Why A Scrum Master Is The Key To A Teams Success

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20th Apr, 2023
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Why A Scrum Master Is The Key To A Teams Success

If you’re working in an IT firm or any company that uses the Agile software development method, you might already be familiar with scrum. However, to give you a perspective, it could be said that scrum is an iterative Agile software development framework that helps teams successfully complete projects.

For a project to succeed, there are two key requirements—an efficient team and someone who can manage the team. In a scrum framework, the scrum master is in charge of ensuring that the team performs well and fulfills goals within the specified period of time. For more information on how to get your Scrum certification, check out certified Scrum Master training.  

To help you understand the role of a scrum master better, let’s delve into the subject deeper.

What Is Scrum?

You’ve already learned that scrum is a framework or, in simple words, a way of developing a product. There are many approaches when it comes to completing a project like a sequential plan where in the product is developed in phases by different teams. However, this methodology doesn’t work well when you’re considering software or other such products that need constant collaboration.

In a scrum system, many teams connect with each other to develop a product. These teams are expected to be self-organizing and Agile, and constantly looking for ways in which they can improve their work. The teams collaborate by either co-locating or through internet portals that allow them to communicate with each other.

Also, scrum teams are always aware that a customer or client can change specifications or place new requirements at any point during the development phase. As a team, they are required to quickly understand these demands and implement them.

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of scrum, let’s take a look at it’s framework so that we have a better insight into the role of a scrum master.

How Scrum Works?

There are three people who make this methodology work and they are:

1. Product Owner

You could consider the product owner to be the face and voice of the client. They develop user stories and create a product backlog so that different teams can understand the requirements. Their job is to manage the business aspect of the product and ensure that stakeholders and workers are on the same page. Product owners don’t interfere with the technical aspects of the product.

2. Development Team

Like in any project, the team is the soul of the whole product development process. They are the ones doing the actual work and setting and accomplishing goals. The development team is responsible for coming up with shippable products at the end of each sprint cycle. They co-ordinate with each other to ensure that everyone is doing their bit in developing the product.

3. Scrum Master

A scrum master is someone who makes all of the above-mentioned people work efficiently. Their job is to ensure that the development team can meet their goals without any hindrances. The scrum master could be a project manager but some companies prefer having two distinct job posts. To progress in your career as a certified Scrum master, enroll in Scrum Master online course.
To get a brief idea of what a scrum master does, read this listicle below:

● They co-ordinate with product owners and ensure that the team understands the product requirements clearly.
● The scrum master helps a team understand the definition for done
● They educate the team about scrum principle so that everyone can work towards a shared goal
● They help a development team solve problems so that the process runs smoothly
● The scrum master reviews progress and makes sure that the team comes up with shippable products at the end of every sprint cycle

The role doesn’t just end here as a scrum master also has to deal with stakeholders and brief them about the development of the project.

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Why Should I Consider Becoming A Scrum Master?

If you like challenges and responsibilities, you should consider becoming a scrum master. Also, if you want to move up from your position of a team lead, then this is the best way to do so. Companies that have this framework in place will prefer hiring someone who is familiar with the methodology. On the other hand, new companies that want to adopt scrum would consider you as the ideal candidate and will be willing to offer a high compensation.

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How Can I Become A Scrum Master?

You can become a scrum master by taking up certifications for the same. A certification course will help you understand the Agile and scrum values better, and will also show you ways in which you can practically implement them. Taking up a professional course is always better as it will push you in the right direction and also give you a certificate at the end of it.

A scrum master is integral for the success of a development team following the scrum framework. Additionally, as a scrum master, you can expect to have a rewarding career at several IT firms and other corporates.


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