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SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Badges

05th Sep, 2023
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    SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Badges

    The introduction of Scrum Master aspirants has raised the requirement for the advanced practitioner role. To get a badge, you must undergo rigorous training and practice. Scrum Masters who have mastered their role are expected to possess a range of skills that would help guide the team members while working towards achieving the sprint goals. With the introduction of this new discipline, there is a need to understand how you get this advanced badge and the challenges involved in doing so. SASM online courses provide detailed coursework about how you can advance in your career as a Scrum Master.

    What Is a Digital Badge?  

    Digital badges are a way to recognize and reward achievements for people who complete online courses, community projects, or other online activities. They provide a way for organizations to assess and reward people for completing online courses or community activities while increasing awareness of their programs. 

    To qualify for a digital badge, participants must complete certain tasks in an online course, community project, or other activity. Digital badges recognize achievements or reach out to new audiences, and they can also help organizations build awareness of their programs and reach more people. There are many digital badges, including those earned through completing an online course, community project, or other activity. Other types include point systems in exchange for rewards, such as discount coupons or gift cards. To kick-start your career in Agile, enroll in KnowledgeHut Agile courses.   

    SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Badge 

    The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Badge is designed to help you become an expert in the area of advanced Scrum. You will be able to work with and lead teams with a high level of proficiency in the practice of agile software development, and you can also take up agile courses to enhance your knowledge. Being an Advanced Scrum Master means you have a deep understanding of the different roles and responsibilities of scrum masters and can facilitate effective communication, collaboration, and empowerment in your team. This badge also requires you to demonstrate knowledge of core agile principles like empathy and stakeholder management and advanced practices like sprint retrospectives. 

    The Scrum Alliance awards the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master badge to individuals with at least a 3-year SAFe Certified Professional designation. The requirement for earning the badge is that an individual must have attended a minimum of 

    • 3 SAFe Master Classes, 
    • 1 Agile Leadership Workshop, and 
    • 1 SASM online course certification workshop. The badge is awarded on completion of these requirements. 

    The purpose of the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master badge is to help recognize those individuals who have demonstrated mastery of the principles and practices of SAFe. It indicates your continuing commitment to the SAFe principles, your role as a Scrum Master, and your ability to help others in their journeys to mastering SAFe. This badge raises awareness about the importance of mastering basic principles across the whole organization and invites participants to continue their learning with additional workshops and activities.

    Who Can Get a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Badge 

    Advanced Scrum Masters are those individuals who have completed the Advanced Scrum Master Certification Program. The program consists of three levels: 

    A certified Advanced Scrum Master must complete all three levels of the certification program, including a comprehensive exam and 120 hours of training. In addition to demonstrating mastery of Scrum’s core principles, it will enhance their role as a leader by having mastered advanced skills, such as coaching, mentoring, facilitation, and facilitating cross-functional teams. Each level of the certification program includes a set of assessment activities that help the learner understand their strengths and weaknesses and their readiness for full-time professional Scrum Mastering.

    While there are no specific requirements to take this course (other than passing an exam), you should have experience in using Agile methods before you appear for the Advanced Scrum Master certification exam. 

    SAFe Certification Kit  

    The SAFe Certified™ Kit is a great option for individuals looking to earn their Certified Agile Developer (CAD) or Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification. The SAFe Certified Kit is a complete resource that includes everything you need to get started on the road to certification. It contains all the necessary materials, tools, and resources to begin your journey in agile development. 

    This kit includes all of the following: 

    • Certification guide book 
    • An exam voucher (for one free exam) 
    • Training guide book with videos and hands-on labs 
    • One exam voucher (for one free exam) 
    • Certificate of completion 

    How to Get SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Badge  

    The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) badge is the highest level of certification you can earn as a Scrum Master. The KnowledgeHut SASM online certification requires more than just knowledge of Scrum methodology; it requires mastery of all aspects of Scrum-related roles and responsibilities. 

    The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master badge is earned by completing all three levels of the SAFe approach. The first level is the Basics, which focuses on basic Agile concepts and principles. The second level is the Practitioner, which helps to build your skills with Agile software development practices. The final level is the Master, which helps to synthesize the ideas learned throughout the course and apply them to your own work. 

    The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master badge is awarded to a Scrum Master who demonstrates proficiency in all the five areas of the Scrum Master training program. 

