Data Science Careers of the Future

By Mayank Kumar
May 23 09:30 (EDT)


Data Science is making astonishing progress in the domains of technology, economy, and commerce. With this being the case, it is not surprising that the employment opportunities for data scientists are great. Various projections point out with certitude that in the next five years the demand for data scientists will reach a new high. However, it is also evident that the demand is much higher than the supply.

Data Science requires very sophisticated and specialized skills combining passionate attachment to computers, math, and analytical ability on the part of those who are in the craft. The absence of an adequate number of people with these traits perpetuates the demand-supply gap. In this 60-minute engaging webinar, Mayank Kumar, MD & Co-founder of upGrad will talk about why data skills are very important in the new era of data-driven industries. He will also talk about the changes in the hiring process for data science roles.

Get to know about the:  

  • Evolution of Data Science 
  • Industry Demands in Specific Sectors for Data Science 
  • The Skills Required to Become a Data Scientist 
  • How You Can Shape Your Careers 


Mayank Kumar

Mayank Kumar


Mayank is the Co-Founder and MD of upGrad (aka UEducation) - an online education venture focused on targeting working professionals. He has 10 years of operations, investment, and consulting experience in the education sector in India, China, SE Asia, and Latin America. He’s been part of investments that are over $1B flowing into the education sector in emerging markets. Mayank has worked with Bertelsmann India Investments, Parthenon Group and Tata Strategic. He holds an MBA from ISB Hyderabad and a B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi.

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