CSM, PSM, SSM, SASM - What Scrum Master Course Do I Choose?

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23rd Nov, 2022
02nd Jan, 2019
CSM, PSM, SSM, SASM - What Scrum Master Course Do I Choose?

Scrum adoption is growing very fast and companies are looking for well qualified Scrum Masters. This is one of the main reasons to consider Scrum certification. One simple way to present your excellence is the Scrum Master certification that is perfectly tailored to the industry requirements, and of course, to your career trajectory. Currently, there are 4 primary Scrum Master Certifications available. You might be in a confusion regarding the best course to take up for a superior career growth. To know about psm vs csm, click here.   

Question yourself on some of the essentials before actually choosing the course: 

  • What does the particular certification mean?
  • What are the prerequisites for this certification?
  • What is the cost of this certification program?
  • What will I achieve by taking this certification?
  • Will this certification offer the biggest benefit for me? 

Know more about CSM vs PSM.

In this article, we will help you in choosing the best certification that suits your profile by comparing all the courses based on different aspects. 

Difference between Scrum Certifications

All the 4 certifications are competing equally in the Scrum world. The above certification comparison demonstrates multiple facets of the in-demand Scrum certifications. Experts need to choose the course wisely based on their targets. For example, the target can be whether to:

  • Get benefits in their job change or career or
  • Reach greater heights in Scrum role by gaining in-depth knowledge

Scrum certifications

Just choosing the right scrum master course is not enough for a better career growth, but choosing the right training provider will have a great impact on the success of a course. KnowledgeHut as a Global Registered Education Provider (REP) of Scrum Alliance offers the best training from Certified Scrum Master Training approved by Scrum Alliance.

All the best for your future Scrum endeavours! 

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