4 Tips To Become A Better Scrum Product Owner

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03rd Mar, 2023
4 Tips To Become A Better Scrum Product Owner

A Scrum Product Owner is a person whose role in the project is to coordinate between the customer and the development team in the company. He/she needs to ensure that all the requirements mentioned by the stakeholder are implemented in the final product. An efficient Scrum Product Owner may or may not be proficient in the business aspects of the project but, he/she will be an expert in the various techniques of Agile methodology. There are various methods by which you can become efficient in Scrum Product Owner. They are:

1) Be available to the team

A Scrum Product Owner needs to be available to his/her team as and when required. Since the Product Owner is the person who knows the requirements of the stakeholder inside out, they need to be available to the development team in order to clear their queries about the product. You also need to tread cautiously in certain cases. At times, the team becomes entirely dependent on the Scrum Product Owner. This can be dangerous as the team becomes incapable of carrying out even minute tasks in the absence of the Product Owner. Hence, ensure that you are available to your team within reason and do not spoon-feed them at all times. Ensure that you keep your team motivated and encourage them to take up new tasks.

2) Vision for the Product

By being prepared, you have won half the battle. A Scrum Product Owner needs to have a clear vision on the various aspects of the product. They play a pivotal role in building the structure of the product. This includes preparing the various modules of the product, understanding the region where the product will be used, requirements of the customer. If these requirements are planned in the beginning of the project, it could save a lot of time in the later stage and ensure that the project takes the required form towards the final stages of the project. Any Product Owner worth his salt will know the entire project inside out. Apart from the requirements of customers, this also includes the business side of things such as the knowledge about the market for the product. This will ensure that they are in a position to give an informed feedback about any query about the product that the development team might have.

3) Augment Business value

One of the main roles of a Scrum Product Owner is to define the value for a particular product. The definition should signify what value it gives to the stakeholders and other parties involved. Once the value of the product is defined, the Product Owner needs to identify the features of the product that will give the maximum value. This task becomes easier if the product owner has a thorough knowledge of the market and the needs of a customer. After assessing all these factors involved, the Scrum Product Owner should be able to convert the value of each feature into a monetary value. This practice has many advantages such as – the team will be able to understand how their contribution to the project is going to have an impact on the business, the top brass of the organisation will be contented knowing that the teams are giving more importance to tasks that provide maximum value to their business and the stakeholders will also be supportive of the decisions taken by the Product Owner as they are aware of values and constraints involved.

4) Tolerant Individual

A good Scrum Product Owner understands the various processes involved in product development. They understand that the entire process cannot be completed in a day’s time and each process can be completed in the duration it is assigned. They also work together with the teams in order to make major changes to the product. One of the most important characteristics of the Scrum Product Owner is that they keep their cool when they encounter a problem they knew they could have avoided altogether. This is primarily because they are prepared to tackle that issue. He/she also holds sprint sessions as per the schedule in order to track progress and to maintain a good communication with the team.

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