    • Expertise in Agile Methodology 
    • Experience with Empowered Self-Organizing Teams (ESOTs) 
    • Experience with Scrum Masters 
    • Experience with Project Management 
    • Experience with Program Management 

    Scrum Masters can work up the ladder through participation, demonstrations, and workshops. The path to earning the badge begins with the Scrum Alliance Certified Professional (CAP) exam. After passing that exam, candidates can earn points by participating in events and workshops and publishing case studies. Points are accumulated and added over time until a threshold is reached, then a new level of certification is achieved. Candidates are then awarded the badge based on their achievement level. 

    Annual Renewal of SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Badge  

    The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Badge is an opportunity for anyone who has completed the Scrum Master Course to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of advanced topics related to Scrum. The badge is awarded once yearly after completing the course. Renewal policies are similar to those for the SAFe Advanced Certified Professional Developer (ACP) badge. 

    To qualify for renewal, an applicant must have passed a minimum of 30 hours of Scrum-related training. It can be accomplished through distance learning, on-site classroom training, or completing a self-study course. An applicant may renew their badge by either logging into the SAFe Academy portal and selecting the “Renew Membership” option or sending in a renewal form that must be received by April 1st of each year. 

    The following courses qualify for renewal: 

    • SAFe Advanced Certified Professional Developer (SAFe ACP) 
    • SAFe Advanced Certified Scrum Master (SAFe ACSM) 
    • SAFE Advanced Certified Product Owner (SAFe ACPO) 

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    How to Showcase SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Badge  

    Every Advanced Scrum Master will have a badge to show their achievements. It can be in the form of a badge, patch, or pin. There are many ways to display this badge, depending on the organization and level of sophistication. A simple personalized lapel pin is a good option if you are part of a smaller team. If you are working in an organization with more resources to invest in the badge, consider making it a part of your uniform. Many organizations also offer certificate programs that allow you to showcase your accomplishments. The key is ensuring your program communicates your milestones and how you earned the recognition. 

    As a Scrum Master, you are the eyes and ears of the team. You need to be able to learn everything you can about your team to support them in the best way possible. It can take many forms, from taking regular team meetings to learning how to interface with other teams on your own. You can show off this knowledge as a badge for your belt by displaying your Advanced Scrum Master Badge. 

    The process for showing off this badge is several-fold. First, you must create a simple presentation outlining what the SAFe project is all about. Then you need to go out and get some testing done. By doing so, you are showing that you know what testing is and are taking it seriously. Finally, you need to take these skills into action on the job by being proactive with your teams and customers. By doing so, you are demonstrating that you have taken steps towards becoming an advanced Scrum Master and are ready to help others as needed. 


    The SAFe Scrum Master certification is valuable for all Scrum Masters in an organization. Being certified will help you build your reputation as a Scrum Master and develop your skills and knowledge in the process. However, getting certified isn’t a trivial endeavor, as it involves learning many new things and going through rigorous challenges. 

    The SAFe advanced scrum master badge is as much about self-awareness as it is about certification. It can be difficult for some teams to recognize which scrum master moments are in their best interest and which might be hurting the team. The SAFe advanced scrum master badge helps teams to identify their strengths and to leverage those strengths within their scrum teams. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Which SAFe certification is best for Scrum Master?

    A good certification to evaluate a potential candidate for a Scrum Master role is either Certified ScrumMaster or Certified Scrum Product Owner. Other certifications include Agile Coach, Agile Developer, Certified agile coach (CAC), Certified scrum master (CSM), Certified Scrum master practitioner (CSMP), Certified Scrum Master trainer (CSMT), or Certified Scrum Master trainer-Scrum master (CCSP SCT-SMC). 

    2What is the difference between SAFe and Certified Scrum Master certification?

    SAFe is an agile framework for software development. Certified Scrum Masters are individuals who have completed a curriculum and passed a certification exam. SAFe is not to be confused with Certified Scrum Master (CSM), a title that can be earned by completing a certification course or passing an exam. The core concepts of SAFe are the same regardless of whether you choose to earn a CSM or follow the framework.

    3How do you put a SAFe badge on your resume?

    There are two ways to put a SAFe badge on your resume: 

    • Some employers, like Google and NASA, use the SAFe logo as part of their brand. 
    • You can also add a SAFe badge to your resume if you have completed the SAFe Certified Practitioner program. In this case, you would write “SAFe Certified Practitioner” in parentheses after your full name, followed by a period, and then your job title. 

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