DevOps Manager Salary in 2023 - Complete Earnings

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10th Mar, 2023
DevOps Manager Salary in 2023 - Complete Earnings

In the last few years, DevOps has been one of the famous buzzwords in the IT world. This popularity is because more and more IT organizations are adopting DevOps. The most recent report shows that just 10% of businesses used DevOps in 2017, but this percentage increased to 17% in 2018. However, another report by Puppet Labs shows a positive trend of companies adopting DevOps globally. Considering this, almost every IT company is not shying away from offering the best DevOps manager salary to the experts.  

According to experts, the national average DevOps manager salary is approx. $100,000 annually. The reason for such a handsome package is they are doing a tricky job that an expert can only do after doing DevOps Online Course. In short, if you are an individual with the required skill set for the job and are ready to remain updated according to the latest market trends, your career as a DevOps manager will skyrocket.  

What does the DevOps Manager do?

DevOps manager and the Development operations manager, helps design and implement staff-development strategies. They work very closely with Software Developers, System Operators, and various other production IT members regarding managing and supervising code releases. To do the best work, they must be well-versed in IT infrastructure management which is essential for the overall support of the software code.  

Moreover, the job requirements of the DevOps manager can change from one company to another, which wholly depends upon the workflow the organization has adopted. They might also be included on the career ladder as DevOps engineers and architects in addition to that.

DevOps Manager Salary Based on Different Factors in 2023

The following are a few factors that impact the salary of a DevOps Manager. 

Salary Based on Different Factors

Your salary will be good enough if you work for any MNCs as a DevOps manager after going through tough DevOps training. However, if the company you are working for is average, your salary will be low. In short, the company for which you are working as a DevOps manager will directly impact the salary you receive. According to the statistics, a DevOps manager in a startup gets roughly $80k yearly, and approximately $135,000 per year (Zippa) in established companies like Amazon, Accenture, and more 

1. DevOps Manager Salary: Based on Experience /Role

The experience of a DevOps Manager directly impacts your annual salary package. That means the higher the experience you will be paid, the higher the pay package. But your hopes must be moderate if you are a beginner in this field and have just entered this industry. To understand this better, let's break down DevOps manager salaries. 

  • Entry-Level DevOps manager salary 

According to experts, if you have just entered as a DevOps manager in the IT world, the average entry-level salary is around $65k.  

  • Senior-Level DevOps manager salary 

According to experts, getting experience as a DevOps manager in the IT world adds perks to the salary scale. The senior DevOps manager salary in US is around $178,000.  

2. DevOps Manager Salary: Based on Employer/Company

The following table shows the DevOps Manager salary based on the company:

CompanyAverage Salary (Monthly)
Tech Mahindra$122,730
Tata Consultancy$93,280

In India, if you have enough experience as a DevOps manager, then your average pay scale is around INR 16 LPA.  

3. DevOps Manager Salary: Based on employer/Company

We know that if a brand or company has a high turnover, the salary of those who work for the company will be higher. Let's examine some of the highest compensation packages: Tata Consultancy Services Limited provides a salary of around $107,534 in the US. In California, the pay is $102,145 annually. In Illinois, the salary is around $70,000 annually.

Accenture Technology Solutions follows it with a salary of $162,367 - $177,490. In NewYork, the pay is $169,975  

4. DevOps Manager Salary: Based on skill-set

It is an accepted fact that in this competitive world skills of the person matter a lot in the corporate world. That means the individual will get the salary in different companies depending upon the skill set. Here if you talk about the salary of a DevOps manager in India, it also varies from one skill set to another in various companies. So, if you want to get the highest package as the DevOps manager after doing DevOps Foundation Classes, you must possess a unique skill set.  

Some of the skills to get the best package are:  

  • If you own Linux as a skill, you will easily get an average salary of around $110,721.  
  • Having a deep knowledge of Jenkins, the individual will get an average salary of $138,135 per year.  
  • If you talk about Python, the person can earn around $111,225.  
  • Development operations skills will get an average salary of $103,005 per year.  
  • Amazon Web Services skills can fetch you an average salary of around $139,781 every year. 

5. DevOps Manager Salary: Based on Certifications

A list of pertinent DevOps Manager certification programs is available here. These certification programs can help aspirants who wish to work as DevOps Managers advance their abilities and expertise for a full-time position. 

