Containers in DevOps and Deployments; Supercharging Your Deployment Pipelines

By Dev Lakhani
Sep 23 07:00 (EDT)


Containerization is a foundational topic in modern-day software development and DevOps. Having a good understanding of Docker, Containers, and Kubernetes will help any aspiring developer or engineer — and boost their career prospects. 

There are many dimensions to consider when learning about Docker, from creating well-structured and secure images, all the way to dependency management and performance considerations.  

It is also important to realize the key role containers play in the DevOps field and how they are used not only in CI/CD pipelines but in deployments with hundreds of nodes. Join us on this informative webinar led by an industry expert, and gain the knowledge required to become a more effective Developer and DevOps engineer. 

Key Takeaways:      

  • Understand the basics of Docker, Containers, and Images 
  • Learn about the role Containers play in DevOps and Deployments 
  • Learn about best practices for managing containerized applications 
  • Establish a learning path to get further into the containerized world 


Dev Lakhani

Dev Lakhani


Dev Lakhani is an experienced developer, certified cloud architect, and DevOps engineer. He has architected and delivered a million pounds worth of projects in his 20-year career. As part of this role, he has conducted technical POC evaluations, vendor selections, architecture design, procurement, and technical delivery of projects in AWS and GCP.

With a rich and diverse experience in Data Engineering, he has processed petabytes of Google clicks data, live engine data, millions of trades, and IoT streams. More recently, he has been involved with DevOps, Docker, and Kubernetes with recent deployments in Github, Gitlab, CircleCI. 

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