Should All Project Managers Pursue PMI-PBA Certification Course?

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Last updated on
31st May, 2022
18th Feb, 2017
Should All Project Managers Pursue PMI-PBA Certification Course?

In order to deliver all requirements of a project, it is essential to conduct a level of Business Analysis on a requirement. With growing demand of this role, there is a gap in projected skilled professionals in the market. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, business analysis jobs are predicted to increase 19 percent by 2022. PMI-PBA Certification attempts to fill this gap through coursework aimed at Business Analysis and it key concepts. There are more benefits of taking PMI-PBA exam. While the course is targeted at professionals who play the role of business analysts as part of their daily activity, it is also recommended for project managers to contribute to the success of the team and especially for project managers who perform a level of Business Analysis from their end.


While at the core pmi pba Certification is about Business Analysis and it fundamentals, a key aspect of the Certification is also to highlight the impact it has on the project. This is a critical aspect for a project manager to ponder on. Not only because this is usually a part of their daily activity but also because if it isn’t then there are some gaps that can creep in much later due to impact analysis as part of Business Analysis of the requirements.

Core deliverable

Project Management ensures that requirements by the stakeholders are met by the Project in the given set of effort and time frame. An important source if information for this deliverable is a business analysis which gives an assessment of what the impact is and how can we manage the requirements in order to deliver them. These roles are very closely linked in terms of delivering a successful project and also are a source of input to one another in terms of helping Project completion within the timeline.

Requirement Management

Proper Requirement Management at Business Analysis level is extremely critical to further the requirements to teams that code and prepare the solution. While a business analyst is responsible for maintaining all business requirement logs and conduct, a level of analysis on the criticality of each requirement, having a project manager with the skills to also give inputs on contingencies and possible gaps with the right skills and knowledge is an advantage to the Project.

Project Benefits

A Project with skilled and Certified PMI-PBA professionals and project managers is more likely to benefit in terms of Project Management. The team with certified professionals will use the same set of jargons and be concerned on similar lines to be able to deliver Project requirements within the allotted budget and time. These concerns will be managed right from the beginning during the early phases of requirement gathering, analysis and its complete management.

Continuous Learning

A lot of organisations are going lean and expect their Project managers to not only contribute in Project Management but also in the project. Organisations now put emphasis on recruiting and developing T-shaped professionals. They expect the team to be able to take over other roles if the need arises so that there is minimal impact on work and project progress.

To summarise a PMI-PBA Training and Certification can help business analysts and project managers alike. Project managers can visualise several benefits over time by being actively involved in requirements understanding and management. They are also able to proactively understand the impact that requirements can potentially generate and this works compliments their project management work with inputs on progress and pain points. To learn continuously can help managers deliver the project more effectively within timelines and budget. It is essentially a Certification that not only helps the Project Manager but also the Project and hence is a win-win for all stakeholders.



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