  • Training Program for DevOps Certification 
  • Training for DevOps Certification 
  • Training for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer 
  • DevOps' continuous testing 
  • Azure DevOps Education 
  • Training for AWS DevOps Certification Online 

The average salary for the above certificate courses varies from $115,000 to $145,000 annually. 

6. DevOps Manager Salary: Based on Location

DevOps managers routinely earn high salaries because they handle complex tasks requiring a skilled touch, such as bringing together a company's network operations and development teams. A DevOps Certification can be obtained to enter these professions. The following table shows how the salary of a DevOps manager varies with location:

LocationAverage salary
IndiaRs. 25,00,000
USA72,477 USD
UK£32, 394
UAE177,419 AED
AustraliaAUD 144, 611
CanadaCAD 124,935
SingaporeSGD 20677

DevOps Manager Salary in Top 10 Industries

Among many organizations, some of them are doing a job in deploying DevOps in their companies. So, let’s have a look at the top 10 industries:

IndustrySalary in USD
Software Testing$92,913
Software Development$121,900
Social Media Platforms$56,412

DevOps manager’s salary working in the manufacturing industry in developed countries is given in table below.

Fidelity Worldwide Investment
Sony Picture Entertainment

DevOps Manager Salary Based on Education Background

A professional with a set of responsibilities, a DevOps manager works in the IT sector. A thorough knowledge of the software development life cycle is required. B.Sc., BE/BTech, MTech, MSc, MS, and other PG degrees can all lead to careers as DevOps managers. The average pay based on educational background is the same.


Why are DevOps Managers paid so much?

According to experts, DevOps managers are getting a very good salary of upwards of $100,000 per year, and no doubt they deserve to be. The reason is they are doing tricky work that experts can only complete. Under the DevOps manager, companies' network operations teams and developers work together to grow the company in the best possible way.  

Future of Being a DevOps Manager

If you look at the current scenario, the future of DevOps managers is prodigious and encouraging. The reason is very company developers need DevOps to build strong mechanisms. Apart from that, they also help in maintaining the applications while building an excellent security system.  

In addition, DevOps managers reduce the scope of error in applications, and there are many other responsibilities of the DevOps manager in making the business grow. Due to this reason, the future of DevOps managers is very bright in the coming time.  

What is the Average Salary of a DevOps Manager?

The table below lists the average salary for a DevOps Manager per hour, month, and year.

Time duration
Average Salary
Salary per hour
$79.49 per hour
Salary per month
$12,660 per month
Salary per year
$155,000 per year

How to Increase Your Salary as a DevOps manager?

If the company owns a good DevOps Manager, it's a great addition to the company as they will try to improve software deliverables. Many IT professionals want to become DevOps managers and increase their salary; these days, several options available will help you skyrocket their career.  

Moreover, as a DevOps Manager, if you really want to increase your salary, then maintaining a curious mindset is the key. That means you must be curious about every piece of technology and the different software that helps companies improve their products and development process. 


The future of DevOps is very bright and promising as almost every company is set to adopt this methodology. Because of this reason, DevOps Managers are getting new opportunities with time, and their salaries are becoming the highest-paid package all over the world. So, if you are looking forward to excelling in this field, you must avail yourself of the best skills and KnowledgeHut DevOps Online Course to grow quickly and make the company grow.  


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DevOps Manager Salary FAQs

1Does DevOps have a good future?

DevOps have no doubt a great and promising future. The reason is that the practical applications of DevOps are increasing with time, due to which the demand for DevOps managers in different companies is at a high peak. 

2Are DevOps managers paid more than DevOps engineers?

Yes, DevOps managers get more packages than DevOps engineers, as they have different roles in every organization. If you talk about a manager, the salary package starts from around $152,335 per annum, and the DevOps engineer’s salary package starts from $105,017 per annum.  

3Where do DevOps managers make the most money?

San Francisco is undoubtedly the most lucrative city in the US to work as a developer, with DevOps managers earning an average income of $143,779 ($1.17 Cr) annually.

4What is the highest package for a DevOps manager?

In the USA, the average DevOps manager income is $155,000 a year, or $79.49 an hour. The starting salary for entry-level professions is $133,045 a year, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $195,000. 

5What makes a good DevOps manager?

To become the best and highest-paid DevOps manager in the nation, you must own these top 10 skills. They are testing skills, coding, and scripting, customer-focused approach, automation skills, proactiveness, understanding of relevant tools, cloud skills, etc.