used. Thanks to this project, that brought a notable shift in the way a digital marketing campaign is carried out. It simplifies the process and helps streamline the campaigns with much ease and at quite a faster pace than ever before.

Attention equals innovative content. If you produce good content and display it correctly in the right place at the right time, it will definitely give the output. A few ways to engage your customers through Social Media are – crafting catchy headlines with quality visual media, hosting contests, ensuring your post has good content, focusing on your social presence, responding to comments promptly, etc.

A common question in digital marketing interview questions and answers asked in digital marketing interviews, don't miss this one. Some popular KPIs in social media reporting are engagement, leads, reach, conversions, likes, traffic data, shares, brand mentions, and active followers. Conversion is one of the most used KPIs in social media reporting as it involves tracking downloads, registrations for events, form submissions, lead generation, online sales, and other such elements that bring out the standing of a business on the conversion rate front. Engagement is also a great example of social media reporting KPIs as it highlights the number of people who have taken part in an interaction, whether through a comment or a retweet.

By asking this question, the interviewer will intend to know your approach to marketing their business and engaging potential customers in their event.

You can list the social media marketing tactics that would promote the company's event on its social media channels. Here's an example:

"I follow consistency and relevance when it comes to social media marketing. To promote an event on social media, we must be proactive and keep everything planned a few days before the event week. I will start with researching and creating a unique yet engaging campaign to promote the event. Then, I will produce a uniform hashtag that relates to the event and can be put with every post across multiple channels. I will also reach out to affiliates and attendees and ask them to share resources about the event on their social media handles. Other parts of my plan would be sharing behind-the-scenes videos and images, pictures of guest speakers or judges, creatively posting a countdown, mentioning the link to registration or tickets on the bio, and creating reels and videos for the highlights of the upcoming videos."

Look out for these pointers while researching the company. Go through the tactics they used for the previous events and check their success. It will help you discover a lot about the events they host and create compelling strategies.

For this question, you must start with a brief explanation of the term and continue by sharing the tactics used to test the company's advertisements.

A/B testing, also known as bucket testing or split testing, refers to a method in which two versions of a webpage or an app are compared against each other to decide on the one that performs better. It can be carried out on broader elements in the initial phase and continued on more minor, refined details like statements in an ad copy. It can also be done on a single parameter.

You can base your answers on the various ways that can be mapped to perform A/B testing on the ads. Here are some of them: 

  • Perform A/B testing consistently to determine what part of the plan is working on their ad and what isn't. 
  • Change the color of the text, images, and elements. 
  • Change the target audience. 
  • Change the element position and call to action. 

It is one of those questions with which the interviewer will gauge how you respond to adverse responses to your posts or strategies. You can frame your answer like the following example."

"We cannot control how users respond to a social media post and what comment they put out there. However, it is essential to focus on the negative comments as they may indicate that something is wrong with the content - be it in relevance or lack of information. So, to respond to a negative comment, I would first prefer acknowledging it. Then, I will focus on launching a constructive engagement to convert a negative user experience into a positive one. In a situation like this, I think from the customer's perspective and empathize with them. It helps me figure out why they felt the way they did and develop ways to fix the problem. Most importantly, I will try to resolve the issue through an email or a phone call and avoid sticking to the comments section. Then, I will monitor the status while keeping in touch with the customer throughout the phase.

One of the most frequently posed digital marketing interview questions for experienced, be ready for it. There are many essentials to ensure while setting up an ad creative. From content to color and image, everything matters in creating an ad that boosts engagement and drives traffic.

Here are the key factors to keep in mind for ad creatives: 

  • Employ a creative that is catchy and innovative enough to grab the attention of users. 
  • Be mindful of the color scheme in the ad creative. 
  • Make creatives that are relevant to the business. 
  • Avoid elements like clip art, low-resolution images, and pixelated images. 
  • Incorporate bright, well-lit images  
  • Determine and follow a particular type of aesthetic to make the most out of a creative ad. 
  • Create attractive ads with pictures of people using your product or services 

Mobile-First indexing is when Google uses the mobile version of your website's content for ranking and indexing purposes. Google ranks the website with a responsive design high on search engine results. The ranking is determined based on the site's performance on mobile devices.

This question is a regular feature in advanced digital marketing interview questions, be ready to tackle it. A keyword is the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. A set of keywords is used to simplify the search for a product or service on the web. It has the most crucial role to play in our SEO efforts. It is vital for an enhanced ranking in the search engine result pages. It is ideal for ensuring that your website is SEO optimized for relevant keywords to the business. It will help enhance your website's ranking in search engines and make it easier for users to find your website.

