Small player, Huge possibilities: The Best Marketing Strategies For Growing Your Business

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31st May, 2022
13th Feb, 2017
Small player, Huge possibilities: The Best Marketing Strategies For Growing Your Business

Every business knows how important a strong and established brand is to the growth of an enterprise.

Let’s say you offer a very valuable product to your consumers. The problem is, it’s either non-existent or forgettable to your target market. You can’t expect sales to rise if your customers don’t even know about or remember your product! Regardless of how valuable your product is, it won’t be selling like pancakes overnight without any promotional effort.

It pays to plan out how you will approach advertising your product, and bolstering its market presence, especially if you are just starting out. Marketing, after all, is not just about developing awareness, but creating interest, converting into sales, and sustaining customer engagement.

Perhaps you’ve got the basics covered: identify product or service value; narrowed down target customers; and knowing your competition and their value proposition. Now, your next step is developing brand awareness and eventually, recall.

You have to expose your brand or product, and expand its presence to create brand awareness. Your brand, product or service must always be visible in order for potential clients to remember you, and consider you at the top of their minds when the need arises.

The best option that can give you the most value to your dollar is leveraging on online marketing. How do you achieve that? Here are several tips to guide you in making effective, results-oriented business marketing and promotion campaign. There will be creative advertising strategies for business startups helps for growth

  1. Develop great and relevant content.

In digital marketing, content plays a very significant role. Explore the type of content that would resonate your brand identity effectively, and see where that can take you.

Are you selling high quality yet budget-friendly HD action cameras? Videos should be your go-to content! Aside from the fact that video is now taking the lead in content marketing, producing interesting videos from your product showcases your action cam’s features for your customers’ better appreciation. This way, you can easily hit two goals: attract users, and position your brand competitively.

  1. Share stories.

When people share engaging stories, we often tend to listen. The same goes with stories shared online. People pay more attention to stories that evoke emotions—happiness, empathy, motivation, etc.

Identify the kind of stories that your product or service best fits in. For services, should it fall under educational? A testimonial? Or should it have a challenging tone to it?

On the other hand, product stories can include instructables, tutorials, or even a daily anecdote that highlights what you’re selling. Just keep in mind that your stories should be true, simple, yet interesting.

  1. List your location online.

Online maps come in handy for business owners that have physical stores. Leverage on these online maps, and put a listing of your business location.

It’s free marketing since your brand logo will appear when someone Googles a keyword relevant to your business, increasing your brand visibility in the digital world. Plus, it would be easier for your customers to find you, and drop by your shop! You could also include your business’ contact information for easier communication.

  1. E-mail lists

Just because most people spend around 50 minutes of their day in Facebook doesn’t mean you should throw away your email database! Hold on that list.

E-mail marketing can be a key sales driver to your business, especially if you have quality names on your database. Consider that these people signed up to hear updates and promos from you!

Maximize this opportunity to communicate with and persuade them into buying. Deliver e-cards with compelling messages that will make your customers feel connected.

  1. Social media contests

A very interactive way of promoting your business is to have contests and giveaways!

A discount voucher, freebie or sampler up for grabs through a simple game will pique your customers’ interest, increase social media engagement, and possibly drive traffic to your website. These kinds of gimmick offer great opportunity to build brand awareness a community of your target market.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have share and repost features that allow contest participants to get the word on your giveaway and brand out to their network. The larger the reach of your post, the larger the coverage of users and potential clients that came across your brand.

Once you connect with your target market, learn how to sustain that customer engagement. Don’t lose the focus of your marketing efforts. Keep promoting your product to your target market to maintain brand recognition and recall.


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