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KnowledgeHut Is Now A Silver Partner With Scaled Agile, Inc To Accelerate Teamwork

05th Sep, 2023
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KnowledgeHut Is Now A Silver Partner With Scaled Agile, Inc To Accelerate Teamwork

We are pleased to announce that KnowledgeHut’s partnership with the Scaled Agile, Inc has been turned from Bronze to Silver in the dawn of June 2017. Scaled Agile, Inc is the company that believes in agility at scale and the potential of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) to transform organizations. Now we are strong enough to enhance our level in offering more SAFe® courses like Leading SAFe® (SA), SAFe® for Teams (SP), SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM), SAFe®Advanced Scrum Master (SASM), SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner (SPMPO), to help the organizations in successful implementation of the scaled Lean and Agile practices.

We experienced that the organizations implementing Agile for the scaled team without a proven framework, see themselves unproductive. With Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), organizations are able to follow the Agile framework and can enjoy the complete benefits of the framework. We are taking one step ahead to implement Agile practices at an enterprise level. Undoubtedly, this partnership is going to impact the performance of software delivery in a positive way.

Why are we reinforcing SAFe®?

Many organizations select SAFe® because of its documented approach, which is based on the Lean Flow and Lean Management principles. It provides detailed training materials to the experts, which aid the trainers to educate the software professionals. SAFe® furnishes the biggest picture that makes it easier for the workforce in any organization to operate collaboratively.

SAFe® Lean and Agile principles allow firms to deliver best practices and quality to people and the organizations within a reasonable amount of time. With SAFe®, organizations can now apply system thinking concepts to build the outcome (system), which is also supportive for the systems under development. It also gives some clarity on how the system will be perceived at the end user’s side.

SAFe® 4.0 principles form a requirements model, which is further updated to give additional backlog items and provide clarity on the expressions related to it. SAFe® built-in values and quality practices now support the software and system development. SAFe® 4.0 has also introduced an additional level for handling the requirements of the complex systems and of highly valued things.

At corporate levels, SAFe® is one of the leading frameworks across the globe. It has augmented product quality, time-period for the markets, predictability and has firmly cemented employee collaborations in the organizations. An industry oriented SAFe® Training is essential for its successful implementation in the big organizations.

We feel proud to declare that we have nearly 15+ SAFe® program consultants from all over the world. In the wake of July, 2017, we are planning to organize SAFe® meetups across India in association with Scaled Agile, Inc. To stay updated with all these information, please visit https://www.knowledgehut.com/.



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