We can employ numerous practices to increase the speed of web pages, such as implementing a simple website design and browser caching. Optimizing images, enabling CDN, and keeping redirects minimum is also suitable for enhancing web page speed.

The no-follow link ensures that the search engine bots do not consider a hyperlink to assess the link ranking on the search engine index. It minimizes the workability of search engine spam. Apart from that, it also helps enhance the quality of search engine results. On the other hand, do-follow links enable search engines to follow the same and reach the website, allowing the link juice and a backlink.

Anchor text refers to the clickable text that's present in a hyperlink. As per the SEO vantage-point view, the anchor text is relevant to the page you link to and is not a generic text. This visible, blue text is used to determine a page's ranking in search engines.

One of the popular PPC interview questions and answers 2023 A catchy and engaging headline is a must-have for any good PPC landing page, and this is not it. Implementing a persuasive copy also plays a crucial role in the page's success. Apart from that, some other checkpoints should be covered while ensuring a powerful and effective PPC landing page. These include: 

  • Engaging content in different forms like images, videos, etc. 
  • Incorporating elements like testimonials, statistics, etc., to depict credibility 
  • Creating a design that speaks and connects to the user 
  • Leave sufficient white space to gain the user's attention to certain elements on the page 
  • Never forget to bring in a Call-to-Action (CTA)  

These essential components add immense value to a PPC landing page.

Google AdWords Remarketing is a targeted marketing strategy that guides marketers to reach all the people who visited their website in the past but still need to finish the purchase. The Remarketing strategy helps focus on the right people at the right time with the relevant ad. It helps boost the conversion rate, given that previous website visitors may already know your brand and translate to prospective customers easily.

  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC): Cost-Per-Click refers to a bidding method that allows businesses to set up a maximum price for the cost of a user clicking on their advertisement. In such biddings, a business only has to pay for the time when a user clicks on their ad. 
  • Cost-Per-View (CPV): Cost-Per-View is bidding on Google Ads that reset to set the price a business will pay for their video ads. In this method, the payment has to be made only when a person sees the ad. 
  • Cost-Per-Impression (CPM): Cost-Per-Impression refers to the amount of money that businesses pay each time their ad is displayed in the Google Search Network or Google Display Network. The payment is made for the impressions attracted by the ad. 

There are certain factors that can be taken into account when it comes to letting your keywords control the types of searches that trigger the ads, such as: 

  • Broad match: Here, the ads are displayed when the user searches for any word in the key phrase. 
  • Phrase match: It only displays ads when users search for the exact keyword phrase or the one with additional keywords at the beginning or the end. 
  • Exact match: It only shows ads when the user searches for the exact keyword phrase

The quality score is a rating given by Google for the overall user experience that your landing pages and ads offer users when they search for your keyword(s). This score is represented by a scale of 1-10, wherein 1 depicts the lowest score, and 10 is the highest. You can find your quality score by checking your keywords report. Simply put, the quality score indicates whether your landing pages and ads are proving useful to your customers. Some of the factors that help conclude the quality score in Google Ads are:

  • Expected CTR: The likelihood of the user clicking an ad when Google displays it for the keyword they search for is one of the key determinants of a good quality score. 
  • Landing page user experience: Another checkpoint comes to light when the user reaches the landing page. Is the page aligning with the ad? 
  • Relevance: The relevance of advertisement is one of the biggest deciding factors of a good quality score. Is the ad relevant to the keywords you are using? Is this ad really the answer to the keyword the user is searching for?

One of the commonly asked in PPC interview questions and answers 2023 for digital marketers to practice is this. By asking this type of question, the hiring manager assesses your familiarity with the terminology that is used in the field and how versed you are with them.

Yes, you can use both AdWords and AdSense together. AdWords allows you to use the Google network for business ad purposes. On the other hand, AdSense lets you reserve or leave the advertising space for Google ads on the website. Doing this will help you achieve the best results out of the Google advertising network.

CTR, also known as click-through rate, refers to the number of people who click on a link to the total number of people who view the page or an advertisement. It is one of the commonly used metrics that allow us to track and measure the success of our online ad campaign for our website. It also helps check how effective our email campaigns are.

We can use the CTR formula to calculate CTR. To calculate CTR, we need first to count the number of times a user clicks on our advertisement or the link before they land on the intended page. To do that, we have to divide the total number of clicks by the total number of impressions.

