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Microsoft Project 2007/2010 Training in Visakhapatnam, India
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Microsoft Project 2007/2010 Training in Visakhapatnam, India

Learn to harness the capabilities of Microsoft Office 2007/2010 and improve the organization of your projects!

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Online Classroom

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Project Managers these days have to handle multiple, time demanding projects while ensuring unfailing quality and sticking to timelines and budgets. They therefore need tools that will enable them to carry out tasks such as developing initial forecasts, handling change, tracking and controlling project commitments, effectively communicating and reporting the project's delivery status and assigning resources and requirements with ease and accuracy.

Microsoft Project allows them to follow a disciplined approach to project planning by offering tools that allow efficient assembly and tracking of projects, and enabling project managers to plan schedules, estimate task durations, and identify relationships or dependencies between tasks. These activities thus allow one to track and rectify any slippages that may occur during the course of the project. Our workshop on MS Project 2007-10 walks participants through industry best practices and prepares them to face on the job challenges and lead projects to success.

What you will learn

  • Create and define project goals with MS Project
  • Learn to stay within budgets and time requirements
  • Calculate and forecast dates in forecast model
  • Monitor and prioritize tasks
  • Identify and set relationships or dependencies between tasks
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Track project progressand share them with stakeholders
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously from inception to completion
You will also get

  • 1 PDU for each hour of learning
  • Comprehensive courseware will be provided
  • Overview of Microsoft® Project 2013

Key Features

2 days intensive and interactive classroom training on MS Project 2007/10
Training by certified instructors
Practical applications of MS 2007/10 in real world scenarios
Detailed course material highlighting applications of MS Project tool


There are no prerequisites for attending this course.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from KnowledgeHut with Credits (1 credit per hour of training).

Day 1

  • Project Management Concepts
  • Introduction to MS Project
  • Formulating a Task List
  • Activity 1
  • Allocating, Documenting and Setting up  Resources
  • Formatting and Printing Your Plan Using Gantt Charts
  • Activity 2
  • Tracking Project Progress
  • Detailing Tasks, Resources and Assignments
  • Detailing Project Plans

Day 2

  • Printing and Sharing Project Details
  • Activity 3
  • Tracking Time and Progress on Tasks and Assignments
  • Reporting Project Status
  • Rescheduling and Getting Your Project Back on Track
  • Formatting Gantt Chart, Network Diagram and Calendar views
  • Activity 4
  • Measuring Performances against indicators
  • Customizing Project and Creating a Resource Pool

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The course which I took from Knowledgehut was very useful and helped me to achieve my goal. The course was designed with advanced concepts and the tasks during the course given by the trainer helped me to step up in my career. I loved the way the technical and sales team handled everything. The course I took is worth the money.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2018

I would like to thank the KnowledgeHut team for the overall experience. My trainer was fantastic. Trainers at KnowledgeHut are well experienced and really helpful. They completed the syllabus on time, and also helped me with real world examples.

Attended Agile and Scrum workshop in May 2018

Everything was well organized. I would definitely refer their courses to my peers as well. The customer support was very interactive. As a small suggestion to the trainer, it will be better if we have discussions in the end like Q&A sessions.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2018

Overall, the training session at KnowledgeHut was a great experience. I learnt many things. I especially appreciate the fact that KnowledgeHut offers so many modes of learning and I was able to choose what suited me best. My trainer covered all the topics with live examples. I'm glad that I invested in this training.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2018

I would like to extend my appreciation for the support given throughout the training. My special thanks to the trainer for his dedication, and leading us through a difficult topic. KnowledgeHut is a great place to learn the skills that are coveted in the industry.

Attended Agile and Scrum workshop in May 2018

The customer support was very interactive. The trainer took a very practical oriented session which is supporting me in my daily work. I learned many things in that session. Because of these training sessions, I would be able to sit for the exam with confidence.

