12 Frequent Project Management Blunders-and How to Avoid Them

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25th Feb, 2019
05th Apr, 2015
12 Frequent Project Management Blunders-and How to Avoid Them

Often, projects begin with great promise but end as failures. The question is why some projects fail to deliver results and others succeed. Here is a list of 12 frequent project management blunders – along with an understanding to avoid these potentially costly errors.

  • Project Management Blunder No. 1: Not giving responsibility to the right person to handle the Project.An ill-equipped or inexperienced project manager can doom a project.
  • Project Management Blunder No. 2: Not able to get everyone on board to support the project.Too often, projects result in failure because they didn’t get enough support from the departments and people affected by and involved in the project.
  • Project Management Blunder No. 3: Not getting adequate buy-in support. When there is lack of ownership, things tend to fall apart.
  • Project Management Blunder No. 4: Managing multiple projects at the same time. You should focus on one project at a time.
  • Project Management Blunder No. 5: Lack of periodic communications / meetings. Without regularly and clearly communicating with the team, the project will fall apart.
  • Project Management Blunder No. 6: Lack of clarity in defining the scope or allowing the scope to frequently alter.
  • Project Management Blunder No. 7: Providing unrealistic optimistic timelines. Manage time and resources well and add a buffer time to your project.
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  • Project Management Blunder No. 8: Not be adjusting and flexible. This means you should be open to suggestions if they help the project.
  • Project Management Blunder No. 9: Not having processes in place for approving and tracking changes.It is important to have useful auditing performance during and following project completion.
  • Project Management Blunder No. 10: Over controlling projects. Project managers should avoid micromanaging and policing the project.
  • Project Management Blunder No. 11: Overreliance on software to help you solve your project management issues. This means you should avoid potentially expensive software system that would only serve as a checklist in motion without adding real value.
  • Project Management Mistake No. 12: Lack of metrics for outlining success. This relates to knowing what will make a project work so that when it is completed all are satisfied.

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