Top It-security Certification Courses in Demand As of 2019

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28th Apr, 2017
Top It-security Certification Courses in Demand As of 2019

The field of information technology seems a bit of isolated and saturated when it comes to any innovation in that regard. This is not the case at present, though it seems a bit monotonous there are several IT security certification courses that you can do to not only boost your income but also to make sure that you excel in your department.

With a lot of security breaches happening in the past, IT security has become one of the most demanding fields as far as the security and its maintenance is concerned. Here is a detailed list of the Top IT-Security certification courses in Demand in 2017. We’ve covered almost all the aspects of the certificate course details. Let us proceed further and understand each one of these certification courses.

Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEIP/CISSP) Certification Course

Information Systems Security Engineering Professional Certification Course

This was developed in conjunction with the NSA (National Security Agency, USA) this CISSP certification course mainly focusses on the integration of security methodologies and best practices in the information systems. There are several added applications of it in the business practices, several other private and government based projects.

EC- Council Licensed Penetration Tester Certification Course

The License Penetration Tester certification demonstrates the ability of the professional to audit the security of the network, penetration testing performance and recommending a suitable correction for whatsoever weaknesses found. The two-part EC-Council certified security analyst (CSA) and Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) is a comprehensive and standard based, intensive training program that teaches IT security professionals to conduct the tests and find the errors or weaknesses in the systems. Later on, they are asked to perform the required rectification protocols.

GIAC certified penetration tester Certification Course

The GPEN Certification is for the IT security personnel who can assess the target networks for all sorts of vulnerabilities including Virus, various Malwares & Ransomwares. These certified pros are capable of knowing the ins-and-outs of the penetration testing methodology. There are also aware of the legal issues that are related to the penetration testing also. Also, they are very much expert in knowing, how a successful penetration test can be conducted with the technical and non-technical techniques that are related to the penetration testing.

GIAC Security Essentials Certification Course

The GSEC certification allows the security professionals to demonstrate the hands-on application of security tasks related to the broad range of the IT systems. The candidates are required to demonstrate a proper understanding of IT security that is beyond simple terminologies and concepts, and they must prove the theory into practice.

Cybersecurity Forensic Analyst Certification Course

The CSFA or the Cybersecurity Forensic Analyst proves that certification holders can do a scheduled and comprehensive analysis of the systems. Then can properly interpret the evidence and deliver the so formed investigation results in an effective and efficient manner to the stakeholders of the company. This will be going to be a time bound job, so it is very much necessary that these professionals can perform the analysis as fast as they can.

EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer Certification Course

EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer Certification Course

You might have known that most of the software-related vulnerabilities are caused because of some programming errors. The EC-council certified secure programmers (ECSP), they have proven that they can develop some top quality codes that can be later on used so that the system can be protected from such vulnerabilities. These certifications are available for .Net and Java programming languages.

Check Point Certifies Security Expert Certification Course

CCSE or the Check Point Certifies Security Expert program ensures that they professionals are being taught, how to build, modify, deploy and troubleshoot some of the many checkpoint security systems. There are several hands-on lab exercises developed for them to take part in and they are taught how they can debug firewall processes, optimise the VPN performance and upgrade management servers for getting the optimal security.

Certified Security Software Lifecycle Professional Certification Course

The CSSLP or the Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional certification course validates the ability of a professional so that he can develop application and software for security protocols. These can later on used as an add-on to reduce the security system vulnerabilities. And then can lock down all the potential breach points throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC).


These are some of the most popular IT-security certification courses that can be done in the year 2017. The data we’ve got is valid since the year 2015, and there are only a minor ups and downs in the percentage of market change in individual sectors since then. These IT security certification courses enhance one’s capability to such an extent that they can easily foresee any security any inbound security breached, beforehand and will make them potent enough to strategize a plan to counteract the threat.


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