Requirements & Benefits of Scrum Developer Certification

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04th Mar, 2019
27th Sep, 2017
Requirements & Benefits of Scrum Developer Certification

Scrum, an Agile development technique, simplifies the complex software development. The widely used technology values the customer’s feedback received at the early stage of development; therefore, the results are highly satisfactory for the customers. Scrum highly relies on the perfection of self-organized, closely collaborating, highly motivated and cross-functional teams. Scrum is in existence for over 20 years; still, when we talk about ‘Scrum Developer certification’, many professionals think it a short-term course for programmers; and, it is just a misconception. Scrum Developer is an efficient member of Scrum team.  

The Requirements of Scrum Developers: 

Scrum Framework is the most preferred choice of Agile team leaders. According to an Agile Development survey report released by VersionOne in 2016, 58% Agile organizations use Scrum approach. CSDs (Scrum Developers) are in high demand because of their specialized knowledge of Agile and expertise in continuous improvement. The need of having Scrum developers in all the business verticals including IT and software development, operations, product development, finance/accounting, sales - marketing, human resources is being realized widely because Scrum principles & framework demonstrate tangible values in all the critical functional areas.

Enterprises in all the business sectors are investing heavily to improve development cycles and to avoid the waste of efforts to deliver the quality products at competitive price earlier than their rivals. The 2015 State of Scrum Report provides insights into the reasons that are going to keep the demand of certified Scrum developers high. The report states – 87% Agile users accept that Scrum methodology improves team efficiency; 95% respondents accept to use Scrum in future also. All the jobs trend oriented reports including the ‘LinkedIn’s Most Promising Jobs for 2017’ predict the tremendous increase in demand of Scrum developers in the coming years; so, grab the opportunities to boost up your career by having  Scrum developer certification.  

Benefits of Scrum Developer Certification:
The rising demand of Scrum developer certification course proves that more and more professionals and organizations are realizing the benefits of Scrum. The most experienced 7 benefits of having Scrum developer certification are:  

1. Honor to Professional Credentials: 
Scrum certification is an honor for the IT professionals, Architects, Business Analysts, Developers, QA testers, and Engineers. 

2. Opportunity To Join Global Community Of Scrum Experts:
The certified Scrum developers become the member of international community of recognized Scrum experts with knowledge, experience, and expertise. This active Scrum community acts as a library helping you to learn more and perform better.

3. Highlights Your Capabilities to Improve Project’s Quality 
Scrum Master Certification proves that you have tested knowledge and capabilities to apply Scrum methodology. 

4. Helps You Make Your Organization Agile Oriented 
Your Scrum certification boosts the confidence of management people for investing to apply Scrum principles as the start of a journey to become an Agile organization.  

5. Changes Your Mindset
Scrum certification provides need oriented insights to make every project successful. The Agile mindset helps you think in Agile way. 

6. Helps You Stay Relevant and Marketable
Being a certified Scrum developer means you have more options to grow faster within or out of the organization. Scrum certification expands the career opportunities across all business sectors using Agile practices. 

7. Helps You Perform Better With a Team
Scrum Training and certification delivers expertise for effective team building, training, and management. The improved capability to manage the obstacles in project’s progress helps you deliver at par with the best industry standards.  

The leading registered education providers conduct 5 days’ classroom training to help you have Scrum certification. The practical experience of working with Scrum tools makes you a confident Scrum developer to demonstrate the benefits of Agile engineering practices.


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