A common digital marketing question for interviews, don't miss this one. With this question, the hiring manager would want to know the tactics you'd implement to boost their Google conversion rate. Here, you can mention the ways you have used in the past and have effectively enhanced the conversion rate. You can frame your question like the following answer:

"To improve our Google conversion rate, I'd focus on a few important tactics that are effective in doing the job. I will begin with the stage where I track the progress using the Google Ads conversion tracking tool. I will incorporate specific keywords to drive better conversion rates for our business. I will also take a hand off the negative keywords as it will contribute to refining the traffic. Moreover, I will implement the search terms report reaching our target customers. I will also emphasize on including the prices in our ad to gain the attention of our potential buyers."

It is one of the important questions that an interviewer is most likely to ask you. To practice this, you must go through the process you follow to determine the right set of keywords for a business. You can take a walk back to the process you followed in your previous job. Walk the interviewer through the essentials you keep in mind while identifying the keywords for a website or social media. This will help them understand your way of working and if that aligns with theirs. You can frame your answer like the following example.

"I tend to think from the customer's perspective when choosing the set of keywords for a website. It simplifies my work and refines the entire process. I will become a customer as I begin this process and then start selecting particular keywords to target our customers. After that, I will choose a set of generic keywords to reach more and more people. Then, I will move on to segment the relevant keywords into our ad groups and select the right number of useful keywords. My next step would be to choose only those keywords related to the websites and apps our customers are most likely to see."

It is one of those questions where your answer discusses a task you have done in your previous job. If you have created a campaign, you will begin your answer by saying yes and explaining the process you followed to accomplish the task. Your answer may look like the following:

"Yes, I have created an AdWords campaign during my job in the previous organization. I start this process by preparing a list of root keywords, and then I check the presence of keywords to assess whether they are short-tail or long-tail ones. I look out for positive and negative keywords while creating a campaign. In this process, I also focus on ensuring a daily budget that will go into the campaign. Then, I check the keyword presence in the Ad Copy.

With the question about your content creation process, the interviewer assesses how systematically you work to ensure high-quality output. Give an overview of your content creation process.

For example, go with saying that you start your work by performing thorough research on the topic, which helps you make an outline. Then you produce content with the right placement of keywords. Afterward, you proceed to the drafting and editing stage to prepare the content for publishing. Emphasize that you are attentive toward quality during every stage of your content creation process. In the end, explain how you track your content after it has been published and support this by adding pageviews, leads, etc.

With this question, the recruiter would want to make sure that you are determined and focused on metrics that keep up with the business goals. You can enlist the metrics that help you measure the success of content.

For example, there are certain goals that we want to achieve with content marketing. These include lead generation, more brand awareness, stronger relationships with customers, increased web traffic, more engagement on social media, and many other objectives that accommodate the overarching business goals. The accomplishment of those goals is what determines whether your content is successful or not.


How to Prepare for a Digital Marketing Interview

First things first, do not panic!  

In addition to exercising the top digital marketing interview questions, there's much more to cover. Like any other interview, the one for Digital Marketing requires that the candidate is well-dressed, has a professional tone, and understands the position for which they are applying. Here are a few checkpoints on how to prepare for the best. 

1. Do Your Research about the Company 

Whether this question comes up during the session or not - make sure you know enough about the company. Speaking of that, go through their official website, social media handles, and all the platforms where they are present. Got any insights to offer? Amazing. Leverage it to bring the topic up and discuss with the interviewer, like, "The website could use more…" or "This Facebook post could have been…". This shows that you have done your research and projects why you may be a good fit for the role. 

2. Know about Analytics 

Digital Marketing roles have a measurement element attached to them. Whether you are working on social media marketing or the web, in some way or another - you have to speak up in the 'analytics' language. You may or may not have prepared for the role of PPC and learned the best from the online PPC interview questions and answers - the knowledge about analytics cannot be dodged. People can easily read the number shown on the sheet, but if you really want to stand out, then know how to explain the data. You can also sign up for a Digital Marketing course online to add more layers of knowledge to your portfolio. Additional knowledge helps you remain consistent during your interview and gives you an edge over other candidates. Moreover, it’s also ideal to practice the common digital marketing analyst interview questions and answers. 

3. Go Beyond Your Role 

Just because you have applied for the position of SEO, it should not restrict you from showcasing your knowledge on other boughs of Digital Marketing. Talk about Content Marketing or Social Media Marketing. Let the interviewer know how well you understand this branch of marketing as a whole. This will show that you are not all talk, no bite, and have an interest in the field. 

