Do You Have Your Agile GPS Handy?

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Last updated on
08th Jun, 2022
17th Jun, 2017
Do You Have Your Agile GPS Handy?

Once I was driving late at night after attending a wedding of my office colleague and had a team mate to drop who lived in the meandering by lanes of Najafgarh. It was Delhi winter season (around 1am) and people who are familiar know the dense & foggy conditions during this time. After taking circuitous lanes, we finally reached his place. Alas, on my back I forgot the route because of both an unfamiliar suburb and misty conditions. Fortunately, I had a GPS in my car which provided me the directions to reach my residence.

Now replicate this situation on an organization which is going through an agile transformation journey and want to know how is the as-isagile adoption doing, things which are going well and the ones which need improvement and what will it take to reach an end state of being a high performing hyper productive agileorganization?

Is there a GPS solution to assess agile maturity of teams?

Yes, indeed. Organiq Agile Maturity (OAM) model is an industry proven, lean and light-weight agile health indicator which can measure agility at an organization, portfolio or a team level using a 5-star dimension-characteristics model embedded in a 4E approach. It helps assess the current state of agile implementation, key summary findings, SWOT, transformation roadmap along with next steps to reach the future state.

OAM is facilitated by experienced agile coaches by interviewing cross functional agile teams with a survey questionnaire, facilitating enterprise retrospectives, observations from agile artifacts and attending ceremonies with the teams. Data is fed into a mathematical model which helps arrive at the maturity, crystallize strengths, areas of opportunity and a transformation roadmap for the organization. Typically, such an agile maturity assessment takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending on the scope, geography and team size under consideration.

As enterprises are becoming more agile they want to know where they are standing with respect to the industry and their competition.

As they say, “You cannot improve what you cannot measure”. OAM helps you measure and improve your agile journey.

Do you have your Agile GPS handy?


Deepak Sharma

Blog Author

Deepak is passionate about solving challenges associated with agile in large complex enterprises by helping them deliver customer value which makes a difference to their business. He has extensive experience in building high performing teams which leverage Lean, Agile consulting, DevOps mindset to deliver valuable working software early, quickly and with high quality.

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