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The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) empowers teams to achieve the benefits of Lean-Agile at scale. Used by hundreds of the world’s largest organizations, SAFe sustains and drives faster time-to-market, dramatic increases in productivity and quality, and improvement in employee engagement.

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Agile is an attitude, not a technique with boundaries. An attitude has no boundaries, so we wouldn't ask 'can I use agile here', but rather 'how would I act in the agile way here?' or 'how agile can we be, here?

-Alistair Cockburn


SAFe® is the world’s leading framework for scaling Agile across the enterprise.’s Annual State of Agile Report 2020 —the largest and longest-running Agile survey in the world—has placed SAFe as the most popular scaling method four years in a row, making the value of holding a SAFe Certification greater now than ever before.

SAFe has been adopted by 70 percent of the Fortune 100 and more than 800,000 practitioners across over 110 countries have been trained and certified through a role-based curriculum. As a Gold SPCT Partner of Scaled Agile Inc., KnowledgeHut provides certifications that enable individuals to master the SAFe® framework and lead teams with quality and efficiency.

Opportunities for Career Development

Whether you are looking to expand your role at your current company or are seeking new career opportunities outside of the organization, holding a SAFe® Certification validates that you have the skills needed to help scale Agile.

Build the skills needed to become a high-performing Agile team member and naturally progress from entry-level SAFe Practitioner to SAFe expert.

SAFe® empowers businesses to compete in today's marketplace

Changing people’s behaviors, attitudes, and skills—and eventually, the culture of an entire enterprise—is no small feat. The result of this investment is an empowered and aligned team-of-Agile-teams ready to engage in solutions that deliver value, which directly correlates to the bottom line.

According to Scaled Agile Inc.®, typical results reported by SAFe enterprises include 30% happier, more motivated employees, 50% faster time-to-market, 50% defect reduction and 35% increase in productivity. 100s of the world’s largest businesses are leveraging SAFe to improve time-to-market, increase productivity, boost quality, and improve employee engagement and job satisfaction.

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