4. Be Comfortable with Not Knowing Something 

There might be a requirement or two in the job description in which you lack knowledge. Don't be dejected and leverage it into echoing your honesty. For instance, If Email Marketing is not your forte and the job description entails that a strong candidate must have it, smooth it over by going like, "My previous job did not allow me to practice Email Marketing but I have taken a step ahead to learn about it."  

Additionally taking a Digital Marketing course online can give you a deeper understanding of the industry and help you develop a more well-rounded skill set. 

Job Roles in the Digital Marketing Field

We have listed the hottest Digital Marketing jobs that have not come without a great scope in the future. Let's check them out. 

  1. Digital Marketing Manager 
  2. Contest Strategist 
  3. Email Marketer 
  4. SEO Specialist 
  5. Social Media Manager 
  6. Copywriter 
  7. Content Writer 
  8. Pay-Per-Click Manager 
  9. Marketing Analyst 
  10. Graphic Designer 

Top Companies and Salaries for Digital Marketers


Average Annual Pay 





American Express 


Larsen & Toubro 








HCL Technologies 


Tech Mahindra Ltd. 




Top Digital Marketing Interview Tips and Tricks

What makes you stand out from the crowd while answering digital marketing job interview questions? Why would you be a suitable fit for the Digital Marketing landscape? 

There are things that you know and answer technically, but there's a group of factors that help people on the other side of the table evaluate your passion and confidence. So, it is non-negotiable to pace up with those factors and boost your chances of cracking the interview. 

Have a quick look at these tips and tricks that will help you throughout the session wonderfully: 

  • Carefully go through the company's website and social media channels. There's no substitute for knowing and understanding the company to the best you can. It will help you through the questions. 
  • Check out different social media posts, campaigns, captions, hashtags, and the type of content they put on their handle. It will help you tremendously to share your evaluation pointers with the interviewer (if/when asked) and project your research skills. 
  • Read through the latest and older blogs, and check the keywords and their position. Do not miss the chance if you are asked to share your opinion on the strategy used there. 
  • Know and understand the terminology used in Digital Marketing. Make sure not to be confined and learn beyond the department for which you apply. 
  • Take your time before you spill a strategy or plan when you are asked a question like that. Remain calm and sound crisp while sharing the plan. 
  • Explore and practice common digital marketing internship interview questions and answers if you are an intern. 
  • Make some time to practice the interview for the concerned position. For instance, if you have applied for the position of digital marketing manager, then you must review and exercise digital marketing manager questions and answers. 
  • Be clear and precise in your answers. 

What to Expect in a Digital Marketing Interview

When it comes to the interviews for Digital Marketing, a lot depends on your previous profile in the field. Are you a fresher? Or someone with five years of experience? The type of questions that an interviewer will ask you will majorly be composed based on your level of expertise. 

Suppose you are a fresher pursuing a career in Digital Marketing. In that case, you will be asked questions that test your theoretical knowledge about the field. Digital marketing interview questions for freshers/ Digital Marketing internship interview questions will include points that help check your interest and enthusiasm about the profile. For example, the interviewer might ask you, "why do you want a career in Digital Marketing?". 

On the other hand, if you are an experienced individual, you will be asked more questions to help the hiring managers assess your practical knowledge and gain a clear view of your roles and responsibilities in the previous organization. For example, "how would you use your previous experience as a social media manager to grow our brand?" So, the key is to prepare well enough as per your level of experience and expertise. 


When you already have years of experience in the Digital Marketing domain while seeking a new job, you become confident enough to respond to the questions - thanks to the practical knowledge you have gained over the years. However, there are various other aspects of a potential hire the hiring manager would want to discover in you during the interview. These aspects may vary from your confidence to your creativity, which is integral to any role. Thus, practicing these interview questions and answers for digital marketing will help ensure you are up to the mark. 

Often, we need to remember to lean towards topics that may not be a part of the job but are a vital branch of the department. While you go through the commonly asked digital marketing questions for freshers and experienced, it's always best to do some extra learning. Studying this subject beyond your job profile will not only increase your chances of getting the dream job but also help you widen your knowledge realm. If you may, take out some time from your schedule and try to opt for Digital Marketing training to broaden your skill set. You never know when an unexpected question will arise and challenge you to the best of your capabilities. The best part about exploring and enrolling in more Digital Marketing training courses is that it will help you appear more confident and expert during your interview.  

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