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4 Tips To Pass Agile Practitioner Exam

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27th May, 2022
16th Nov, 2016
4 Tips To Pass Agile Practitioner Exam

There are many companies in the globe that are adopting Agile project management methodology. This is mainly due to the various benefits provided by this methodology such as breaking down large tasks into smaller parts, continuously evaluating the various stages of the project. The techniques in Agile also adhere to the various demands of the customer. Since money is a major factor for any organisation, Agile also aids in the preparation of the budget for every stage of the product. In order to successfully implement Agile principles in a project, you will need PMI ACP certification. You will have to undergo PMI ACP training in order to write the certification exam. For the training, you can either attend PMI ACP certification training in a classroom or opt for PMI-ACP training online. In order to successfully pass the certification exam, follow the steps mentioned below.

1) Time Management

Time management is key to carry out any task. Ensure that you do not start preparing for the examination a day or two before the examination date. This examination cannot be aced by last minute preparations. If you’re actually serious about the exam, start preparing for it at least 3 months in advance. You need not spend 5-6 hours daily on your preparations. 2-3 hours on a daily basis for 2.5-3 months should be sufficient to ace the exam. The material and concepts covered in the Agile Practitioner Exam is extensive. You also need to have in-depth of many concepts in order to solve the difficult questions in the examination. Ensure that you spend more time in the preparation of these concepts. In order to thoroughly complete the preparation for all the necessary concepts, you will need to refer various study materials. It is vital that you allot sufficient time to each of these resources.

2) Practice papers

Once you’re thorough with all the concepts necessary for the Agile Practitioner Exam, you can start attempting practice papers. Practice papers contain questions that are asked in the actual examination. There are many websites that offer free practice papers. Ensure that you sit in a quite environment and time yourself in order to get a feel of the actual examination. Following such a procedure will ensure that you are less tensed on the day of the exam and that you can confidently complete the examination. If you feel that you’re proficient in a few topics and want to test yourself on those topics only, there are concept-specific questions available online. These questions will help you test your knowledge on the selected topics.

3) Understand the concepts

Many candidates who take up the Agile Practitioner Exam tend to memorise the difficult concepts instead of thoroughly understanding them. This might help you for a short period but, in the long run it will do more damage than good. You will definitely forget the concept in the examination and will not be able to solve complex problems because you haven’t understood the basics. Hence, it is vital that you understand the basics in order to ace the examination.

4) Forum

There are many support groups and forums available on the web that are meant for candidates taking up the Agile Practitioner Exam. You can find the PMI-ACP Support Group on LinkedIn and various other study groups which consist of active members who have either written the Agile Practitioner Exam or are planning to give it soon. With the help of this platform, you can seek help to understand the concepts that are difficult for you and in return you can answer questions in the concepts that you find easy to solve. These groups are helpful for anyone writing the examination for the first time.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have 100 different study materials or spent 100 hours for the preparations for the exam. The only things that matter are the number of concepts you clearly understand and the quality of your learning in the hours you spent. These are the actual factors that make a difference on the day of the exam. Ensure that you do not study new concepts in the eleventh hour as this will only lead to confusion and not better results.



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