Attended Agile and Scrum workshop in May 2018

I really enjoyed the training session and am extremely satisfied. All my doubts on the topics were cleared with live examples. KnowledgeHut has got the best trainers in the education industry. Overall the session was a great experience.

Attended Agile and Scrum workshop in May 2018

The Trainer at KnowledgeHut made sure to address all my doubts clearly. I was really impressed with the training and I was able to learn a lot of new things. I would certainly recommend it to my team.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions

For every 1 hour of learning you get 1 PDU. This course typically comprises 16 hours classroom training.

There are no prerequisites for attending this course. This workshop will be beneficial for anybody wanting to learn more about handling MS Project 2007/10.

In this highly competitive environment, project managers are expected to handle multiple, intensive projects and deliver quality results efficiently. Helping them do this is MS Project—a flexible and robust tool that caters to the need of project managers, enabling them to manage schedules and resources, collaborate on projects, and analyze project information. Our hands-on training session, will help you master the 2007/10 version of this tool and its innumerable features.

Any registration cancelled within 48 hours of the initial registration will be refunded in FULL. Please note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of written request for refund. Kindly go through our Refund Policy for more details:

Once you have learnt the tips and tricks of this tool you will be able to efficiently set up projects goals, work with estimates, track project progress and deliver projects on time and within budget thereby gaining recognition among your peers. Getting hands-on with MS Project 2013 would be the next step towards mastering project management skills.

Please send in an email to, and we will answer any queries you may have

Microsoft Project 2007/2010 Course in Visakhapatnam

Microsoft Project 2007/10 training in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam   lies   in   the   Eastern   Ghats,   in   Andhra   Pradesh.   The   beautiful landscape  of  the  city  has  it  all  -  breath-taking  hill  ranges,  gorgeous  lakes,  sunny beaches, caves and valleys.


Visakhapatnam, an  industrial  town, is home  to  many  industries.  Managing a project successfully  is a  challenge  that all  industries face.  The  success  of projects handled forms  the  key  to  the  performance  of  any  organisation. A  project  is  made  up  of multiple  activities  and  managing  them  often  requires  several  different  tools. A MS Project  provides a solo  platform  to  manage  all  these  activities.  This e-learning training  offered  by  KnowledgeHut  enables  interested  managers  to  enhance  their skill set.  They  can  join  the online  training of Microsoft  Project  2007/10  course  in Visakhapatnam, to study and adopt the best practices of a well-managed project. Microsoft  Project  2007/10  training  in  Visakhapatnam discusses  the  best  practices available  in  the  field.  This course  in Microsoft  Project  2007/10  training  online  in Visakhapatnam will give  a  comprehensive  view  about  all  the  tools  and  software  of MS Project that helps in managing the diverse requirements. With   many   industries   emerging   in   Visakhapatnam, innumerable   projects   are launched  on  a  regular  basis.  Managing  the  several  aspects  of  project  planning, scheduling,  managing  and  taking  corrective  action  is  a  challenge.  The  Microsoft Project  2007/10  course  in  Visakhapatnam will create  an  opportunity  for  prospective managers to gain detailed knowledge of MS project by attending the online classes. The  MS  Project  2007/10  training  online  in  Visakhapatnam is  an  asset  to  enhance their career. A New Alternative In the present day competitive business world, projects with manifold dimension and challenges are the norm. It is hard for any corporate to manage the different aspects including  planning,  scheduling,  monitoring,  corrective  action  and  project  completion as per the allotted schedule. It is in such cases that MS Project provides an effective solution.  Organisations  are  benefited  by  successful  execution  of  projects  on  time, within budget and using allocated resources. Keeping Ahead of the Curve KnowledgeHut’s MS Project training 2007/10 coursewill be a value add to the career of an aspiring manager. You can opt to learn online from expert professionals in the field.   KnowledgeHut Empowers You To  refine  your  management  skills  by  learning  MS  Project, attend  this  training atKnowledgeHut. Our  comprehensive  and trainingis  available  at  a  reasonable priceand prepares you to take on a certification exam in the field.  

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