Career Opportunities For Graduates Of Project Management Courses

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16th Jul, 2017
Career Opportunities For Graduates Of Project Management Courses

Project management is a highly preferred skill in various industries today. It is all about setting and reaching attainable and reasonable goals. An international college consultant emphasizes that as a project manager; you plan, organize and oversee how and when these goals and objectives are met. In contrast to a business manager who oversees a certain functional business area, a project manager will coordinate the different aspects of discrete, time-limited projects.

Today, project managers are highly paid, in-demand, and hired in almost all industries. As such, more and more people are taking up project management courses. But aside from completing the educational requirements and getting all the relevant certifications, project managers will also need leadership skills, a multitasking ability, an orientation toward getting things done, the ability to set and stick to a plan, and strong communication skills.

Career Track for Graduates of Project Management Courses

Only few people will start in the field as full-fledged managers. Usually, most are offered an assistant position first. Also, only one aspect of the work will be initially assigned to them.

As you gain experience, you may be assigned more tasks until you are ready to take on lead roles. Other newcomers may start out with primary technical jobs wherein they create, track and update the schedule using a reliable software program.

1. Project Coordinator

This is an entry-level position offering exposure to the work accomplished by project managers. Usually, this is an administrative position that involves a great deal of paperwork. You will generate and distribute the reports that will keep the project management team, company staff, owners, and others informed about the progress of the project. Also, you will be scheduling meetings and assisting the management team in various ways.

2. Project Scheduler

This is a technical position involving computer works and a bit of management. As a project scheduler, you will run the software and input all the information provided by the management team. You will also need to update the files as needed.

3. Assistant Project Manager

Being an assistant project manager does not necessarily mean that you will directly assist the project manager. Instead, you will be asked to manage specific tasks. You will be meeting with the project manager regularly to report back on the problems and/or the progress of the project.

4. Project Manager

If you reach this position, you will run a project by yourself or perhaps lead a management team, assigning tasks to assistants. You will oversee the schedule and budget, as well as take on the responsibility for the full completion of the project.

5. Senior Project Manager

Large organizations will deal with multiple projects simultaneously. Enter the senior project manager. You will supervise the company’s project managers. You will also coordinate the allocation of resources, approve costs, and identify which projects must be prioritized.

High Paying Career Paths for Project Management Degrees

  • Chief Operations Officer (COO) – As the COO, you will supervise the daily optimization of various operations in the diverse departments of a company.
  • Engineering Manager – You will be responsible for plans, research, design, coordination and production activities. This can be a great career path for you if you were a financial engineering STEM
  • Marketing Manager – You will identify, create and evaluate various strategies to promote the products and services of a company.
  • Industrial Production Manager – You will plan, direct and coordinate the production of different goods.
  • Operations Manager – You will ensure the smooth operation of different processes contributing to the production of the company’s products and services.
  • Construction Manager – You will supervise everything from residential to commercial building.
  • Database Administrator – You will use database software to manage and store information. Also, you will set up database systems to make sure that all the systems are operating efficiently.
  • Health Project Manager – You will oversee the implementation of a health project and ensure that goals are met.
  • IT Project Manager – You will run complex projects and create different strategies for achieving goals.
  • Legal Project Manager – You will be focusing on legal projects.
  • Environment Project Manager – You will oversee environmental projects, including restoring soil, cleaning waterways, wildlife restoration, and forest regeneration.
  • Social Media Manager – You will implement and develop a social media strategy for a company or an employer, aiming for inbound traffic and brand awareness.
  • Civil Project Manager – In this career path, you will build something of use to the community, including a vast array of projects from canals and bridges to roads.

Whether you are only starting out in your career or you are looking to add versatility to your profession, project management is indeed a strategic choice. It will not only improve your resume but also support leadership roles in industries where you can apply your knowledge and skills to the improvement of your community.


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